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By: citygirl435
China Bear
I absolutely love China Bear. It is an inexpensive buffet that really is your money's worth. The exterior of the place is fascinating. There's beautiful koi fish everywhere. Who ever bred them did an absolute wonderful job because there are over hundreds and they're all beautiful. Now onto the gift shop... They sell little knick knacks from jewelry to beautiful wooden structures. Granted it's not the best quality gift shop, but what do you expect. They're always interested finds like little crystals, chinese robs, and nice paintings. And lastly they're bamboo plants and bonsai plants are one of the best quality ones I can find in all of Houston. They're inexpensive and yet nicely grown and groomed. Every time I go I'm urged to buy another one lol. This restaurant is huge and so if their buffet options. They have lots of foods, from sushi, stir fry, crawfish, and now oysters. I went the other day and they're oysters were literally the biggest oysters I have ever seen. The food I personally think is delicious. It's not fancy, creative, and gourmet, but it's good, homey food. They have delicious mac n' cheese, green beans, fish, and more. People just need to understand that this isn't meant to be a five star restaurant. it's meant to be a family styled buffet that offers a bang for your buck. For less than twenty dollars per person, everyone is full and happy. There's even ice cream and desserts. China Bear is worth it and delicious, and I will stand by it forever because not only are my children and husband happy, my wallet is. Now the only cons I would say is the service. Most are Asian and cannot speak English very well, but all they do is give you your drink and occasionally fill it up. The food is all self- served, so I personally don't think their service is anything to cry about.
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By: Donna G.
China Wok
Great food poor service. Have been going here for a few years. There is a young man who has worked for them for some time. When they allowed him to work the floor as waiting staff is when the problem begin. He can be rude and rough and he smirks when it is pointed out to him. The owners haven't really noticed due to the fact it is a small business and everyone stays busy. He also was what I call really pushy when it came to two different tables ordering, instead of letting the people order what they wanted he insisted they order his way, changing what they had wanted to order and I not saying in a good way, he made them feel they didn't know how to order right, he couldn't do that to my family or me, and his attitude really got down right huffy. So sad good food clean, and reasonable. if I decide to order there again it will always be carry out. At least as long as he is still working there. I do miss the woman who often use to wait on us, now she had people skills.
By: Brianne B.
Ginger Wok
The food i get is usually pretty good. I love the cheese puffs. The meats are always good too but I pretty much stick to the same things. 1)sessami chicken/ or beef + peapods. 2)Orange chicken or beef 3)beef and veggies (forgot the name) 4)sweet and sour shrimp (a favorite) my thing is that after the first time I ordered peapods with the one dish and they were good and fresh every other time they tasted pickled :(p and I can't eat them I also don't care for the onions but that's not just there but every Chinese restaurant I have ever eaten at. Overall I like this place and will keep ordering their food. Oh and I am not giving up on the peapods I will keep ordering them and ask for them fresh if I ever get them like that I will update review to 5 stars.
By: Doves K.
Kung Fu Tea
Delicious milk tea! I stopped by this place after lunch at the Sichuan place in the same plaza in hope of the sweet icy drink can wash down the spiciness. I was not disappointed.The Kung Fu Tea's interior was clean and there was a long line around 2 pm on Sunday. There were also a lot of teenagers hanging out in the store - in contrary to more family oriented "You know where" store across the plaza.The line moved pretty quickly and we ordered regular Kung Fu Milk tea. I was sold in the first sip - the tea was rich and came with subtle tea flavor. And their tapioca was so good! I've tried so many tapioca places in the Chinatown, most of them came out as uncooked/hard/too soft to chew. So I lowered my expectation, but the tapioca from the Kung Fu Tea place I ordered were cooked well, chewy, and sweet at the same time.
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By: Matthew S.
China Garden Restaurant
Dinner before a show. Waiter seemed distracted & annoyed. Ordered drinks and app's. Before we placed all our app orders he started to leave. Called him back to finish our order. Asked for spring rolls, all out. This was at 5:30 in the evening. I ordered a bourbon w/ice from the bar. Served in glass a little bigger than a shot glass not worth the price. Ordered lemon chicken as this what everyone raves on. No hint of lemon flavor at all. More sweet than anything. Would not be surprised if waiter got order wrong. Ate it anyway. Didn't have time to reorder. Waiter did not ask steamed or fried rice, brought fried. Egg roll good, not anything special. Might go again and order the lemon chicken and see what I get.
By: Tina T.
Golden Bamboo
I've living at these apartment since they open in 2011, no problem plus I've moved into a bigger space ( 4-bedrooms for guest room and computer room for $739 and month ). They never had a break-in and the complex is small with an onsite officer. They are selective on who they let to keep out of those bad renter (renters credit check). Don’t get me wrong the apartment as always full or goes quickly; meaning you may have to call every week( if you want to stay there). But that’s how it goes for a safe, quiet, and great location and reasonable rent. No complaints from my end and I will continue to live at Golden Bamboo Village 2 until I purchase a house.
By: Sally T.
House of Bowls
So I decided to give the scallion wings a try since a couple of people Yelp recommend it. And honestly the wings taste so basic like the ones from Lee's Sandwiches. But on the other hand the house special noodles w/ the agg on top was so flavorful & tasty. European fried rice was good but it was lacking in a way. The beef chow fun was super but don't get it in the sauce, my sauce was under cooked it looked like jelly, I suggest you order it dry instead. Service is horrible on weekends. I rather come on a weekday where it's empty and everyone is ready to serve you and the food won't be so cold. I rate this place 3-4 stars decent price for decent food.
By: Alpha Ω.
Chuan's Chinese Restaurant
Love spicy food? Then you're gonna LOVE this place. Chuan's is a traditional Szechwan restaurant. The decor if BEAUTIFUL, the smell of spices hit you the moment you walk in and everything I've ever eaten in this place could only be described as magnificent. If you're not INTO spicy food, don't worry, there are mild and even spice free dishes on their menu you're sure to love. The parking lot in front of the place is a hassle, but there is PLENTY of parking in the rear. Only issue with them? Tea for multiple people is EXPENSIVE as hell! Other than that. Go and enjoy.
By: Keo P.
Kung Fu Tea
Kung Fu Tea has quickly become one of my favorite boba spots in Houston. Though their cup sizes are slightly smaller and at a higher price than other locations, I just enjoy the taste much more. You can actually taste the flavor of your tea (wow, shocker) in your milk tea. It isn't overpowered by cream or sugar syrup. Also, the boba has a nice subtle sweetness to them! My go-to drink is the golden oolong tea/milk tea, depending on my mood.As for service, I've personally never had any problems with the employees here. They have always treated me nicely.
By: renafox1
Hong KONG Diner
We found this resturant just after moving into a loft in the area. It was late and the staff was exceptionally kind! We love eating there, not only because the food is prepared by a high quality, top notch chef, but also because the sweetest people working in it with him to present you with the very best in the tastiest food you will ever put in your mouth.Do yourself a favor and go to The Hong King Diner, get to know the staff and make it a regular place on your monthly meal schedule. you'll be glad you did!Rena

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