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By: My N.
Enclave At Copperfield Greystar Management
Talking about The Enclave at Copper Field Apartments, I would say three points: Great Customer Service, flexible Rental Policies, and Care for Residents.1- Vanessa Flores, Director of First Impression is the real Brand Ambassador for this apartment complex. Nearly one year ago, when I looked for an apartment that suited my family’s budget, I found the Enclave at Copperfield which was near my previous apartment, just 3 minutes away by car. When I first met Vanessa in her office, she offered me with her genuine and natural smile.Knowing my need to look for a 2-bedroom and 1-bathroom apt, she actively introduced me everything related to this type: from the surface, apt comforts, form of monthly payment to other fees, parking and other public benefits. She was very proactive, kind of “thought reader”. I just sat there speechless and listened with satisfaction. The conversation took place in a natural manner making me feel comfortable and happy.2- Flexible rental policy is another great point that I found at The Enclave at Copperfield. While other apartment complexes around rigidly ask customers to show a copy of apartment insurance policy and electricity lease, these are not initial requirements here3- The Management Team really cares for residents. Parking overloaded is always a lasting problem for nearly all apartment properties. To deal with this “lasting” problem, the Management coordinated with Capitol Wrecker, a towing company, to control the number of cars parking daily. All residents’ cars should be registered, otherwise, they will be towed away at the owner’s expense. Thanks to this action, all “unregistered cars” suddenly disappeared from the parking area, returning empty parking rooms for entitled residents.I feel happy to sign another one-year contract with the Enclave at Copperfield. This is a great place to live, although it is just temporary. I strongly recommend the Enclave at Copperfield to those who may be interested in.
By: tranck
Hollywood Nails
The only reason this place didn't get 1 star is because everyone there was very nice. I came in with full expectations of walking out with stunning nails, but needless to say, that was not the case. I mentioned to the front desk lady that I wanted 3D fake nails. She kindly suggested solar over gel nails, so I went with it. I wasn't offered a design book to look at (although the FIRST thing I mentioned was that I wanted 3D. I thought this was odd but just went with flow. Fast forward, the lady who applied the nails (Kelly) was very nice. When she told me to pick out the 3D designs, everything I liked/wanted to get done couldn't be done because it was too late, it had to go under the solar powder. Well, thanks for telling me that after you've already applied the powder and let it set. I was a little sad (because these were my birthday nails and I wanted them a specific way) but decided instead to just do something simple. which was attach small rhinestones along the curved base of the nails. First of all, some of the nails had spots where it didn't have enough powder on top so the nail on the bottom was peeking through. Second of all, the rhinestones she attached on my nails were CROOKED! It looks weird because the crooked stones happen to be on my thumb, which is very noticeable. It was on a few other fingers, too. The nail shape was eh. I didn't get them very long, yet they looked unnatural and sort of like those duck nails, if I'm not mistaken. Some of the nails were also filed crooked. The only highlight was that my pedi was rather okay, I didn't have uneven white tips or anything but she did file my big toe sort of crooked. The tab wasn't cheap and I would have been okay with it had it been excellent work. I was extremely disappointed. If I come back, I will ask for Hannah. Seems like everyone is raving about her.
By: Carlv M.
Chateaux Dijon
I have lived at Chateaux since 2007. I love it here! Why? Because your not just another tenant or an apartment number. They know you by your first name. They care about their residents as if they were family. As a tenant/ office team we've helped other tenants having difficulty in one way or another whether it be a ride to the grocery store or Lakewood to checking on a neighbor, friend, fellow dog walker you haven't seen in a few days. The familiarity is what attracts me and keeps me here as a tenant. My prices go up like everyone else's and I vow to do whatever it takes to be able to continue in my beautiful cozy apartment. I have lived in four units and it's my experience no two units are exactly alike! Unique! I have never been robbed and my vehicle has never been broken into but it doesn't surprise me that it has happened. It's happens everywhere folks. There are some lazy pet owners that do not pick up after their dogs BUT there are dog bag stands all over the property. I have no problem picking up another dogs doo doo as well as my own dogs doo doo but hey that's me! Laundry rooms are everywhere. Maintenance comes in a timely manner. Often you'll find me in the clubhouse eating popcorn provided by Chateaux, surfing the internet on one of 6 computers. Gloria, Wayne, Eric, David and the blonde lady are wonderful. I love them and call them my friends
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By: Ivy T.
Ral's Fine Catering
I was referred to Ral by my wedding planner, Linda Stewart. I was very impressed of the different variety food Ral got to offer, not to mentioned the prices were right too. To be honest, I did speak to several other vendors before I decided to go with Ral. At first, my reason for chosing Ral was because his price was very reasonable compared to other vendors that I have talked to. However, I soon to find out that not only was the price was reasonable, but the food was very delicious as well when I went to the food tasting. Ral was very down to earth and was not pushy at all when we met. He was very detailed when explaining to me what was on the menu that I have selected and what will works best for my theme. Ral was very patience with us when it comes to scheduling the food tasting. At first, we had to reschedule the food tasting a couple of times because of my fiancé unexpected work schedules. Then, later we had to change the date on Ral again because we were dealing with a death in our family. Not to mentioned, we changed the menu on Ral at the last minute (to be exact, two weeks before our wedding date) due to our budget. Ral went way above and beyond for us and we really thank him for being so patience and work with us through all of these. Our wedding is 3/14/15 and I am so looking forward to eating the food again.
By: Stephanie W.
