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By: johnsonsavannah
Texas Gold & Silver Group
I went to Texas Gold & Silver Group after I found some random items that I thought might be gold while moving. They gave me some things back but explained to me why each item was or wasn't gold. When I asked them what they were doing the lady did everything in front of the window so that I could see and further explained what she was doing and why. When everything was over I was 100% confident that the price she quoted me was high but I still wanted to double check. I spent a few hours checking around other gold buyers in the alemeda-genoa area and nobody offered me even close to what she did!! i came back and have been there two times since. they are always professional and the establishment is really clean. I was impressed by the decor and level of customer service. keep up the good work!!
By: clairebri
Texas Gold & Silver Exchange Center
This is Houston's best and most honest location to sell your unwanted gold! I can't find the right words to describe them!! Simply put the best hands down. I brought my old pieces of gold I was no longer going to wear and got top dollar for them! I found them by driving by the area. The location has easy access to parking. I personally dealt with Jae who is very personable and professional. The customer service is by far one of the best I have ever received in any local establishment. If you have any nuwanted jewelry either good or broken, this is the place to bring it for. You will get the most for it. Guaranteed and confirmed by another happy customer. I am very impressed an that is a lot for me to say!! So come by and check it out for yourself.
By: Jon G.
Regional Finance
I had a loan for $2700. I paid it back on time and was always months a head of my scheduled payments. I never had a problem with these people. They do charge a lot of interest but that is because the people that get loans through these type of agencies have bad credit or no credit history so that is why you pay a lot of interest. This is why it is good to have good credit. If you have good credit then you would never need to get loan from these guys. The other complaints about them being mean is because you borrowed money from them and they want it back. I would be the same way. If you stopped paying me back I would be pissed. Make your fucking payments on time and you will never have a problem.
By: sonya_bbk
Texas Gold & Silver Exchange Center
I inherited a piece of jewelry that I was not too keen on, so I turned to yp.com to find a place to sell it. I have never been to a pawn shop before and was a little skeptical and apprehensive, especially with all the other businesses on this street calling out and hustling to get your business. But I am happy I made it down the block to texas gold and silver exchange center. The guy I worked with, David, was nice without nonsence/schmooze-acity of his neighbors. I think I was in and out of there in ten minutes. And I got more money for my bracelet than I expected. If I ever had anything else to sell, I'd go here in a heartbeat.:)
By: Lisa C.
Texas Gold & Silver Exchange Center
I took several very nice pieces of gold and diamond jewelry to Oscar. I had the appraisal amounts for several pieces — these proved to be unrealistic. David explained the procedure, price paid for gold and diamonds, and the measures used to evaluate the value. It is easy to expect more than you will receive. I was a bit disappointed but was treated fairly. David is personable, pleasant, and well informed. I will refer my friends who may wish to sell their jewelry. It was a good experience. I will go back again!
By: tm-houston-tx38
My experience here was nothing like I expected. The office offered a great play area for my children that kept them distracted and kept me sane.The staff were warm, friendly, and listened while I ranted on and on about everything that I needed to get done and quickly. Before I knew it, my loan was complete. I left with the Cash I needed in no time at all. Family Friendly and Fast is a Winning Combo in my book all day long! For all of your Title Loan needs, I recommend the Silber Location TitleMax.
By: robert1214
Texas Gold & Silver Exchange Center
I went to texas gold and silver exhange cenetr yesterday. I did find them very friendly and fair. The staff was very kind and helpful. He spent time to assay the peices that I had melted and made into personal pieces from way back then that were not stamped as to karat. I did not feel as if I was rushed in and rushed out. I felt very safe and secure also, and I appreciate that very much. I enjoyed the experience and I will return when I locate the rest of my items that I no longer use.
By: blake212
Economic Growth Group
Finally, my finances make sense. They do not just try to push an investment or product, but took the time to learn my needs. Then they gave me a detailed plan I could easily understand and follow. They took things one step at a time and I know that I avoided a big hit in the market, had I stayed with my former broker. I highly recommend that others at least consider looking over the solutions that they offer, before making any kind of important money decision.
By: miller-j
Texas Gold & Silver Exchange Center
I went to a few gold buyers with excellent internet ratings... but found them cold and impersonal because I had a lot of jewelry, I needed someone who would take time sorting it out and who I felt I could trust... Jae was so friendly and personable from the start. He took time with each piece and did not pressure me at all. He also gave a better offer than anyone else. It was a very preasant experience in the process. Thank you and I will come back for sure.
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By: Briy C.
Consumer Mortgage Company
Ok so yeah the lady did inform me that I was late on my payment. I let her know that I would pay on Friday. She told me no & that the car would be repoed. Once talking to some guy in collections he was nice. I made my payment 16 days later with no problem. I mean I understand ppl have a job & her job is to stay solid no matter what. In the end everybody got what they needed. They received their payment & I got to pay the day I promises them.

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