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By: alainharvey
Cavatore Italian Restaurant
Cavatore Italian Restaurant serves family-friendly Italian fare. This red-checkered tablecloth restaurant has been serving country-style Italian fare since 1984. Rustic and charming, from the outdoor paddle wheel to the open-loft ceiling, you will experience a unique setting as soon as you step into this 100 year old barn turned restaurant. Located near the Heights on Ella Boulevard a few blocks inside the 610 loop. SInce our last visit a couple of years ago, we understand that Cavatore has acquired new management. We were disappointed to discover that the former piano player, Michael Angelo, who was always very friendly and accommodating, had been replaced by a duo of musicians who are billed as playing jazz but who in actuality, at least while we were present, performed a mixed musical selection. We understand that the food and service has declined somewhat under the new management. We would concur based upon our most recent dining experience. While our service was good and the food quality acceptable if average, it failed to excite us nor did it seem as savory as in the past. For the price diners can do better if seeking authentic Italian cuisine.Old world standard Italian dishes are served in a casual space adorned with an eclectic blend of memorabilia from across Italy. Appetizers include Italian meats and cheeses, squid and escargot. Classic entrees include Spaghetti, ravioli, cannellone and linguini. From the Calamari Fritti appetizer to the Lasagna Al Forno, this casual Italian restaurant provides many several options sure to appeal to the children as well as adults in the group . Leave room for traditional "dolci" like cannoli, tiramisu and spumoni.Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply taking a break from the workday world, Cavatore’s is a good choice for a reasonably priced casual Italian venue with an appealing décor. Hopefully Cavatore will regain its stride soon.
By: citygirl435
China Bear
I absolutely love China Bear. It is an inexpensive buffet that really is your money's worth. The exterior of the place is fascinating. There's beautiful koi fish everywhere. Who ever bred them did an absolute wonderful job because there are over hundreds and they're all beautiful. Now onto the gift shop... They sell little knick knacks from jewelry to beautiful wooden structures. Granted it's not the best quality gift shop, but what do you expect. They're always interested finds like little crystals, chinese robs, and nice paintings. And lastly they're bamboo plants and bonsai plants are one of the best quality ones I can find in all of Houston. They're inexpensive and yet nicely grown and groomed. Every time I go I'm urged to buy another one lol. This restaurant is huge and so if their buffet options. They have lots of foods, from sushi, stir fry, crawfish, and now oysters. I went the other day and they're oysters were literally the biggest oysters I have ever seen. The food I personally think is delicious. It's not fancy, creative, and gourmet, but it's good, homey food. They have delicious mac n' cheese, green beans, fish, and more. People just need to understand that this isn't meant to be a five star restaurant. it's meant to be a family styled buffet that offers a bang for your buck. For less than twenty dollars per person, everyone is full and happy. There's even ice cream and desserts. China Bear is worth it and delicious, and I will stand by it forever because not only are my children and husband happy, my wallet is. Now the only cons I would say is the service. Most are Asian and cannot speak English very well, but all they do is give you your drink and occasionally fill it up. The food is all self- served, so I personally don't think their service is anything to cry about.
By: brittney.miles3
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
I came here for my fiance's birthday to have a nice dinner date. I can say right from the get go, things just went downhill. Our hostess that sat us down was not very nice to us at all... she looked at me and my fiance up and down and gave a us a snooty look and showed us to our table. She tossed our menus on the table and left us. As we were sitting, my fiance and I saw that other workers were sitting in the corner have their lunch/dinner break. He and I both understood that everyone needs their break, but no one told anyone that we had been sitting there for about 10 minutes with no one asking what we wanted to drink. Finally I saw our hostess and gave a look showing I was about to leave and she finally told our waiter that we were sitting there. He took our drink order and it took him 15 minutes to even get us our water (Now mind you, they were not busy at all due to it being around 4pm). He then took our food order and brought our salad out within 10 minutes... which wasn't a lot either, nor was there enough breadsticks. Our food took about 15 minutes and then it took 10 minutes for the guy to even notice that my fiance and I were done with our food. He refilled our water once even though it was obvious we were out and then it took him 10-15 minutes to even pick up the bill from us. From this review you can already tell I did not give him a well deserved tip. I personally will not come back to this Olive Garden.
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By: alainharvey
The Grove
I am in agreement with other reviewers on several recurring issues including the service which can be slow, and the high prices for small portions of food prepared competently yet without real inspiration. The menu itself is also somewhat limited in choices, particulalry for dinner.Executive Chef Ryan Pera is the inspiration behind the kitchen of The Grove. One of the best times to visit the restaurant is during its famed Sunday Brunch. It is when the natural lighting is at its best and is perfect for a front seat to the weekend festivities downtown. The restaurant offers a variety of creative spirits that set the mood for an urban relaxed lunch. One of the only places in Houston to offer a Clear Spicy Bloody Mary, The Grove has recently added a Banana Margarita to its drink list, which includes herradura silver tequila and coconut crunch, accentuating a fruity kick to brunch.A word of advice –be sure to use the restaurant’s convenient and fast valet parking services when downtown is busy. Parking in and around the park can often be hard, if not impossible, to find, depending on the festivities going on at the time.
