By: takeair
Take Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning Specialists LLC.
Takeair has served the Greater Houston and Dallas Ft. Worth Areas for many years. We pride ourselves on our service and professionalism. We cater to an array of services and attempt to satisfy our customers to the fullest extent. Furthermore, these allegations truly distress us as a whole and we wish to clarify them henceforth.We provide our services with fully trained and certified technicians. All of our trucks are labeled with company logos and information and all technicians are uniformed thusly. Before working with us all employees are given full background checks and they have been with us for many years. We are members of the BBB and NADCA and uphold their policies as well as ours. We at all times are and have been fully licensed, bonded and insured. We cannot operate otherwise. Our company license, which we invite all to research, has been in effect at all times TACLA20163E. Although, our company owner shares the first name of our technicians they are not one and the same person. We address this even though it is not pertinent to our service provided. Now addressing the issues concerning the services, HVAC systems and their corresponding ducts are subject to variation in cleaning. As with a car it must receive cleaning and maintenance of its components to ensure healthy indoor air environment as well as a finely tuned running system, If not maintained throughout the lifetime of the home, they are commonly encountered with mold, mildew, and layers of dirt dust and debris. Unfortunately, in these situations a basic cleaning more often than not cannot be conducted properly. It is the duty of our technicians to fully inspect the HVAC and duct system before commencing any work. If any coupon or basic cleaning advertisement cannot be conducted the customer is given a full estimate on what each individual system needs.We urge the general public to become more informed. We offer detailed information on our websites and you can search and educate yourselves on many sites. Now with carpets, it is also important for annual cleaning to maintain its’ appearance and cleanliness. We also must address that if carpets suffer from pet stains or spills or water damage enough to reach the carpet pad, and not addressed properly, can further damage your carpet if professionally cleaned.If any customer has any complaint or dissatisfaction our company prides itself on responding and resolving these situations as quickly and efficiently as possible. TakeAir has serviced thousands of residents all over Houston/Dallas/Ft. Worth to their satisfaction and it is unfortunate for those few who are the exception. However, to these exceptions TakeAir will remedy each situation to the best of our capabilities. We are sincere in our service and will strive to continue every day. Thank you for your consideration, time and business as well as all comments from our customers.Sincerely,Mor Izhaki GMTakeAir Duct & carpet Cleaning Specialists, LLC.
By: shulaces
Clean Air America
Having recently had our air ducts & carpets cleaned by Clean Air America, we began to research ways to lower our electricity costs before the Houston summer heat began to take its toll - our energy bills during summer 2012 were ridiculous. So glad we followed our instinct of going back to Clean Air America. They helped us evaluate our home energy consumption with old A/C unit & the energy bills we experienced from last summer. Quick comparisons were made to illustrate the savings we would see after replacing our old unit with new higher efficient 16SEER unit. The proof is definitely in my Reliant bill, already seeing a positive return. Just judge for yourself: May 2012 electric bill = $538...May2013 electric bill = $110!!! My wife & I are were completely happy with the choice to use Clean Air America, feels good to share the news of their great service with our friends & neighbors...especially anyone else who might have an older home, older A/C unit, etc. Totally helps budgeting for our growing family! Another plus with Clean Air America was our receiving a personal visit from the owner to follow-up after the installation - we shared our energy bill that proved he was right about the cost savings, confirming our unit will likely pay for itself within the next 2 summers. My neighbor was also impressed by the owner's visit...their sure to receive the same great service. Now when our guests come over during heat of summer we can enjoy cool low temps inside while the Houston humidity does its thing. Thanks again Clean Air America!
By: Info@speedryusa.com S.
SPEED DRY Air ducts & Carpet Cleaning
This company did WONDERS in my home. I was very impressed with them as i have used a different company before and swore i would never do that service in my home again, i went against my gut a year after my first bad encounter with another company, & am glad i did. When i called to schedule, someone answered the phone right away, she was very pleasant & knowledgable , she answered all my questions and even let me know of a discount they were offering at the time which saved me $149.00!!! So i was happy about that from the get go. When the tech showed up at my house, he greeted me and introduced himself and his helper. they went through the home adn did an "inspection" to let me know exactly what they were going to do and let me know of other things that they could do if i agreed. they wernt pushy or forceful for me to purchase mroe service, they just let me know and went on about their business. in the end i was extremely pleased and will definatley ve using them annually to clean my ducting and will probably use them for their carpet cleaning services too if they are as good as the duct cleaning. The company was great and very knowledgable and ON TIME, no hassle, no forceful sales, just did they work and left.
