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By: Afolabi B.
This fine and OK for people
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By: S.
I love Laredo Tacos! But I question the cleanliness. The server wears gloves but no hair net & she scratches her head, wipes her forehead & makes my taco. I refused it. The eating tables need wiping down, floors need sweeping. The Stripes parking lot is trashy with paper, cans & other garbage. The restroom stinks of urine & is dirty. I was afraid to touch anything.
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By: Thia L.
Royalwood Food Mart
I'm a regular to the store. They always have what I'm looking for and if they don't they order it for me. The staff is very polite and friendly.
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By: Lorena G.
Excelent food and service I recommended highly ����������������You should try every single plate and the micheladas are awesome ������������
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By: Fulton B.
Marygrove Awnings
BAD! BAD! BAD! BAD! BAD! I had an almost unbelievably bad experience with Marygrove Awnings. It took nearly a month of calls and E-mails to get them to come out and bid a simple project. They finally visited, and wanted $4,500 to install the awning. I paid half up front.Then, nothing happened. And nothing happened. And nothing happened. They wouldn't return my calls or respond to my E-mails. Not a word for over a month. Finally, after another month, they showed up unannounced and installed an awning. It was terrible. It didn't fit against the wall. There were 2" inch gaps between the structure and the wall. The structure itself was crooked, so one corner hung down lower than the other. The canvas was improperly cut so the awning was saggy and wrinkled. It looked like a canvas bag on a stick! The physical installation was sloppy too; with long screws visible, and visible damage to the building caused by careless installation of the screws.I called, E-mailed, and faxed repeatedly about the problem. Finally, the manager came out to have a look. He took one look and admitted it was a horrible job. He said they would have to start over from scratch: build a new structure and cut new fabric. Marygrove removed the bad awning. Two months after the process started, we were still without an awning. And nothing happened. And nothing happened. And nothing happened. After yet another month, I had to fax over a legal demand, threatening to sue Marygrove if they didn't either properly install the awning or return my money. Two hours later, they appeared at the office (again unannounced) and installed a new awning. The second awning was properly constructed. However, there were still some gaps. I pointed out the gaps and they promised to fix them immediately.And nothing happened. And nothing happened. And nothing happened. Well, one thing did happen. The manager, who previously wouldn't return my many voice messages and E-mails, found my number and called to demand that I pay the other half of the original price ($2,250) before they would complete the installation. After nearly four months, and endless frustration, they DID NOT offer to reduce the cost. When I pointed out that the cost should be reduced, the manager became belligerent and made threats.Then, nothing happened. ...And nothing happened. ...And nothing happened. Three months later (seven months after this whole mess started) the manager and owner showed up. I pointed out the problems. They said they would fix the problems, then demanded the $2,250. I said "I'm disappointed that you expect the full price." Those were the last cordial words spoken. The owner exploded; shaking his finger in my face and screaming profanity. Then the manager became physically confrontational. He approached me until his chest bumped mine, and began to call me a "liar." I told him to back up and he refused. He maintained physical pressure against my chest. I gently tried to push him away from me, and he resisted; pushing against me harder and threatening physical violence. All the while, the owner continued to scream so loud that our neighbors began to come outside to see what the ruckus was about. Before the confrontation could degenerate any further, I turned to go back inside and the manager pursued me two steps. He wanted to fight! I stood in my doorway and pointed out, one last time, that they were wrong to expect full payment for such a terrible job. At this point, the owner began screaming that he would sue me and "slap a lien" on my office building, while the manager shouted obscenities. They continued to shout as they left the property.In my experience, Marygrove will take your money, take forever to do a terrible job, scream at you, curse you, threaten you, and actually offer you physical violence. If that's what you're shopping for, you've found it. Otherwise, I recommend that Marygrove should be avoided.
By: Angel n V.
Marygrove Awnings
Our experience with this company has been less than favorable. We ordered this product back in August and it took over 3 months to get anyone to communicate with us on what the status was and why the turn ,around time was taking so long – when we were told it would be less. Needless to say once it did finally arrive it took another week to get it installed and we spent a day waiting – for them and they never showed up. They finally came the next day ( late) and rushed to put it up on the coldest days of the week and worked in the dark.The Flaws and mistakes that we found and saw in the day light once they were done – left us speechless and upset – that for the amount of money we dished out for this product – the workmanship was awful and the damage to the roof was unnecessary if they took their time and worked in the day light hours. Needless to say we took pictures and contacted them via email and phone – and are still are waiting for a follow up on resolving this issues in a timely manner. The wiring was not even done at the time of completion and we’re still waiting on that. You would think they would make this propriety and get back with us since from the beginning of this project there have been delays and issues.Promises were made of compensation for our trouble and a discount was offered – needless to say once the job was done they asked for the money in full. No discount was ever applied. We paid the amount in full in good faith thinking they were going to fulfill the terms of the contract – big mistake we should of held our payment till issues were corrected. Their customer service statement does not reflect their true service. They lack in Communication and Customer Service BIG TIME.Even though the product is a nice product – the workmanship and quality of work needs much improvement along with their commutation skills and customer service. Very disappointed – upset – and frustrated with choosing this company for such an expensive project – we did not get what we paid for. We would not recommend this company to no one they longer they take to get back with us it’s like adding fuel to the fire. Our next steps will have to be to contact the news media and take them to court if this is not resolved quickly and correctly.Do your researcher people before you spend your hard earn money on shabby work.What might seem like petty of minor defects are major when its your home.
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By: Alan M.
Miller's Painting
Very professional. Quality work and craftsmanship. Garunteed work eveytime. Customer satisfaction garunteed.
By: Melissa M.
Miller's Painting
Professional Personel. Quality work and its guaranteed. Don't get much better than that! Great prices! Speak with Alan Miller owner/operator for all your needs.
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By: Oliver N.
Designs By Dorli
Nice store ran by nice ladies with a wide variety of gifts, souvenirs, memorabilia, home décor and many other items.
By: Sonia M.
Supermercado Gigante 2
Discusting big roach on food went back to tell manager to stop selling food but he did not care.... I ask my self how can this happened.... he try to give me a compensation mmm and all the hard working people how but food from them and also they sell meat and other products with no standard am beyond disgusted

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