By: john.steger.18
Coppa Ristorante Italiano
Decent food.What did I remember? The olives or I should say the olive plate. They were the best olives I have ever had! How different can they be? The only difference between green olives and black olives is ripeness. Unripe olives are green, whereas fully ripe olives are black. Some are big some are small. Such is life. It has to be how they are cured which in this case seems to be seriously, a warm cinnamon based fluid. Killer!They are so good I'm going by tonight to get take out olives and bring them home and try to pair them with one of my mystery wines in the fridge... The ambience is very nice, warm earth colors mixed with romantic lighting. BUT the music is inappropriate for the restaurant. Kind of like playing "I've got friends in low places" in a 5 star restaurant bad. All the time. How bout Italian music? How novel.. The wine list was impressive. The owner/manager was pretty well informed. Lots of different wines from Italy as well as the standard Calfiornia Whites and Reds.. even a few french. They didn't skimp there. Would I go back? Would they please change the music?
By: dxavic
Frank's Grill
My friends talked it up. Saying, it was a wonderful spot and they couldn't beleive I hadn't been there (being a native Houstonian) so I decided to go.My take on it was that I was unimpressed by the drab uninviting exterior & interior, the smell of grease permeating the air, the leaning undersized tables that were cluttered with condiments, and the perfectly square dining room that held it's diners shoulder to shoulder. The place felt like it needed a good cleaning to me.Almost everyone in the place was overweight (including myself) which directly correlates to the type of food they serve. Remember when your grandmother use to fill the bottom of her cast iron skillet with oil to make eggs? Yeah...that's what ALL of the food is like. It tasted just fine though. The service was fine and the people were freindly (patrons and staff) but I won't be back.I give it 4 stars because the place was PACKED. We had to wait in line to be seated at 9am. During our meal it began to rain hard but people kept coming! It may not be my kind of place but apparently, it is for lots of others!
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By: alainharvey
Cafe Brussels
Catherine’s latest venture, Café Brussels is a great new addition to the Heights. Try the Tartare de Saumon dressed with a zesty Belgian country vinaigrette accompanied by a Belgian draft beer or glass (bottle!) of wine. You can’t go wrong requesting Catherine’s favorite mussel dish for a main course, Belgian classic, Moules Marinières, accompanied by a large serving of golden Belgian Fries. The large and succulent mussels are steamed to perfection and portion sizes are very generous! My dining companion enjoyed le Petit Pavé de Bruxelles, a perfectly cooked steak and le Cordon Bleu. Be sure to leave room for one of Café Brussels fabulous desserts! Catherine's crepes are among my favorites.Catherine Duwaz is both a good friend and a genuinely nice person. It brings me great pleasure to see a friend continue to succeed in a town that can be unforgiving to restaurateurs. Cafe Brussels is our new "go-to" place in Houston for great Belgian food. And to top it all off, the prices are very reasonable for the quality and the portions sizes are generous.
By: dxavic
Frank's Grill
My friends talked it up...saying, it was a wonderful spot and they couldn't believe I hadn't been there (being a native Houstonian) so I decided to go.My take on it was that I was unimpressed by the drab uninviting exterior & interior, the smell of grease permeating the air, the leaning undersized tables that were cluttered with condiments, and the perfectly square dining room that held it's diners shoulder to shoulder. The place felt like it needed a good cleaning to me. Almost everyone there was overweight (including myself) which directly correlates to the type of food they serve. Remember when your grandmother use to cover the bottom of her cast iron skillet with oil to make eggs? Yeah...that's what ALL of the food is like. The service was good and the people were friendly (patrons and staff) but I won't be back.Though this may not be my kind of place, it apparently is for many many others. It was PACKED at 9am on a rainy Saturday morning so they must be doing something right. :)
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By: Kendrick K.
The Villagio
We decided on the Villagio & couldn't be happier! The venue is clean, spacious, and simply elegant. We had our ceremony and reception here. Trish, owner & overall planner, is prompt, thorough, charismatic and easy to work with. The venue is tucked away at the end of a street, with private parking & far from the street. There are inside/outside room options, but the trademark is a beautiful spiral staircase for a grand bridal entrance! The package we chose was the Ultimate II. This package comes with everything except the DJ and videographer so we didn’t have to worry about hiring various vendors for each part of our wedding. Trish already has a strong vendor selection. Our package came with food, cake, linens, floral arrangements, photo booth, lighting, photography, 2 HPD officers, and a wedding coordinator. We paid extra for drapery and it was beautiful. The caterers allowed us to test the food in a prior meeting so we can give them very specific details. Mr. & Mrs. King 08/12/2016
By: jeffory.cloyd
Tierra Luna Grill
This is my favorite Mexican restaurant ever. We have frequented a lot of Mexican food restaurants, and who hasn't when you live in Texas. But Tierra Luna Grill is by far the best I have ever been to.The flavor of the salsa is awesome. Evidently they grill the tomatoes for the salsa and who knows how they spice it up. The chips are warm and thin and crispy. They give you a small bowl of queso with the chips. I could dine on the chips and stuff alone. They were soooo good. And the waitstaff is terrific at keeping the bowls full and making their customers happy. The owner even came by and visited with us. She was wonderful.And then there are the entrees. All I can say is 'WOW!' They were marvelous. The Carnitas, Fajitas, and the Barbacoa are to die for. Perfectly cooked and spiced to enhance the flavor, not overpower it. The charro beans and spanish rice where super as well. Fantastic homecooked Mexican food and the waitstaff is great. We very highly recommend the Tierra Luna Grill.

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