By: Jeniffer O.
Extreme Air Duct Cleaning and Restoration
The guy from extreme came over today to clean my carpets and tiles.Sam and Jaime were the technicians that completed the work. I must say that I didn't expect everything to come out from the carpet and I was told by the Sam that most likely some of the spot are a permanent stains. They did try their best to remove the spot and most of them did came out. Jaime said that the spots left on the carpet are discoloration from the dog's urine. I gave them 5 stars because they showed up on time, worked really hard on my carpets and bathroom floor tiles, and the price I paid was less then what I was quoted over the phone by KIWI and Sears.I think that I will use them again next year and I would recommend to give them a try.
By: gmmy123
Kiwi Carpet Cleaning
I would highly recommend Kiwi carpet cleaning to anyone! I have used several other companies and they are by far the best one I have used, both for their service and professionalism as well as they are competitively priced. I had stains that the Kiwi cleaning tech was able to remove that other cleaning services were unable to. The cleaning solutions used also smell wonderful and are non-toxic, which was a concern for me since I have a toddler. And finally, I would also recommend them because of their pricing special; if you schedule a carpet cleaning before the yearly warranty expires you can have the same rooms cleaned for a fraction of the price (I think it is $4 for each area for me). I recommend them to anyone!
By: faithful2kiwi
Kiwi Carpet Cleaning
I have pets! And having a great carpet company that knows how to rid of my pesty smells is an essential because I love to throw gatherings and entertain. I now have a baby and it couldn't mean more to me than to know my carpet is safe and clean. Kiwi has provided me with excellent service every single time. They don't flood my carpet with water....they use some type of cool system that gets all the odors and stains out very easily. Everytime they finish my carpet smells and looks fresh. Just recently I used them to move from one house to another and I was able to get my complete deposit back because my carpet area was soo nice...and I have pets! Amazing....they are my #1 carpet company...I will use them forever!
By: wishsomewrotethis
Take Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning Specialists LLC.
A few quick thoughts I wish I had seen:1. Unless you can see dust shooting out of your vents, duct cleaning is probably not worth the $1,000 it will cost2. If you are having problems with air quality in your house, try the following first2.a. Call an AC guy to check your evaporator coil to make sure it is clean2.b. Replace your vacuum filter, and revacuum your house2.c. If suspect mold, and AC is clean, open up your air ducts at the registers, buy a $10 anti mold spray from HomeDepot, and spray them downMost likely, any air issues can be fixed for less than $100, if you just give it some thought. Wish I had known this first before wasting time and money on this other stuff.
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By: Jack H.
Extreme Air Duct Cleaning and Restoration
I have 4 A/C units at my house and was looking for a company that could have all the ducts cleaned at my house at the same day. Extreme air duct send over 2 trucks with 4 technicians and they did a wonderful job!!! The guys showed up 3 minutes before the scheduled time and within minutes started the work. They didn't take any shortcuts and you could tell the deference with the air flow and the air quality as soon as they finished. After checking with 3 other companies I learned that the price I paid was very reasonable for the size of my house. I'm very happy with the services and the price and will defiantly use this company in the future for all my cleaning needs.
By: ashley.issa.3
missa cleaning services
i hade tile in my house , i will say its around 40 years old i called kiwi cleaning to clean my tile and they charge me $ 650 for 500 SQF and after they done my tile was the same they didnt do a good job so , my friend told me about missa cleaning services he said they make his tile like new any way ,i called them and i swaer you wont beleive i am soooooooooooo hapy my tile and my grout look like new and they charge me $ 385 and the also sealed my grout i will say missa know what they doing the are profistional i will reccomended this company for you good job afordable price thank you missa i will call you for my air duct cleaning soon
By: pwhe005
Kiwi Carpet Cleaning
I am a returning Kiwi customer. I had been cleaning my carpets myself. The cost of renting the machine and cleaning products plus the time it took me to clean the carpets no longer is cheaper than Kiwi for me. Kiwi cleans my carpets much faster than I can. I got two puppies last year. The tech Kiwi sent out was professional and courteous. The tech vacumned, moved furiture. The tech did a great job. The carpets were cleaner that I expected. The house smelled so clean. It made me feel so good to have clean carpets, I will get this service for the rest of the year. A great way to start off the New Year!!

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