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By: bearcubhou
Men's Resale by the Village
I have been to this store two times now and have not been disappointed! The first time I bought at Billy Reid shirt that retailed for $185.00 for only $25. Today, I found another Billy Reid shirt for $30 and an all linen Ralph Lauren long sleeve shirt that was on the clearance rack for $15. Wow! The upside to shopping here is that the owner is very nice and helpful, the size selection is pretty good, and you can find really great deals if you know what you need and take the time to go through the racks. The downside to shopping here is that you will find a few lower brand names, that while in good condition, are a bit overpriced - so be sure to do your homework and know what they cost in regular stores. I was a bit disappointed in their shoe selections - too many larger size shoes and not enough middle sizes, also ties are all mixed up on the ties racks and prices while inexpensive, tend to be all over the place. It would be nice if they would place all the higher end brand name ties in a specific rack or case separate from the regular or low end brands. My other complaint is that the dressing rooms are a bit tight to change in and none have any mirrors in them - you have to step into the hall to see how things fit. Lastly, the young girl that works there is nice but not really knowledgeable about men's clothes in regards to sizes and brands. Overall, however, I like the store and will continue to go back. Next time I might try to consign some of my older clothes and see how much I can earn.
By: Erica S.
Baby's & Kid's 1st Furniture
I live in Dallas and I came to Houston to visit my mom and she took me to Baby's 1st Furniture. I had been shopping all over DFW and hadn't found what I wanted. I swear my jaw dropped! The stores are so big! And they have so many cribs and bedding choices on display. Looking through catalogues was not how I wanted to shop for furniture. I loved that at Baby's 1st I could look and touch. There were knowledgable sales people who really wanted to help me and answer my questions. And I wouldn't buy a car seat from anywhere else. When my older boy was ready to move up I came to Houston to shop from Mary, their car seat expert. She even helped me install it - I love her! I bought both of my boy's furniture from Baby's 1st and it's absolutely gorgeous. I have another friend from Dallas who visited Baby's 1st when she was in Houston and she also fell in love and had her furniture shipped to Plano. For the quality and the price she couldn't pass it up. It's a must visit place if you're expecting. But, it's like wedding dress shopping - don't wait until the last minute! You have to order what you want and It can take a while to come in.
By: hilary.pradia
Trend Mall
Great selection of shoes. Great clothes. horrible customer service. Waited about 10/15 mins to get a pair of shoes in my size from the high wall in front of the store. I def will go back because the shoes are really good to choose from. Cheap shoes, but quality and variety. The shoes that I wanted the first time I went were 99.99, went back last week and they were marked down to 45.99$. Recently bought a pair of bad red high heeled shoes. Everybody asks where I got em from. overall? good store to stop by, to complete the missing pieces from all the clothes you get in the thrift shops on westheimer.
By: candylynngordon
U Rock Couture
A store that is in a category of its own here in Houston, very unique and one of a kind. If you want the latest fashion trends, high end yet cutting edge clothing, and items that nobody else will be wearing this weekend, check them out. This is not some prissy girl boutique either, if you cannot tell by the name. They carry women's and men's clothing and shoes. This place is not cheap either, you better be willing to spend some dough to look this good. Only problem is that they close everyday at 7 (sometimes earlier) and they don't open on Sundays.
By: Jennifer C.
Lucrecia Fashion
Two years ago, two months before my 15, I was in a hurry to find a dress. I went online and saw this blue and pink dress I loved, but did not know the store of where I could buy it at. Weeks later, I went to Lucrecia Fashion, and I found it there! As I walked in the store, I saw it, and I knew it had to be mine. I was completely satisfied with the treatment I received, and of course with my dress! ���� Looking for a dress? Then I suggest you visit Lucrecia Fashion!! You won't regret it!
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By: Anna G.
Lucrecia Fashion
Great experience! Amazing customer service! Bilingual! Satisfied 100% Great alterations Great service Always found what I needed or accommodated Great packages and deals Great quality of work A lot of variety to choose from Great I got my daughters 15 dress Her room dress Her sorority gown And alterations for every day clothing This is the place to go for everything She has become apart of all our amazing memories and moments
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By: Brian H.
Bead and Bead
The review below is pretty inaccurate seeing how I've been buying from this store over a series of years. Not only has their no refund policy maintained it's consistency since the business was established, but the workers there are very sincere. Policy rules are repetitively posted around the store so there's no reason to slander someone's reputation over petty and personal issues. Get real.
By: Betty R.
I really enjoyed shopping here. The area feels really safe and it's one of the nicest Walmarts I have been to. The store is really clean and looks modern and a little different in the front. There is only one entrance but it's a smaller store so it works. I would recommend this location to travelers because it's easy to get to and had nice, normal shoppers.
By: Nancy N.
Saigon Cargo
I ship stuffs to my family in Viet Nam very often. Maybe one for every two month cause my mom needs ensure powder milk in Viet Nam. I am a regular customer of Saigon Cargo and those people there very helpfull, friendly and nice to me. Shipment always on time except the end of the year. Cant expect more around that time. Very helpfull people.
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By: Raymond W.
Prince Dollar
Every time I need something, I shop Amazon and then Walmart, but I always end up finding this stores carries the product I need for ONE DOLLAR! Unlike other so-call Dollar stores (sells $1-$50 item), this place has everything for just ONE DOLLAR!!! Amazing how they can sell things for $1 and still in business this day...

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