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By: Owen V.
Abacus Plumbing and Air Conditioning
When our sink clogged, we were torn between Abacus and a few other services that would likely have been less expensive, quicker fixes. Luckily we went with our gut, trusting a 5-star review Abacus received in the Woodlands Service Review Catalog. From our first call to schedule service, everything was extremely well organized and professional. The call center answered our call on the first ring at 9 PM on a Saturday, professionally walked us through the process, and quickly sent our appointment confirmation for 2 days later - Monday evening - when it was convenient for our schedule. The fact that the appointment window was 3 hours - instead of all day like some companies - was also very helpful in planning around work and other activities. When it came time for the appointment, we were called 45 minutes in advance of the technician's arrival and he arrived exactly when expected. Tyler was extremely professional and thorough. He was extremely courteous, used his floor protectors, and was friendly to our dog who wanted nothing more than to play with him. Our sink had been clogged and drained slowly for the past few weeks, but upon trying to fix the problem myself with a hardware store snake, I was unable to make any headway. Tyler walked through every step of the process with me, explaining what he was doing and why. His explanations of the camera diagnostic and tests he ran were easily understood and he gladly went into details upon request. He could have likely finished our job and left for the evening, but he made sure he'd done a great job before departing and explained suggested future remediation for our consideration in a way that wasn't pushy or pressuring. I'd like to pass along a huge thank you to him specifically for a job well done, but also to your company on the whole for the professionalism and good experience start to finish. We're glad we went with our guy in calling you out for this issue and will keep you at the top of our list for any future issues with our Plumbing, Heat/AC, or Electrical.
By: mariaresendez
Abacus Plumbing and Air Conditioning
In late May, or early June, Abacus Plumbing rerouted my kitchen sink drain line because the existing drain line had apparently buckled beneath the house. However, due to the heavy rains we received, unbeknownst to the technicians who performed the work, a small section of the new line buckled afterwards as a result of the ground shifting due to all the rain and was not allowing the drain water to properly flow towards the main drain line. Although I was unaware of the drain line issue, I was having a problem with standing water in the vicinity of the drain line clean-out cap, so I called Abacus Plumbing an described my concern, and within an hour a technician arrived at my house and quickly assessed the situation. Within 2 hours later, another technician arrived and did a further analysis of the problem and decided to run a camera through the pipe. First thing this morning, all the technicians were here and ran a camera through the pipe and quickly located an area of standing water in the drain that concerned them and they decided the best course of action would be to replace that portion of the line. Within the hour, the technicians and crew dug down to the questionable section of the drain line and spliced in a new section of pipe that was approximately 8' long. They subsequently leak checked it and also checked my irrigation system for leaks. Which, incidentally they did locate a small leak and corrected, but probably not enough of a leak to cause the overall problem of standing water.
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By: Jessica L.
Wired Electrical Services
I was referred to wired electric by a friend all was going well. I spoke to a polite person to schedule the appointment and they sent someone around the next day on time and materials. Now readers be aware when on T&M this company will charge you from the moment that they turn up until they leave, this also includes the time that it takes to pick up materials if they do not have it on the truck or if they have bought faulty equipment e.g. In my example the electriciain had the cable I needed but discovered it was split and unusable. He charged me the time it took for him to get new cable on top of the time it took to install it in the house. A simple TV RG-6 single drop cable installation ended up costing $377!!!. When i called the company to explain that a customer should not be expected to pay for time caused by faulty equipment I was not longer greeted by a pleasent person instead I talked to a condisending and aggressive toned employee who stated that I was the one being unreasonable and should expect to pay for the extra hour. After what felt like 30mins of arguing he eventually said he could reduce the extra hour charged to me by 30mins and that was his final offer. For a company that prides itself on customer service at a honest price it felt that they took advantage of the situation and made a potential loyal customer pay for their mistake. What a shame.
By: Arran H.
Abacus Plumbing and Air Conditioning
To begin with, I was a little stressed when the technician showed up. I had to leave for a doctors appointment in 15 minutes & I was stressed with the lack of time I had with your technician. However, he quickly began his inspection and worked quickly and efficiently as I watched. Although I hated to leave, I had to in order to make my other appointment. The technician told me as I left that he would be done in about 10 minutes & would call me when he was done with his recommendations. Sure enough, I had pictures texted to me and a call shortly after that. I was quickly informed of my issue and the technician would still be in the area and would stop by when I was done at the doctor. Needless to say, he went out of his way to assist us with replacing our HVAC system. He worked to get us approved and make sure my wife and I were satisfied with our purchase. His customer focus and friendliness quickly changed my frustrated attitude from when he first showed up at our door. I most definitely will recommend you to our friends and neighbors. And most of all because of the customer service we received from our technician. While I think about it, he either called me sir or Mr. Jon the entire time we were together. His respect to the customer was very impressive. Could you please thank him again for us! We look forward to seeing him for AC check-up in the spring!