Lavish Looks Salon & Nail Bar
I had a great experience at Lavish Looks. I initially found them on instagram and made a decision to give them a try after I had some horrible experiences with "instagram famous hairstylist" that don't care about there customer. I was greeted as soon as I walked in and everything was clean. My stylist Ra was so nice and had great customer service. I'm very big on customer service wherever I go , the owner and everyone else was so nice they all spoke and it was a peaceful experience. I usually hate going to salons because of my bad experiences but I can tell they take their consumer seriously here at Lavish. Ra asked me exactly what I wanted and how I wanted my curls to look and made sure it was done properly. She gave me the best closure sewin I ever had and I've had plenty. She's patient and knows what she's doing. I had no idea how my experience was going to be when I first booked but I'm extremely pleased. Ra is now my go to and permanent hairstylist I won't go anywhere else. I have a lot of hair and she managed to get my closure so flat its crazy. My bf loves it and I do too. Not sure if what people experienced in the past , but you can tell everyone in that salon has stepped their game up. They won themselves a loyal customer. Please ask for Ra when booking , very knowledgeable, talented and funny!
By: T. D.
Chateaux Dijon
I do remember what they were like before the renovation and still I will stand behind recommending them to anyone else. I have had 3 friends move in the apartments who have either married or moved away for work and we still talk about the days we all lived there. I constantly have comments from visitors on how quiet and peaceful the apartments are. And I agree I live near the castle and I am not sure if I even have neighbors since I dont hear them. With that said, it has very friendly neighbors and it never fails that I am being waved hello or someone is saying good morning/afternoon as I pass them by when I am walking around. (I dont know them but its always nice to see a smiling face) I am not sure how many kids live in the complex but I have not seen many, but I can count them with one hand. DOGS! very cute ones too! they have dog friendly areas all around the complex. I know what the apartments looked like before and after and I can say they are a HUGE improvement, aesthetically speaking. Its unfortunate that some have not had my experience with these apartments, all I can say is that I have lived in other apartments and NONE have been perfect, but if you are looking for longevity and place to call home. (like I have) Chateux has it!
By: sunshine408
Villages of Briar Forest
If you are considering this Villages of Briar Forest as your next apartment complex you may want to check out their policies on parking before you sign a lease. All visitors who do not have a permit permanently affixed to their car must park outside of the gates provided that they are lucky enough to get one of the few parking spots, approximately twenty parking spots for the over two hundred units in the complex, that are outside of the gate. Which means all of your guests will have to enter a code and walk through a large, dimly complex to reach your apartment. If they have to carry anything with them at all you will likely be meeting each your guests at the front gate and transporting them back to your apartment. Even if you have a frequent guest that you have a permit for they may have trouble parking anywhere near your apartment as the spaces within the gates are very limited as well, especially if you live towards the back of the complex. Should your guest decide to drive into the complex and park without a permit be forewarned that they are quite likely to be towed to the tune of $225 for a single day in the towing storage lot. If you do not plan on having anyone come to visit you this may be the apartment complex for you.
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By: Robert T.
Hillcroft Apartments
I am a single father with a 5 year old daughter and we have recently moved into 3737 hillcroft apts. I am pretty picky when it comes the safety and and well being of my child's surroundings and place we will call home. After researching and viewing many apts in the area and other apt complexes around I chose 3737 hillcroft apts. the office staff is very friendly and welcoming. Gabby Cardenas was an angel in the whole process of me determining where I was going to decide to make a home for me and my daughter. She went above and beyond the expectations I had received from other leasing offices and apt complexes in helping me get what I WANTED instead of what I had to settle for. (Unlike many other complexes I had previously viewed. She delivered on every promise that was made and some. She is a part of the NEW management company, Presidiumre, that has taken over on the complex and are doing great things already with the property. Can't wait to see what the future holds for me and my daughter as residents of this property. Highly recommend you give her a call and see what I am raving about. Make sure you ask for Gabby and I am sure you will be happy with the results!!
By: Darren R.
Estates Of Bellaire
My wife and I moved into this property back in 2012 for our first apartment together. It was operated under different management at that time and although they were all friendly, the Berkshire Communities (current staff) is very professional and definitely easy to trust them as your landlord. In three years we never had a service request go longer than 48 hrs to repair (emergencies were handled immediately as well). The neighbors are all nice and ideal for any individuals whether your single, married, have a family, etc. Their pet policy is aligned with other properties and they provide many dog waste baskets around the grassy areas on property. The only negative comments we could make is the main gate malfunctions occasionally so be cautious of it's actions, as well as their could be more lighting throughout the visitors / 4th floor of the garage and exterior parking spaces inside the community. The property was very safe and the area is perfect if you're looking to live inside the 610 loop / Galleria / Bellaire area. Overall, my wife and I would recommend this property to anyone and we really enjoyed our stay at the Estates at Bellaire from July 2012 - Nov 2015.
By: Stef S.
Chateaux Dijon
In all the years I have lived here, I have never had my car or apartment broken into. I realize I am responsible for my own safety. I do feel safe living here. But I also realize that I live in the 4th largest city in the U.S. and crime is everywhere. You just do what you can to not become a victim. I urge everyone that reads this to go to the Houston Police Departments website and pull up crime stats.for different zip codes and include 77056. You will discover that every part of Houston has crime. I have friends that live in the Woodlands, The Heights, Sugarland, Katy, Meyerland, and here, and they tell me the same thing, CRIME IS EVERYWHERE! Again, you do what you can to protect yourself because no one can promise you that they are there to protect you. When people here have had their cars broken into in the past, it has been reported that they had left expensive items in their vehicles. I really think it is unfair for people to make my home sound like the ghetto when it is not. Chateaux Dijon is a wonderful place to live. Its sad that some people have personal issues that make the whole world look sour in their eyes. Thanks for your time!

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