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By: Renee B.
The Woman's Hospital of Texas
Hello My name is Chelsea Hopewell and I pray God you can help me. I am writing to on behalf of my older sister Colette King. She was married for 10 years to her husband. They have had their share of relationships issues financial, emotional, etc. Over the last7 years my sister has had 3 miscarriages which did not any success to their relationship. Now mind you we weren’t the closest of sister I did know that she has been heartbroken over the loss of her unborn children, I had no idea she was suffering from such a severe depression. Spring 2014 Grayson left her to go get a drink (soda) from the Walgreens around the corner from their home in Chesapeake, VA and but He actually left her to move back to Texas ( with his father)because he no longer wanted to be married to her any more. He had not given her any notice that he was leaving her permanently. She found out that he was gone for good when he called a family friend to let her know that he was gone for good. Of course this deeply hurt my sister that he had walked out on her and left her. She then found out a week later that she was pregnant again. She did inform him of this and then traveled back from Texas to Virginia, in an agreement that they had reconciled their relationship. When they got to Texas they had housing so they initially lived with his brother –in-law. A month later she was admitted to Women’s Hospital of Texas. On October 8, 2014 she gave birth to Austin David at only 25 weeks gestation. He was born severely premature one pound fifteen ounces. Now mind you the whole time my sister was in the hospital they had agreed they would both come back to Virginia to live. Not knowing her postpartum condition Colette felt like she had no support in Texas to help raise Austin, which she didn’t because besides Grayson she had no other family there. Grayson went behind my sister's back and got a temporary restraining order to have removed from his father’s house. He knew that because of the changes my sister had gone thru she would not be able to survive on her own there. He had my sister removed from his father house in the middle of the night by and took her baby Austin away from her. She has committed no crime. She is unemployed and basically in a severe state of depression because of this. My sister is a good person and just has suffered some hardships because of the relationship she was in. Right now Austin is being passed around like a hot potato to all Grayson’s family members because he works 50 hours per week supposedly, when Austin, a 4 month old baby should be with his mother. However, since she has been in Virginia she has been her elderly father’s primary caregiver due to the fact that he became severely ill. Recently her father had a stroke and has lost some of his eyesight, speech, mobility, and is on bed rest .I fear that he may never meet his grandson and am deeply saddened by the situation. My sister African American and this is inhuman the way see was treated by her husband for 10yearsSincerely Colette and Austin
By: abusta74
Ben Taub Hospital
I want to start off by saying this Hospital saved my Husbands life. For people with no insurance this place has amazing doctors that go here to teach students. So everything is double checked. Now, there are all walks of life that come in. Homeless, recently uninsured, immigrants, mentally ill , tired and worn out by life patients. The nurses and staff go through a lot. being that most people are not aware that this is not your typical Hospital. There are loooong waits, Cranky people talking smack in the ER waiting room. Some ,don't realize that only the most life threatening cases go through the ER doors to see a doctor first. but its better than having a $18000 bill in collections since you have no way to pay. The Emergency room is for REAL emergencies! so if you have a tummy ache or something not so serious save it for San Jose Clinic. Outside of the Emergency waiting area. I feel is better. Once you get the gold card the hardest part is getting the first appointment, but once you get that first appointment its pretty much like any other hospital. Most of all the clinics I have been to have been to are clean and sometimes people assume the staff is being rude. but they are just super busy and mean well. They have a lot on their plate more than we can imagine. My husband had a tooth infection that spread to his brain, unable to speak and about to die, they had to remove this growth from his brain, it was 125,000 dollar surgery. we paid nothing. The staff was professional and kind. Many doctors were amazed at his recovery and his room was always filled with Interested residents. So be kind to Ben Taub and the staff there. they are doing the best they can with the amount of people that they see. Thank you Ben Taub!
By: barry.adair2
Ben Taub Hospital
The Doctors, nurses, & staff at Ben Taub have saved my wife's life on more than one occasion. She initially had brain surgery in 2007 with a condition that has less than a 5% survival rate. This hospital has a reputation for being one of the best, if not the best trauma units available. Again in 2012, my wife had an acute stroke. Upon initial evaluation, it appeared she would either be paralyzed, unable to talk, or walk. She faced living out her final days on a feeding tube, long enough to say her goodbyes to her family. With the 24-hour round the clock care of some very devoted doctors and nurses, she was able to regain her speach, began eating normally, and was able to return to her former condition before the stroke. With the grace of God and the exceptional care she was given, she was again for the 2nd time able to return home full of life. Yes, there are plenty of cases where people show up at the ER and expect miracles every time and that is not going to happen anywhere. Also, there are lots of people who come to the ER for a 'bad cough' or sore foot ... that should be and can be handled at the many Peoples Clinic locations. These type 'minor' emergencies slow down the entire process for the legitimate ER cases of life threatening illness and misuse the time and facilities. Overall, for a real life threatening emergency, Ben Taub has proven themselves countless times and have some of the best medical staff in the business. Many thanks to the nurses who work around the clock and the doctors that help save lives on a daily basis. THANK YOU!
By: Jim W.
