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By: Marcella W.
Cypress Family Guidance Couseling
This place is absolutely terrible. I followed all of their instructions on their website and still got no where. I was already anxious to make this appointment and have really struggled lately. The poor quality of service just adds insult to injury. After muddling through the confusion instructions on the website, I called my insurance, paid the $3 fee to access the patient portal and filled out the information requested and scheduled an appointment. I was so proud of myself and felt good. That evening I received the new patient packet which was very confusing to fill out and nothing was explained in terms of using the electronic signature. I asked a friend to help and messaged the counselor back in hopes to get more information because scouring the website gave zero results. I wouldn't have asked if I had found my answer on the website. I received a message basically telling me that the information I needed was on the website and another message mentioning that although in network, they may not be able to help me because of one thing or another that I did not understand. Fast forward to a day later and I received a request for more information regarding the message they sent about the insurance information. You'd think a business, especially one for mental health services, would have better etiquette and more compassion. None of my questions were answered. Because I was so desperate I even asked friends to help. They, as well, tried to call to no avail and were sent to voicemail 4 times. Along with this, they state that the office doesn't even listen to their voicemail messages. Why even set one up in that case? Honestly one of the worst experiences I have ever had and if I were someone needing mental health services, I would NOT waste my time on this place.However, I am thoroughly surprised that after messaging the online portal and cancelling my appointment, I finally received communication and it seems things are getting worked out.
By: michellewongnewyork
Span Tran Educational Services Inc
FIVE STARS, EXCELLENT!!!Five stars services!!!! Excellent customer services support, prompt response to emails, speedy delivery, highly recommended. I am given a list of 20 companies to evaluate my qualification by the State government. For, the online form is very friendly to use, it guides you one step after the other. (The only complaint is that the online form does not provide a save function. It means that you cannot come back next day to finish your form filling, you need to start from the beginning.)I sent my online form and payment in Aug 26 and received my evaluation report by Sept 10. In fact, it could even have been earlier if not because of my mistakes. To cut the story short, I checked out and paid without click on a verification service. I emailed them a day after and got an reply and a phone followed up of my inquiries. Then the credential analyst, Marianne T Lee was especially helpful in the whole process, I am so impressed with her prompt response and fast services.For my case, I ordered a general analysis for my qualification in Hong Kong and Britain. The price is the most reasonable one among all. For customers who are looking for qualification verified, I think the most important point is looking a strong customer support and prompt response from the company. Thus, has both, highly recommended. I am one of the happy customer!!! Thank you.
By: wp5117
Peter Cousins PhD ABPP
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Cousins. I saw him for about a year and I found him to be very knowledgable and insightful. Dr. Cousins helped me with anxiety, depression, and childhood trauma. He had a way of explaining things to me in a way I could understand. What I liked most about his style were the practical exercises he recommended, especially for dealing with anxiety on a daily basis. I also appreciated his relaxed, open, and nonjudgmental attitude. It was clear that his ultimate motivation was helping me become more centered, whole, and alive. I definitely made huge progress while seeing Dr. Cousins. If I still lived in Houston, he would definitely still be my therapist. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a good psychologist.
By: Ivan S.
English Express
A Physical Therapist from India June 15, 2015Hi Karl,Finally, I received my TOEFL result and got the magic score - 27 on the speaking section.My total score is 94. Reading 23, Listening 22, Speaking 27 and Writing 22.I wanted to thank you, Karl for all your help. I reached to my goal because of your consistent encouragement and comments on my grammar. You even pointed out my small mistakes on articles which helped me to purify my speech. I appreciate all your help.Thank you once again, English Express!Nirali Parikh
By: Julie N.
Span Tran Educational Services Inc
I never write reviews but I was looking up an address from my friend to drop his document and came across this page and I felt I must. I submitted requests two other companies on the NACES list and gave up on both of them. One was essentially non-responsive for seven months!! I have been in the process of challenging the charges to other two companies. My friend recommend I try SpanTran. I made on appointment in New York. They told immediately what was needed. I got my evaluation my email a week later (I did not even request rush service) and by post a few days after! WOW!
By: Jazzy E.
Love Grows: The Relationship Consultants
I truly appreciate Love Grows's organic approach to its universal agenda, no matter which of it's varied faucets it expresses through. The energy is always congenial, yet so profound.. and very relevant to real life. I recommend anyone in pursuit of a new revelation and perspective on life & relationships, to at the very least, connect with Love Grows. Follow their voice and witness the evolving effect their core mission has on everyday hearts and relationships. The seeds they've plant are indeed blooming and the world is a better place because of it! Seriously.
By: pernillah5
Love Grows: The Relationship Consultants
Love Grows in an awesome business! Ms. Granado takes LOVE to another level by taking an extensive look into LOVE and its origin. She is able to apply LOVE to all walks of life. The energy and excitement that is transferred and downloaded into your spirit after a simple conversation with her will change your outlook and perspective on life in general. I highly advise for anyone seeking to be uplifted, in need of reassurance, or simply have a desire to share joy with another creature who gets what LOVE is about visit LOVE Grows.
By: Rachael V.
Love Grows: The Relationship Consultants
Love Grows is a wonderful exemplification of dream-living and a purpose fulfilled. To see the growth of founder's, Misha Granado, seed of an idea turn into a fully fragrant, brightly colored blossom of a reality is inspiration enough. The mission and work of this agency become's honey on top, as it offers the tools and strategies to reconnect each client with the power of (self) LOVE. There is no greater power, and Love Grows has become a successful contributor to and ambassador of the love movement. BRAVO!!!
By: mirror_mirror
Luv-N-Care Learning Center Too
This is a GREAT daycare! My children have been coming to this daycare for about 9 years! Since they were infants! I wouldn't trust any other daycare with my children! The staff is friendly and they care about the children. They always make sure to keep the parents involved; and the children feel welcomed! My daughter loves her teachers! Management and staff are very personable! The center is clean and well maintained; your childrens safety and happiness are their number 1 priority!
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By: drbarryrev
New Beginning Worship Center
Living Word Church has no affiliation or association with FAMILY BIBLE CHURCH. Living Word was founded in 02/06 by Dr. Barry Lee and is only known by Living Word Church.This may be the only church in the Indian Wells Valley-Ridgecrest area that allows all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit to operate, and encourages it! It also may be the only truly inter-racial church in the area with more than 50% African-American and the rest a mixture of White, Hispanic, etc.
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