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By: Ron S.
S & S Exotic Animals Inc
I found S&S exotics on line in 2014. I was looking for gliders, I told Susan what I was looking for breeders. I have been breeding Gliders I have purchased from her for 3 years. If she told me something was 100% het to cramino it was. My experience with S&S exotics has been without any negatives. Their prices and quality have been MY "gold standard". As a matter of fact, I'm going to call her for some STO's right now. One more thing, the lady with the flapped neck chameleon. That was your fault for not doing your homework on the animal. That is your responsibility as a pet owner. They usually become egg bound because they have not been offered a suitable place to drop their eggs. Pet stores sell animals, NOT PETS! That is up to you. Thank you S&S exotics. Independent pet stores are the reason I love and breed animals to this day.
By: Jeanette B.
S & S Exotic Animals Inc
Three​ days ago I purchased a flap neck Chameleon from this company at Repticon. I have a female Veiled Chameleon and was looking for a male. I had been looking into getting a flap neck and to my surprise they had one. I talked to the gal who was running the booth and asked which one was a male since I didn't know the signs on this type of chameleon. She assured me the one I was getting was a male and I instantly purchased "him". I had picked this one because it had looked healthy and bigger than the others. I had purchased a set up prior and was excited to get him home. I posted pictures of my new Chameleon on a chameleon group I follow and was instantly​ told by many that the male chameleon was indeed a female and looked ready to lay eggs.Due to having a female already, I knew I needed to give her a lay bin. I put it in her enclosure and she never touched it. I came out this morning to find her hanging upside down by her feet and tail and changing green to an unusual yellow color. I took her out, held her for a bit and put her back with food. With in a short period time she died. They didn't offer proper care of this poor animal and she became egg bound and died. I am heart broken that any one would treat animals so poorly. And not only that, but sell them to others. I wish I had only read a review of this company prior to buying. Please read all reviews. They do not offer a guarantee on their animals because they are confident they are healthy. This is their response to"what type of guarantee do you offer?"I would never purchase from this place ever again, especially after reading the reviews of how poorly the animals are kept, how dirty it is and how many are sick or with parasites. Never buy from them!
By: Nevia M.
S & S Exotic Animals Inc
DO NOT BUY ANIMALS FROM THIS PLACE!!! I recently purchased a kenyan sand boa from these guys. It was my frist snake and i was extremely excited. i had all the things needed to care for it, read up and watched every youtube video on the care of these reptiles. I got to chose which one i wanted and i asked to hold a few of them. already i had seen one of their snakes that looked diseased and crooked and i was a little taken aback by it but i was really excited to get my first snake so i blew it off. after choosing one and taking my snake home he ate after the first week of having him. after that he just refused to eat. i would call S&S and tell them and they'd say "bring him in and we will take a look at him" but every time i brought him (which was a good 45 min drive) they would only throw in a live pinky and cut either its head or his leg and let me on my way. now i felt very uncomfortable with the cutting of the mice but i felt that they knew what they were doing. my snake would still not eat the mice and then id be stuck with a live mouse all cut up and i would have to discard it myself. also, they had no idea how to take care of this snake. i brought pictures of how i have his tank setup and at first they told me "you have it too hot" and told me to take off the heat lamps. then a few weeks later told me "you have it too cold" and told me to add a heat lamp and heat pad.. i was beyond confused and worried for my snakes health. today, my snake passed away and ive only had him for like 3 months. this has been the worse experience and I do not recommend them to anyone.
By: Leslie S.
Loving Arms Pet Placement
This is the worst experience I have ever had in adopting a cat and really doesn't deserve one star. They were very nice and lulled me into getting an unhealthy cat that died 5 months later. First of all, they hadn't looked at the medical records, and told me the cat was 4 when when it was really 7. Also the cat sneezed a bit and Libby (watch out for either her or Barbara) downplayed the sneezing. The first vet that we took her to said she had an upper respiratory infection that she had for at least a year. Then we wanted a second opinion and took her to another vet when her health started deteriorating for a second opinion. He did blood work and said that it's either cancer or feline leukemia in the bone marrow and these diseases don't happen overnight. We were just about to spend a ton of money on more tests and she died. Libby and Barbara don't have a clue about their pets. Just because a cat has had a recent rabies shot and doesn't currently have leukemia, doesn't mean they're healthy. Also, they didn't give me the medical records until after I got the cat. That's not right. You can't trust them. For Libby to downplay the cat's sneezing and then supposedly not know the cat's age and then not offer to show me the medical records before I adopt the cat, speaks volumes for how poorly run and classless an operation it really is. STAY AWAY!
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By: Lisa S.
Took my 3 month old yorkie to get groom on 9/9 2016. noticed redness in eye took dog back to groom... they took dog next door to banfield and said dog developed cherry eye.. a "PROJECT manager" not vet. On Saturday it became worst.. called location BANFIELD closed for weekend.. Lack of vets (hmm) spoke to TOM the store manager on Saturday was told he will find out what happened and call back.. NEVER DID (1). called on Sunday spoke to James he don't know anything about the situation called on Monday spoke to James he still cannot reach tom, but nothing he can do... I received call from ban field saying that they told the "project manager" to set an appointment to be seen but they don't have any appointments now until Wednesday(14TH). (3) finally received call on Wednesday from tom.. Excuses his (significant other in the hospital) but if I can come in on Thursday at 7am they can see dog. My dog had surgery at my vet 700+ still no resolution from store over week 9/9-9/17
By: Jeremy D.
S & S Exotic Animals Inc
My wife bought a Sulcatas(tortoise) from them and not only was given no information on care but was also sold equipment for a habitat that was not right. We only found out thru researching on our own after we got him home. They couldn't even tell her the sex of the tortoise which was very easy to tell if you simply turned it over. Very incompetent on what they sell and apparently only care about the dollar. I would NOTsuggest for anyone to buy anything from them. If I could give zero stars, I would.
By: Stu K.
Ready Pet
This vet clinic is friendly, knowledgeable, reasonably priced, and efficient. Very experienced vet. They really helped my cat, Oreo.
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By: Wendy P.
Haute Pets
Vanessa And Priscilla rock! Thank you ladies for your fine work. Houston pets love the job and pampering from you two.
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By: Dolly B.
Very quick an polite. Also listened patiently to what I needed to know. Answered all my questions. Even giving me all the services they provide and the rates. I liked them very much. So made an appt. ����✔����
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By: Stephanie O.
The second awful pet smart location for pet groomers. They are not polite never smile. I walked in to drop my dog off and the lady never smiled or greeted me just asked what my dogs name. I waited for the gentleman I spoke to and he asked the lady if she can bathe my dog and she closed her eyes as if it was a bother to her. I told them not to worry I won't bring my dog here ever again. Since it seemed such an inconvenience to them.
Tips & Advices
Pet owners usually sign a waiver stating that any injury or illness a dog suffers while at daycare is the responsibility of the owner. However, most facilities carry liability insurance and pet business insurance in the event of a serious incident. To prevent illness, facilities are strict about requiring proof of vaccination and general health from a veterinarian prior to accepting a dog. However, in an off-leash setting, scuffles or fights might occur. Reputable facilities will often hire vet assistants who can treat minor injuries and under-the-weather dogs.  For anything more serious, a good daycare should make it a priority to get the dog to a vet, and get in immediate contact with the owner.

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