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By: David C.
K & N Appliance Sales
Bought all my appliance at K & N . That was 14 years ago. Still trouble free. Oh my washer and dryer to. And my daughters dishwasher. All working smoother than silk. David C.
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By: Terry D.
Peter's Appliances
Bought four appliances from them two years ago , when I first got my house and there still working great!! Vast inventory to choose from, and great prices, and thank you Mr peter for the good deal on the freezer.
By: Rizzo F.
K & N Appliance Sales
K & N Sales is a dream destination to buy kitchen cabinets. They have provided the best quality product for my kitchen. I recommend K & N Sales to those who are planning to remodel their kitchen.
By: Alistair A.
Ericks Resale Shop
Avoid completely, they sell nothing but junk. I bought two washing machines from them, and both of them inevitably broke down; which they blamed us for when they stated we were "overloading" them and not using them properly. This is despite the fact that only two people live in my household and we don't do heavy laundering.The last one I bought from them was in December 2016, and the woman gave me a 4 month warranty on it. After four months, the washing machine transmission gave out so the spin dry function was not working properly and the clothes were soaking wet after washing. I called them and asked them if they could help me since the machine was out of warranty, and they said I would need to pay $175 plus taxes to get it repaired, and it would take 5 to 7 days. This was almost the price of the actual washing machine itself.Now this to me was unacceptable, because no way in hell was I going to give them any more of my money so they could give me junk in return. Plus spending that much money on a used washing machine is nonsensical. What they should have done is either given me a partial refund, or fixed it free of charge.I understand that when I buy used appliances I am taking a risk. But when not one but TWO washing machines break down just a few months after buying them, they were nothing but junk to begin with. In hindsight, I should have known that they were selling junk because the first washing machine I bought from them had so much dirt and gunk inside of it, that it had to be cycled several times to clean it all out before you could wash clothes in it. A hard lesson learned, so I am posting this review to make sure that other people don't fall into the same trap that I did. There are better places to buy used appliances from, and Eric's resale shop isn't one of them. The only positive thing I can say about them is that they honor their warranties, so if you feel the need or want to buy something from them, make sure you get the "extended" warranty because there is a significant chance that what you buy, will end up crapping out a few months later.
By: salazarnelson
ALERTA ALERTA STOPPPP.. Si quieres comprar un producto de mala calidad con la asistencia del peor y no prfesional equipo de respuesta para un problema de tu equipo que fue comprado hace 2 meses. Este es el lugar correcto Para aqui y pasa uno de los peores momentos de tu vida e impotencia debido a que no estamos hablando de un par de zapatos o un pantalon ES UN EQUIPO PESADO Y DIFISICIL DE MANIPULAR por eso una vez comprado es que te manipulan como quieren y recuerda nunca van a ir a tu casa como te lo prometieron en la garantia. Ya pagaste. Ya ellos tienen el dinero. Y ahora lo que estan es riendose de tus enojos.Si quieres mas info estoy en salazarnelson@hotmail.comHablo de la locacion del FM-1960 I-45. PERO COMO QUE SON IGUALES POR QUE LOS REVIEW SON MUY PARECIDOS.
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By: De'markus B.
M & M Appliance
Mrs Henderson Grandson here. Our family have been doing business with this company for over decade. We refer people here all the time. Excellent company do to business with at the right cost :)
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By: Ashland K.
Appliance Pros
Our home warranty company made us use these guys so we didn't have an option. If you have choice DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They stole our money for a new part, gave us an old broken part, and kept the new one. They are most likely unlicensed, judging by the fact that it's impossible to find them anywhere but on YP. They will not answer calls. They will not show up for appointments. They are just scammers and liars. Stay away if you value your money.
By: Monique R.
C & M Appliances Inc
Do not buy from this place. They sold me a refrigerator that lasted 2 month, swapped it for a different 1 that only lasted 2 weeks...
By: Hannah F.
Acceptance Appliance Center
Looking for quality appliances and exciting payment terms? Recommending this place for you. You'll not get disappointed.
By: Andrew P.
Peter's Appliances
Clean, refurbished appliances at affordable prices. Got a Kenmore washer and dryer set for $270. Its been 7 years since I bought the machines and they still work. Gonna get a set for my son's home, soon. Recommend Peter's Appliances to colleagues and friends.
Tips & Advices
No, a dishwasher does not have to be full to go through a washing cycle. It can be partially full, or empty, and still run through the wash cycle if started.
The most energy efficient time to run a dishwasher is night-time, which is categorized as “off-peak” hours by energy companies and will generally afford you a substantial savings in electricity costs. While the specific off-peak hours vary, you’re safe to assume 9 p.m.-7 a.m.—although if you want to be sure, you can ask your energy company.
There are many types of dishes that should not be washed in a dishwasher. Fine china and crystal are generally too delicate to risk going into a machine. Hand painted or gold leaf detail can come right off, and crystal will simply break. Wood utensils and cutting boards should not go in, because being subjected to hot water and for so long tends to warp the wood. Copper pots and pans will make it through just fine, but their beautiful sheeny surfaces may dull. And, finally, though you can certainly put jars and bottles with labels through the dishwasher, the labels will probably come off after just one cycle.
The best way to stack dishes in a dishwasher is to place them so that they can drain, and not be touching or overlapping in a way that prevents detergent or water spray from reaching them.  Never block the spray arms or the detergent chamber. The most important rule used to be loading plates and pans so the soiled side would face the water spray, but, with newer models of dishwashers, the water comes from all angles, so positioning toward the center spray isn’t a priority. Likewise, you don’t have to load glasses on the top anymore—though you should load plastics on top, as far as possible from the air heater.
It is not necessary to pre-rinse dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. In fact, many experts say you should not do so, because it can decrease the potency of the dishwasher detergent (which works by sticking onto food particles). Also, the latest-model dishwashers have “clean sensor” technology, and rinsed dishes might confuse the sensors.

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