St Lukes Hospital At The Vintage
I filled out this before but it seemed to blank out and disappear so maybe a duplicate now.ICU staff are not taking ICU seriously when they're spending a lot of time laughing and displaying an environment of gaiety every day, which causes a delay in emergency response to empty medical bags and or patients requesting help. The patients should feel that professional with a 'serious can-do attitude' are right outside their doors, not immature people in a Bennigan's happy hour. At one point my friend desperately needed to use the bathroom, and ICU (female) response was "You just used the bathroom!" and they ignored her!!!! I asked a different nurse and he responded and took care of her bedpan needs. The men were more professional for the most part than women, not always, but usually. Women were giggling a lot - ICU is about saving lives and making quality of life better, not about giggling and a fun atmosphere. They took a long time to respond to medical analyzer alarms indicating a need for a replacement bag of drugs/medicine. I've been to the Methodist several times and I prefer the Methodist ICU mentality to St Lukes. I'll use a name, Dr Wheezer -he operated on my friend and apparently did a good job on her carotid artery, cleaning the plaque; however, he was very arrogant and pushy with the patient. He did a good job, but his arrogant demeanor is lacking passion / compassion.
By: michelle.d.luster
West Oaks Urgent Care
If you ever need to go to the doctor and you can't get an appointment or if you have a minor emergency and don't want to deal with the hassle of the ER, this is your place! My family has been to this Urgent Care facility over a dozen times in the last few years and we have been seen for sinus infections, x-ray of a broken toe, received a breathing treatment, stitches and everything in between! Last night my oldest son had a biking accident and we arrived at the Urgent Care about 15 minutes before closing. I was amazed at how wonderful the staff still was! With the way they treated my son you would have thought we were the first patients of the day and not the last. His injury required six stitches and it was so nice to have that done for our specialist co-pay rather than waiting in the ER on a Friday night! We used to live within two miles of this center but have moved and still make the drive in because we know how fast they will see us and how wonderful the service is!
By: verygratfulmomma2
Ben Taub Hospital
My son was transfered to Ben Taub from another ER because of an broken jaw. He was taken by ambulance so he was able to bypass the ER waiting room at Ben Taub but I had heard a lot of negitive things about BT but my experince with my son was nothing but postitive. The doctors kept me informed about my son's plan of action due to surgery and the nurses were there when needed and took very good care of my son. There were at times long waits but I went in preparing for that so it didn't anger me. I was there a total of 15 hrs but it went easy. My son't follow up visits have been pleasant also. As of this experince I would not have a complaint about Ben Taub. We are uninsured so they were there when we needed them so I'm grateful for that. If you go in knowing your going to wait then it's not that bad but attitude is EVERYTHING so just be grateful your getting care and not left to suffer on the streets.
By: Minnie R.
Cornerstone Hospital Medical Center of Huston
At first when we got transferred here from the hospital we were a little scared. My dad had suffered a cardiac arrest and heart attack so he was still in a coma in icu at cornerstone. It was a very scary situation but everybody here at cornerstone made us feel like everything will be ok. We felt a little too comfortable here almost like family. We even spend thanksgiving here to be with our dad. Dr. Vo was an amazing caring doctor helped us with everything, answered all our questions. The nurses and the aids were awesome. Especially Avis was amazing with my dad. She helped my mom out in how to care for him and even if she didn't have him that day to care for him she would still swing by to check up on him and my mom. We are so happy we have this place a chance and don't regret it at all. We were so sad to leave this place. Thank you Cornerstone at the medical center for all y'alls help!
By: Andrea M.
St Lukes Hospital At The Vintage
I delivered my son here 5/9/17 @1:47pm... The delivery was great and swift. I had a natural birth with the most pleasant staff attending to my newborn and myself. They were very encouraging throughout the process. I arrived at 7 1/2 cm dilated and was immediately transferred to my delivery room. After delivery the baby and I received a clean bill of health and were released for discharge the next day. It was absolutely comforting knowing that so many passionate individuals were attentively caring for us and taking the initiative to go above and beyond their job duties to ensure we were comfortable. I would like to thank the delivering doctor Dr. S Rahman, the attending nurses Laura, Katie, Lindsey, Anna (night shift), Robin (charge nurse), Rachelle, Nurses Aid: Martha, the circumcision physician Dr. Elhennawy and the discharging doctor Dr. Godley. Thank you all! I am grateful.
By: bella32709
Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center
I have been to this hospital Many times and was always well taken care of! If you don't like it here go somewhere else! I know people that would disagree on what you said about where you came from! People I know that have lived there!! Sorry you had a bad experience but that is not indicative of what Texas and Houston is all about! Alot of people have been to this hospital and did just great! This hospital has been around for a long time for a reason! You had bad experience I get that, but this place has also HELPED more people than hurt!!! You are being a little harsh on a city you haven't lived at long enough to know much about! - Much less the hospital! If you are not happy go back home! Alot of people love it here and call it home. -Even people that came from where you think is so great!
By: Tracy V.
Medical Center Of East Houston
The review below is full of B.S. The doctor (Dr. Garcia), is the best doctor I have ever had the pleasure of having visited. Extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. The facility is clean and wait times are not three hours. I would trust my life with this doctor. I would not visit anywhere else unless I wanted to be misdiagnosed. This doctor hits medical conditions head on. And, I must say he is correct EVERY time. I have to have a doctor like Dr. Garcia. He is a life saver. He knows the human body and how it works. So, if you need excellent medical help, this is the place to go.I am happy to see the bogus review has been taken down. I was NOT going to put up with it. Tracy Verlin
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Academic medical centers offer a broad range of specialized services, from allergists to urologists. Some of the larger medical centers have entire hospitals or clinics focused on a particular medical service, such as cancer treatment, though specialties vary among the centers. Patients whose community hospital or local doctors do not have the facilities or expertise to address complex medical conditions can be referred by their primary care physician or local specialist to a major medical center (there are more than a dozen in the United States).
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