By: Alex H.
Stillo Construction
Stillo did a very lengthy series of repairs on our house. What started as a seemingly small job mushroomed into a much larger job very quickly as a serious amount of underlying wood rot was discovered. All work included, Stillo performed about 6 months worth of intensive work, stripping off a significant amount of improperly installed stucco. The poor initial install had caused some walls to be so severely rotten that the old studs looked like pulp. As a former contractor myself, I was very discerning and thorough in the selection process leading up to selecting Stillo Construction for this job. Stillo was 1 of 5 contractors allowed the opportunity to bid out this job. With all factors considered, I decided Stillo was the most fair price given their extensive knowledge, experience, large crews, and attention to detail.Being a 6 month job, a few issues did come up. At one point, during the repairs, a tarp blew loose during a rainstorm, and some leaking resulted. Stillo repaired all of the minor damage without any argument, free of charge, and made it look as if nothing had ever happened.In the end, Stillo was contracted for numerous jobs. Every bit of work, or change to any work was very professionally handled through detailed, and itemized contracts. Stillo also provided their proof of insurance without me even requesting it. They provided a $1 million liability policy.Stillo did an excellent job with clean up, and considering that they virtually rebuilt the house, we could not be happier. All the paint was matched perfectly, tile work looks amazing, the stucco looks great, and was done to code, and built to last. Every step of the way, Frank was happy to show me the underlying rot, and justify any work that needed to be done. Fantastic work overall. Without a doubt, Stillo has to be the best Stucco contractor in the Houston area, if not in all of Texas. I would give this job a 6 our of 5 stars. Excellent work.
By: Yung G.
Howell Evan S
Evan S. Howell, Inc. reliable management understands that being a landlord – whether of one unit or multiple units – is a complex, time-consuming job. Managing an Condominium Association is a complex and time-consuming task, whether your association is large or small. It requires many hours of your personal time to make sure the budget remains on target, repairs are performed in a timely and cost-effective manner, and maintenance of the common elements is kept up.Their reliable property management offers a full range of leasing, maintenance, management and administrative services to owners of rental properties. Their management skills affords you PEACE OF MIND by being your eyes and ears for your home investment. They provide customized management of your property while you are away. Also providing the best combination of quality service, effective pricing – and reliability. More than in any other industry, reliable property management and maintenance really come down to good old-fashioned experience. For an affordable monthly fee, he and his staff handle all aspects of the management and maintenance of your property. They use their expertise to provide clients with peace of mind about their valuable properties. Some of the items his team has effectively performed for me are as follow:•All communications and notices•All maintenance and repair handling•Monthly & annual financial reports•Eviction Notices•Professionally Advertise your property•Networks with Other Relators for quality tenants•Move in and out coordination and deposit collection•Rules and regulation compliance•Avoid conflicts and unpleasant situations among neighbors
By: muse42
Sewing And Vacuum Warehouse
When my sewing machine stopped working properly, I started searching for somewhere to get it repaired. I didn't want to take it just anywhere and I decided to try Sewing and Vacuum Warehouse because of all the positive reviews, even though it's quite far from where I live. I finally bit the bullet and went and dropped my sewing machine off for servicing today. As soon as I walked in the door, a sales person took the machine for me and walked me over to where a another employee, Vianey, set up my machine to figure out what was wrong with it. She was very nice and quickly diagnosed what was wrong with it. When the repair price she quoted to me was higher than what I said I'd hoped for, Vianey gave me how I could earn some store credit to defray the expose. So far I'm very satisfied with Sewing and Vacuum Warehouse, and I look forward to getting to pick up my repaired machine. If they do as good of a job as the other reviews suggest, I will be changing this review to 5 stars.
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By: A mobile B.
Howell Evan S
If I could give Shana Hill more than 5 stars, I would. Other people have told me how stressful purchasing their first home was, and I don't feel the same because I had Shana as my realtor. She prepared me by telling me what to expect before I started the process and was there for every question or concern I had a long the way. As a first time home buyer I was absolutely clueless, but Shana was knowledgeable and capable of taking care of every situation. When looking at homes, Shana would spot things I had overlooked, she knows about different neighborhoods, where I could get the best home in my budget, and helped me to paint a picture of my life in my house. She was honest and straight forward with me, telling me that I was looking in the wrong area or that I could find something better than what we were looking at. She motivated me when I was tired of looking for houses and encouraged me to keep looking for the perfect one. She knew my home was the one for me before I did.
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By: Juan O.
El Chiripazo Appliances
ABOUT USSALE AND REPAIR Refrigerators washers and dryers stove in Houston by downtown*El Chiripazo appliances is a family owned and operated business.*We have been in business since 2010 but we have 20 years of experience in sales and pleasing a lot of our costumers.* We sell quality used appliances tested beforehand by our technicians.*Our mission is to put a smile in your face when you leave this place!SOBRE NOSOTROSSALE AND REPAIR APPLIANCES REFRIGERATORS WASHER AND DRYERS FOR SALE IN DOWNTOWN HOUSTON venta y reparacion de Refrigeradores,Lavadoras, Secadoras Estufas in Houston,cerca del downtown*El Chiripazo appliances es un negocio administrado por una familia. *Hemos estado en el negocio desde 2010 pero tenemos 20 años de experiencia en ventas y complaciendo muchos de nuestros clientes.* Vendemos electrodomésticos usados de calidad probados de antemano por nuestros técnicos.*Nuestra misión es poner una sonrisa en tu rostro cuando dejes este lugar!
