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By: lee_winters
Tex-on Motor Center
I had my 2000 Ford Excursion towed to Tex-on on August 30, 2012 to have my (long block) V10 engine rebuilt. When it was finished I was excited to have my truck working properly again! Prior to selecting Tex-on for the project I requested a "nickel tour" of their facilities and machinery. I was impressed with their technical knowledge of engines. They also offered to correct and improve on the flawed Ford modular engine design with the blown-out spark plugs with aftermarket spark plug inserts. I had requested that my engine block be painted Ford Blue when it was finished but noticed that there was a lot of over-spray of Blue paint which led me to believe it was painted after the reman'ed heads were installed. I thought the engine block would be painted after all of the block work was completed but prior to the heads being installed...but I guess not. Anyway, they are the professionals and that's they way it was completed. I was originally told that the entire process of rebuilding the engine would be a total of 5 days however it really took 2 weeks. I kind of figured it would take 2 weeks and it did. The engine is now only 2 weeks old rebuilt and everything appears to be working properly with no oil leaks to this as of this writing I am happy and would definitely recommend and use them again. They originally gave me a total of $4,300 that was printed on the invoice when I dropped it off and that is what it was when I picked it up. They didn't call me with any extras costs requirements so I was happy about that. Anyone can contact me at to personally confirm the above information. Also, I don't normally leave reviews for businesses, however, I feel that this was such a big job for the motor and they did it without any problems that I feel compelled to express my appreciation publicly.
By: zamboni411
AWT Motorsports
cannot say enough goods things about this place. I was one of their first customers and couldn't be happier with the turnout of my vehicle. I have a 1991 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo that lacked some TLC from a technician. It was a "toy" car for me and sat for several years as something was always wrong (clutch, battery, starter, injector, leaks, the list goes on). Heard from Mark that he was starting the Motorsports division over at American Wheel and Tire, so took the car over. Mark and Jeremy went over my car with a fine tooth comb. Replaced my suspension, injectors, cleaned out the engine and got all my lights working again! Picked up the car and it hadn't run this good in the 20 plus years I've owned the car!!! This is now my go to shop for anything and I have already sent them several customers. We are even talking about making custom parts for my 2013 CTS-V!!! Mark and Jeremy are a great team and I love their ability to multi-task and get stuff done in a timely manner AND make sure it is done RIGHT!!! I will be back again soon as we need to take measurements for the new goodies on the CTS-V!!!
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By: Stuart M.
Gas Head Motorworks
What a great place! After discovering a blown head gasket Clint brought my ’05 R53 MINI Cooper "S" back to life with a new JCW head, ARP Stud kit, Milltek header, all new gaskets were needed and did an absolutely phenomenal job. Worked on it like it was his own and corresponded with me on everything he did with great explanation. What’s great about GHM is that Clint was honest and told me up front that I didn’t need to replace some items even though I thought it may be necessary after reading too many forums. He did what needed to be done and saved me $$$ (for other necessary mods.. :-) ). I have since been back multiple times and my latest addition to my ’05 MCS was an awesome set of Öhlins coilovers and the installation of aluminum trailing arms from the newer R56 MINI which transformed the car. He just completed a full service on my ’06 GP and also will be doing all the maintenance on my new ’17 Subaru WRX. GHM comes highly recommended.
By: Dorthy L.
Tex-on Motor Center
I was having a rough day when I walked in. Let's just say when I left I was grinning ear to ear! Thank you so much, you all deserve a raise. Thank you so much again! You never know what life will bring you so think positive and do the right thing and everything else will work itself out. I was born in a small town in Alabama and grew up in a smaller town in Georgia, went to college and got married in New Mexico. My husband cant fix a car so I got to know the local mechanics real good. Now that I know a little bit about cars I take pride in the mechanics I choose. You guys should consider yourselves lucky that you are good at what you do, I have noticed through the years that just because you are a mechanic doesn't mean you know what you are doing. Thank you again! Please feel free to be proud of your work!Yours Truly,Mrs. Dorthy Lee-WatsonProud customer of the Tex-on Motor Center in Houston
By: Phil R.
Tex-on Motor Center
My name is Phil. I was having some engine issues with my Ford truck that I have had for a number of years. It was obvious that I was going to have to get some serious work done on it. My regular mechanic said he does not even repair these kinds of issues and that I needed to go to an elevated expert. I was referred to Texon Motor Center. It wasn't cheap, but it sounded fair. They did a great job and pretty quickly. But most importantly, my Ford is drive-able again. I need this truck and this kept me going, hopefully for years into the foreseeable future.
By: Angela J.
Tex-on Motor Center
I noticed a lot of good reviews for this place, so I brought my Honda here. We had an issue with the serpentine belt busting. We didn't notice that it happened until the entire engine shut down. But the car is only seven years old, so we thought it would be worth our while to have the experts rebuild our engine. It took about 10 days and they were able to get a newer engine installed in the Honda. They treated us fairly, and I can say that it cost a little less than we thought it would. We recommend them to others.
By: Jen J.
Tex-on Motor Center
Saw an ad for this place and we needed to get some work done on a 6-yo car. It went down like this. They took a look at what needed to be done. Then they gave us a price quote and said they would tell us if the price went over that. They did give us a call and said the price would be slightly higher. Then they explained why. So we said okay, that's fine. Let's do it. They fixed the car and haven't had any issues. This was about a month ago.
By: Johan B.
Tex-on Motor Center
I brought my car here after my neighbor saw me fumbling around under the hood of my vehicle and recommended this place. lol. Turns out my neighbor knows me too well and thought I should get some help. I like to make my own repairs in order to save money, but this time the guys at this place were able to get the job done quickly and at a very reasonable price. I might go back next time I have a job I may not be able to get done myself.
By: kelkeenum
Tex-on Motor Center
My name is Kel, and my car was flooded out last year. I put off getting it fixed or just totaling it. I decided to see if these guys could help. They gave me a price quote on a new engine and told me how long it would take to repair it. I said to go ahead and do it. They finished the job within the time frame presented and they got my car running again. I still have to deal with having a flood title, but that's ok. My car runs.
By: Q B.
Tex-on Motor Center
I've been to a lot of places over the years, some good and some not so good. But this place is definitely one of the good ones. They strike me as quite honest fellas and they get the repairs done. Yes, they want to be paid for the parts plus labor... but that's how it should be. They show you exactly how the costs are broken out and they know what they are doing. Check these fellas out.

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