By: Ochoa L.
Abacus Plumbing and Air Conditioning
Scheduling our appointment for an estimate was quick and easy. We received a courteous phone call letting us know when the technician would be arriving. Antoine arrived almost to the minute of the scheduled time. He proceeded to perform a very thorough diagnostic of the 3 HVAC units. His competency was immediately apparent when he discovered a control board failure that two previous (different) companies had missed. Antoine was very easy to deal with. He communicated to me what they could provide and their core values. He did a great job explaining the little things to me while he was looking at the units. I never got the feeling that he was rushing to get this estimate over-with and I never felt that he wanted me to just go away and leave him alone while he was doing his work. I had a followup phone call with the Operations Manager and had a great feeling about you as a company as I hung up the phone. I'm sold, I will be using them for this repair and all of our future AC needs. I will probably use them for my plumbing and electrical needs also since their employees believe in the company core values so strongly. 
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By: Elia S.
Abacus Plumbing and Air Conditioning
On Friday 12/11/2015 we had an issue at home when my wife ran the washing machine, water came out from one of the toilets. We called a rescue rooter company and after going through the pipe with a snake and then with a camera they told us that the problem was the main pipe drain below the house/slab which was broken because of roots and need to be replaced with total cost of 32k...insisting us that we have to do it asap to avoid more problems in the foundation. In order to have a second opinion, we had the great idea to call Abacus. We explained the situation to the technician and he did an inspection with a camera on the drain pipe telling us that there was not any root and breaks in the pipe and the problem was caused by built up dirt and grease in it. Later came his supervisor and recommended us to clean it up first with a jet system and check again with a camera..bottom line the problem was solved due to the HONESTY and professionalism of our plumbers!!! Great job Abacus!!
By: annejroberts
Abacus Plumbing and Air Conditioning
Since the sheetrock was dry to the touch and the plumber couldn't find any problems after checking others areas in the house that may have caused the leak in the utility room, the only thing he could do at that point was to cut the sheetrock to get to the plumbing. I didn't want to cut into the sheetrock unless I absolutely had no other alternative. He then recommended Bionics to test for moisture behind the wall and was kind enough to immediately call them for me. When they came out the next day they confirmed the area behind the sheetrock was totally dry. I would like to give a big "thank you" to our plumber for his help in solving my problem. i really appreciate him calling Bionics because it saved me having to spend a lot of time and effort for nothing since there was not any moisture behind the wall. I will highly recommend you to anyone that asks and I will not hesitate to call if I have a problem again.
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By: harleyawood
Abacus Plumbing and Air Conditioning
Starting with the initial phone call, the customer service rep was very friendly, professional & efficient. Received very prompt service from both your company and Bionics. The technician was very friendly, professional, knowledgeable & efficient. He explained to me what the problem was, showed me the part that was damaged and showed me the new part. He showed me a problem with the overflow drain on the water heater that was a result of the way that the water heater was originally installed, and fixed the issue. He also keep me informed of the status on the repair (ie, the wait time to receive the new part, what steps he was preforming and when he completed a step, to how long a certain step would that to complete). I am completely satisfied with the very professional service proved by your company. And would recommend you to anyone who ask for advice on who to call. Thank you for your prompt service.
By: Michael B.
Abacus Plumbing and Air Conditioning
I met with the technician for an estimate for whole house re-piping on a Sunday morning (I wasn't aware that Abacus provided normal service and estimates on Sunday!). He performed a thorough walk-through of my house and attic, asked the types of questions that I expected, provided all of the information for the job, and answered all of my (many) questions completely. It is clear that he knows what he is talking about and discussed all aspects of the job to my satisfaction. He spent the extra time listening to my questions, concerns, options, etc. and provided me all of the data I will need to make my decision about getting this work done. He also pointed out areas that I may want to consider that I had not thought of myself. Overall I was very impressed with his knowledge of the job and timeliness of responding. I have always found that Abacus has qualified employees and does a quality job. 
By: John E.
Abacus Plumbing and Air Conditioning
We recently had a major plumbing job done at our house by your crews. After going through about a dozen other plumbers, we chose you, because your people inspire trust and confidence that your company can do the job. You tunneled under our 30+-year-old house to repair several broken sewer drain pipes, removed a lot of dirt, and replaced the dirt, repairing the concrete you had to break through. It took more than a week. All your people were courteous and industrious. We have two dogs, and they were careful to make sure the gates were secured when they left the back yard. We were very impressed with all your people, from the sales/technical team who gave us the information we needed and followed through with our homeowners insurance company to the guys who dug out the dirt. You have customers for life with us, and we have been recommending you to all our friends. Thank you. 

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