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By: Jack b. C.
Gradoni & Associates
I have to tip my hat to the private investigation team at Gradoni & Associates for all the excellent work they've done for our firm over the years. They've came through for us during the throws of some of our toughest criminal cases and we recommend J.J. Gradoni to anyone who needs a smart detective in the Houston area. Thanks for all your help J.J.!- Jack
By: bettyeboop08
Kriv Fox 26
Its the quite ones that keep to them self that don't talk to anyone even when other kids are out talking to each other and still keep to them selfs those are the ones that we as grownup need to keep an eye out for those kids pull thoes kid out of there shell talk to them get to know thoes kids ask them question to see what there thinking.
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By: bluemoonlady
Blue Moon Investigations
The very best private investigation services in Texas highly recommend it for backgrounds locations surveillances child custody, cheating divorce as well as Workmen's Comp. corporate investigations as well as many other types of investigations
By: Nancy N.
Professional Protection & Investigations
The owners are former police officers and have many years of experience. PPI is a local company and is very available to their clients on a personal level. They have the highest integrity and will work hard to provide first class service.
By: billybogen
Panoramic Investigations
I hired Mr. Davidson to look into a family concern. He was diligent, reliable and told me what he was doing before he did it. He communicated well and shot excellent video.
By: Sandra O.
Gradoni & Associates
I hvae nothing but the best to say about the awesome work Gradoni did for me and my family. If you ever need a good investigator that won't rip you off, call JJ or Keith.
By: ericgruetzner
ASI Process SERV-US & Investigations
Clutch. From a process server I seek speed, attention to detail, and professionalism. That's what I got, and couldn't ask for any more, thank you!
By: Ron S.
Carrizal & Assoc Inc
please do not waste your time applying for this company as they are more interested in haveinghigh turnover then having good employees.
Tips & Advices
There are many different types of PIs. The easiest way to differentiate is to break them down into specialties, which include, but are not limited to, background checks (for a potential hiring candidate or investment); civil investigations (gathering evidence for a civil trial); surveillance, (missing person, cheating spouse); insurance and insurance fraud (conning an insurance company); non-insurance related fraud (misrepresentation by a job applicant); corporate investigations (loss or theft of proprietary information); accident reconstructions (to determine cause, location, liability); domestic investigations (divorce, infidelity, drug, sexual or physical abuse); and infidelity and/or cheating spouses.
The best way to find a PI is through a referral. If referral is not an option, begin by researching online  to find PIs in your area. After identifying candidates, check their qualifications such as history, education, and practical experience. Interview the candidate, check affiliations and certifications, and, of course, costs and fees.
In certain instances, PIs can and do work in concert with law enforcement in criminal cases. However, PIs do not have the same authority and, therefore, are limited in the scope of their investigative authority. On the other hand, not being a member of law enforcement allows the PI to work outside some of the strict rules that law enforcement and the legal sector are bound by. Often the PI is working in concert with law enforcement where information sharing is vital to all parties.
It is absolutely legal to hire a private investigator, as long as both parties are operating within the boundaries of the law.
Laws allowing PIs, or any private citizen’s right to carry guns, vary from state to state. Concealed weapons permits are a separate license. Laws on carrying weapons and concealed weapons vary from state to state, so research and understand the laws in your state addressing weapons and concealment.

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