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By: Lynn W.
Mercy Plumbing
Had a plumbing problem at my home and tried three plumbing companies to get service. The first two companies would only give me a 4-hour window of when they would be at my home AND the first two companies had girls answering their phones that I could not understand because of their lack of the English language. This is not satisfactory in my world. I am a very busy business owner and am not able to sit at home for 4 hours waiting on a plumber or anyone else. Called MERCY PLUMBING after hours and the owner himself answered the phone and talked to me about my problem. He told me basically what he thought it was, that he would be out the next morning at 9:30 - HE SHOWED UP AT 9:25. I cannot tell you how professional and friendly this man was and I will ALWAYS use his company. He checked out what it was, showed me what it was on the camera and took care of the clog in a minimal amount of time as he understood that I had a business to go open. I am a female who lives alone and felt his customer service went way beyond what I expected and I think his charges were very reasonable. I have had this clogging problem once before and that company charged me more for the same service. So I would recommend that all single females who need a very knowledgeable and friendly plumber to call this company. I will always use John Lohse at Mercy Plumbing for any plumbing issues I have at my home.
By: derrickwashington
Better Plumbing - Licensed Plumbers Houston
We'd been through a continuous backup problem in our basement (an older townhouse) over 1.5 years. After six backups, lots a flooding, and two other plumbers who kept giving us either guesswork or no help at all, we'd found Better Plumbing - Licensed Plumbers Houston through a recommendation of a neighbor. The plumber showed up (granted an hour and twenty minutes late, but it goes to show how highly I think of their business if I'm still giving them five stars) and came in with their camera which they lowered into the pipe. They walked me through what they were doing every step of the way, and their diagnosis was right on. They were completely professional and totally empathetic to our problem, and not simply there to charge us for showing up. They were also committed to finding out what the problem was right from the start Our condo administrator said that their price for the camera was very reasonable ($400, compared to an average of $600 or more) but it is free with the job when you approve their estimate. I have a healthy distrust of anyone who cannot give me straight answers, concise information, and high quality work; Better Plumbing - Licensed Plumbers Houston has earned my trust by providing all three. I would recommend them without hesitation.
By: dannychandler
Plumbers Spring TX
This week YB Plumbing - Houston Licensed Plumbers came to my house to fix a blocked drain and install a new kitchen tap. The plumber was friendly, yet still polite, well-spoken and professional. He worked very hard on a very hot day, having to dig holes and use a variety of equipment. He finally managed to get my drain unblocked, which was a mammoth task. He then helped me select a new kitchen tap, and installed it. His van was very clean, tidy and well-organized, and he knew where everything was and had everything needed, which impressed me. Other plumbers have had disorganized vans and had to go back to the warehouse to get a needed part, wasting time and my money. Before he left he unscrewed my shower rose and showed me how to keep calcium from building up in it. Last, but by no means least, he did all this for a very reasonable price. This was very important to me, as I am on a very tight budget. I’d be happy to employ YB Plumbing - Houston Licensed Plumbers any time.
By: jamesjohnsonn
Better Plumbing - Licensed Plumbers Houston
My wife and I live in Georgia but own a rental house in Houston. On the day that our tenants performed their final walk through, they were surprised to find water gushing out of the refrigerator. It had obviously been leaking from the water filter for a couple of days because the main level flooring was ruined and the basement had more than an inch of water.Better Plumbing - Licensed Plumbers Houston responded to my cry for help and had a service technician at the house in just about an hour. Their quick response and accurate assessment saved me and my insurance company thousands of dollars in additional repairs. They referred me to a reputable cleanup crew and they were networked with other contractors to help me get emergency taken care of quickly allowing our tenants to move in on their scheduled date.You guys are literally a God-send. Thanks so much.
By: doughwhitejr
J.G. Plumbing Contractors, Inc.