By: dwgonzalez
Sewing And Vacuum Warehouse
The staff is pretty helpful if you actually go into the store. When I would call I just got pieces of information to help that would only get me so far and then I would have to call again, talk with someone else and get a little more information. My biggest problem right now is with the machine I purchased two weeks ago for embroidery. I couldn't even use it for 5 days because I was not given the power cord!! I was under the impression that my machine was a floor model and that it had been overhauled to practically brand new. Well it has yet to embroidery anything for me without messing up. It doesn't stitch the whole design or it just stitches in the same places causing a hole in the material when you try to get the knot out. I have spent a lot of unnecessary money replacing ruined material. I will be going back to the store for the third time in really only a week of using the machine to see what can be done. Keep you posted.
By: angela.kostecki
Sewing And Vacuum Warehouse
5 Star Service - I recently had my sewing machine break, so I brought it to Sewing & Vacuum Warehouse for repair. They took my machine in and charged a very reasonable $40 to look it over and tell me what was going on with it. I spoke with Ken, the man repairing my machine, and we discussed my options. The nice thing was that I could use the $40 towards the repair, or towards a different machine. Since repairing my machine would be almost as much as getting a new one, I opted for getting a new machine. Cynthia was the salesperson who helped with this. She took a lot of time figuring out exactly what I use my machine for, and pointed me in the right direction. She also patiently answered ALL of my questions and showed me each of the various machines I was interested in. I will shop here again, and am thrilled with the level of service that I have received! Great Job!
By: lindalanderson
Sewing And Vacuum Warehouse
Tricia at the Conroe location was absolutley fabulous. It took me three visits to the store before I made my purchase. Each time I came in Tricia was of so friendly and helpful. She answered all my questions. Tricia explained everything about the machine that I eventually purchased. The store was especially clean and neatly arranged. The floor samples were neatly arranged with plenty of space to observe each one without interruption. I could have purchased the machine that I bought online for less but with Tricia's knowledge I felt that it would be beneficial to purchase locally because of the service that I will received with her. I would never go anywhere to make a sewing or craft machine purchase. Thank you to the Sweing & Vacuum Warehouse of Conroe and Tricia. I am so excited with my purchase. Can't wait to get started.
By: krjminor
Sewing And Vacuum Warehouse
I LOVE this place. Originally purchased my machine at another store, which closed down a couple of years ago, so S&VW became my new sewing home. Wish I had discovered them sooner! Had my machine serviced there recently and was impressed at the quality of work and the speed in turnaround. My favorite thing about S&VW, though, is all the STUFF I can get for my machine! They have great thread that is shockingly less expensive than the stuff you get at Joann (and I think it's better quality, too). And when I knick my bobbin case, I can pick one up that day vs. waiting a week to have one come in the mail. That is gold to me. Bottom line -- friendly folks, great selection, quality service. And, oh, the selection of machines they have in the showroom to try out!!! I have a feeling I'll be trading up soon. ;)
By: Karlie C.
Sewing And Vacuum Warehouse
I am highly impressed with the service at Sewing and Vacuum Warehouse. I was originally going to buy my Janome sewing machine online but I found out that SVW has a great warranty program for all of their machines. Paul was very helpful. He showed me a variety of different brands of machines that I was interested in and was very knowledgeable about all their features. Never at any time did I feel pressure to buy anything. It was nice being able to look at the machines at my own pace, try them out, and really decide which one would be best for me. I am very happy with my machine and I am pleased with the services Sewing and Vacuum Warehouse offers. They also have a very nice fabric and notions shop attached for everything you need. I will definitely be going back!
Tips & Advices
As part of regular home maintenance, you can look for signs up build-up or debris accumulating in a fireplace. n addition to practicing safe wood burning and cleaning the in-home structure, you can also use a flashlight on occasion to inspect for any obvious cracks or blockage. Strong smells emanating from the fireplace when not in use may be an indication of the need to consult with a professional who can handle the broader inspection and any major issues that arise from it.
It can be dangerous not to have your chimney inspected from the interior, since only a licensed professional can detect things like creosote build-up or a defective damper. Failing to address such issues can, at the very least, reduce the efficiency of airflow within your home, and at worst, lead to a fire.
Most inspectors are called chimney cleaning professionals these days, but the term chimney sweep traditionally refers to the person who evaluates the flue, damper and roof, and then cleans them from the inside. A certified chimney sweep will also inspect your fireplace and the room in which it operates, checking for any structural inefficiencies or signs of leakage. When looking to hire a chimney cleaner, it’s best to seek one who is certified by the CSIA or NCSG.
A chimney flue is essentially a duct that runs from the fireplace to the top of the chimney, helping convey the gas and heat out of the home. It must be properly sealed in order to protect the home and withstand the exhaust that passes through.
The damper is the device that seals the chimney shut when it is not in use. It usually operates as a small flap inside the flue, helping retain warm air and insulate the home, even when there is no fire going.

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