By: Jon G.
Regional Finance
I had a loan for $2700. I paid it back on time and was always months a head of my scheduled payments. I never had a problem with these people. They do charge a lot of interest but that is because the people that get loans through these type of agencies have bad credit or no credit history so that is why you pay a lot of interest. This is why it is good to have good credit. If you have good credit then you would never need to get loan from these guys. The other complaints about them being mean is because you borrowed money from them and they want it back. I would be the same way. If you stopped paying me back I would be pissed. Make your fucking payments on time and you will never have a problem.
By: andrew_ddb
Ranch Hand Equipment
Walking into the store I noticed how neat and organized it was. Everything was labeled and conveniently accessible. I had gone in to return a product that I had paid cash for, even though they did not have that amount of cash on hand they scrambled to do everything in their power to get my money ASAP. They took all my info down and contacted me within reasonable time. They are sending a check my way via mail so I don't have to drive across town to pick anything up. I'm very impressed with how they handled everything. I will definitely refer them In my town and will be buying from them from now on as well. 5 stars to the guys up front too.
By: blake212
Economic Growth Group
Finally, my finances make sense. They do not just try to push an investment or product, but took the time to learn my needs. Then they gave me a detailed plan I could easily understand and follow. They took things one step at a time and I know that I avoided a big hit in the market, had I stayed with my former broker. I highly recommend that others at least consider looking over the solutions that they offer, before making any kind of important money decision.
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By: Edward L.
Lancaster Wealth Management
Met with Mike Lancaster recently on 2 occasions. The office staff is professional and can't do enough to make you comfortable and welcome. Mike L. has always greeted me with a smile and made me feel like I was the only one he cared about and focused on. I have to say I was very impressed with the whole experience. Thanks so much Mike for the great service. I hope others will see this and come to your company for all their financial needs . Worth the trip.
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By: Briy C.
Consumer Mortgage Company
Ok so yeah the lady did inform me that I was late on my payment. I let her know that I would pay on Friday. She told me no & that the car would be repoed. Once talking to some guy in collections he was nice. I made my payment 16 days later with no problem. I mean I understand ppl have a job & her job is to stay solid no matter what. In the end everybody got what they needed. They received their payment & I got to pay the day I promises them.
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By: Jason R.
US Settlement Funding
Sent me a letter offering to give me more money for my settlement payments. Called them and they were able to give me $12,000.00 more while buying less payments! Michael is a good guy very personable!
By: tomperkins84
Big Tex Trailer World - Houston
Friendly, knowledgeable service, top of the line product. They didn't have the trailer I needed in stock and custom ordered one that meet my needs perfectly.
By: pinnaclespartners
Bizkeeping, Corp
They know their stuff. For the price and the time, we definitely got high quality. Specializes in sales tax audits and so forth. Highly recommended!
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By: Brianna J.
Consumer Mortgage Company
I love them they are always in great spirit... I had a problem on my end once and they worked with me... Keep up the good work guys
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By: Rhonda F.
Hubbard Financial Services Inc
Awesome work. Been using them for years. New address is 4611 Montrose Blvd. A210 houston, TX 77006

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