I wanted to renovate my bathroom. I was advise to do it without city permits. I still don’t know why. But I contacted a few plumbers for bids. I contacted John Moore, Abacusl, Village and a few others. But this plumber was recommended. All the others agreed to no permits. This plumber did not. He explained why they are important and how a passed inspection are so important and that’s what they aim for. That way his work is registered with the city and customers are safe. What were the other plumbers of high exposure, big names, hiding? With JG, we got our plumbing done right and to our satisfaction. Three passed inspection! Thank you. Highly recommended….call him first! His price is just right for the great work done in a very good time-frame.
By: rickyblair
Plumbers Spring TX
I recently bought a very old condo. I found some leaks on my plumbing system so I need Plumbers to investigated my plumbing issues and repair them.I called at 9AM and these Plumbers came in within an hour after my call. They did very fast investigation on my whole plumbing system. While they do investigate, they talked to me how to repair those issues.Their prices were more than fair. No fuss and no hassle. Once I agreed with their price, they directly repaired all my plumbing issues. The jobs have done within 4 hours and they work hard non stop! An awesome experience and I will only use these Plumbers for all my next plumbing needs.
By: sherrylong832
J.G. Plumbing Contractors, Inc.
I didin't have gas to my home because I didn't have a meter. To get one, I had to get a plumber to pass a gas test. I called the big companies. Not only were their prices were ridiculous, they couldn't guarantee to get it done in week. I finally found this plumber and his price was reasonable. He explained all and why certain things had to be done to get that "passed" inspection and thus my meter. Bam! He obtained a permit and started working in my house the day he gave me his estimate. Got a passing inspection the next day! I finally got my meter too! This plumber is not a shark. Highly recommended!
By: Oliver J.
Plumbers Spring TX
My toilet clogged at 6AM Sunday. I called around and not found a plumbing company that open their office at the time. Then my neighbor suggested me to call YB Plumbing - Houston Licensed Plumbers and I did it. Someone on the phone told me he will send a plumber to my home within 3 hours because he has another appointment with their first client before go to my home. I agreed with him and the price estimation. The plumber came in on time as the schedule , he unclogged my toilet within a couple of hour and charged me for the right quote as the estimation on the phone. Thanks for a very fair service! I love you all.
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By: Jeanette C.
Budget Home Services
Rick and JR came to the rescue! There was a muddy mess under the house and they had to contend with the mud. The leak origins were difficult to find due to the insulation on the pipes. They remained professional and pleasant. They never complained about the mud. They were able to find the leaks and repair accordingly. They were efficient in letting me know how to send the repair invoice to the City of Houston using a Leak Adjustment Request Form found on the City of Houston Website. I also learned that I could sign up for the new Leak Alert program offered through the City of Houston. Thanks so much!
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By: lian.ban.94
YB Plumbing
Our sewer ejector pump failed with predictably messy consequences. We noticed around 5 p.m. and called YB Plumbing (among others). They were the only ones to promise to come by that very evening between 9 and 10 p.m., which they did, amazingly enough. They quickly determined that the pump had packed it in and promised to come by the next morning at 9 a.m. to fix it. Sure enough, they were there the next morning with a brand new pump and proceeded to fix the ejector within a couple of hours. All in all, very professional and quick. I have no complaints with the quality of YB Plumbing
Tips & Advices
The following tools and common household objects can be used to clean drains at home:
  • A plunger
  • A drain snake
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Grease-fighting dish soap
Homeowners can mix boiling water with any of the last three products to break up grease and grime.
The main ingredients in clog removal liquid products are sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, both break down into relatively harmless components when it comes into contact with water or soil. However, both substances cause mild irritation to skin and internal tissues.
Also known as a drain auger, a drain snake is a coiled device around ¼-inch thick. To use a drain snake, put the end into the entrance of the drain. Turn the handle to force the snake deeper, using extra pressure to force it through the bend in the pipe. Keep turning until the snake hits the clog, then either pull the snake and remove the obstruction or force it through. Once the snake is out of the drain, run the water on full blast for a few minutes to ensure the obstruction is completely removed.
Plungers don't damage residential pipes, but the force created by the act of plunging weakens the seal between the toilet and the floor.
Many plumbers, both local businesses and nationwide chains, offer emergency or same-day services.

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