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By: lilamoskovich
American Knights Moving & Storage
I just wanted to write to say thank you for the excellent service we received:They arrive on time and do everything in a very professional manner.They are very careful not to damage anything as well. Their service is very reasonably priced as well.they worked fast and without any problems.They stayed extra to help me arrange my furniture in my new placeI have nothing but good things to say about American Knights. We moved from the Galleria area out to the burbs and hired this company to handle it because, well, it's hot in Houston and I really didn't feel like moving everything myself. They arrived at 9:30am and after a quick chat with me to determine everything that needed to be done, they got to work. There were three guys and a pretty big moving truck. The guys spoke pretty good English and were professional in how they cared for my stuff. They had to take a queen bed and a king bed downstairs. We have couches, a dining room, dressers, the whole package but they moved quickly and efficiently. I felt a little lazy watching them work so hard, but I definitely got what I paid for. They knocked out the whole move in around 3 hours... YES, 3 hours! It was great! This was the least stressful move I have ever done. I don't have a whole lot of experience using movers, but I feel like I got a great deal. I would recommend these guys to anyone.We picked a Saturday morning to move, and they gave us a two hour window for when they would be there (pretty standard I think). They arrived at 9:30am and after a quick chat with me to determine everything that needed to be done, they got to work. There were three guys and a pretty big moving truck. The guys spoke pretty good English and were professional in how they cared for my stuff. They had to take a queen bed and a king bed downstairs. We have couches, a dining room, dressers, the whole package but they moved quickly and efficiently. I felt a little lazy watching them work so hard, but I definitely got what I paid for. They knocked out the whole move in around 3 hours... YES, 3 hours! It was great! This was the least stressful move I have ever done. I don't have a whole lot of experience using movers, but I feel like I got a great deal.the guys were really helpful and explain all of the information that I needed to know, and most important took care of all the stuff with care. I would recommend these guys to anyone.I was glad to find someone to get my new furniture for such a reasonable price. They moved my things carefully, swiftly, and intelligently. We could not have been happier with the servicemoving crew was courteous and their timing impeccable: the guys were working full steam ahead, quietly and did so for the rest of the day with no complaints. The crew was very nice and helpful,, and they really all know what they are doing. They wrapped everything, moved it all with no complaints and charged what I was quoted
By: brandon.mccleney
Texas Moving Center
Firstly, I'll admit that the movers were able to work within my budget and performed their job efficiently. However, they were over four hours late, and I never received a call to inform me they would be running late (I had to call myself every hour to get an update).The movers themselves, while able to perform the physical aspect of the job just fine, were completely unprofessional.-We were told on at least three occasions that they basically expect a tip (I was planning to anyway, but really?).-One of the guys was using profanity constantly and asked why we were moving from our apartment when we could see down girls tops at the pool downstairs.-The same guy also kept attempting to flirt with our good friend and neighbor. It got so awkward that we had to tell him she was our sister just to shut him up.-The hispanic gentleman constantly complained that we had "too much stuff". He also chose to take a break, which was fine, until he decided to sit his sweaty body on my furniture and rest his feet on my TV.-The hispanic gentleman also ignored our request that he get help lifting a 70-year-old chest. He was having trouble lifting it on his own, and we asked that he get help. He ignored us and continued on his own. While he did not damage it, we did not appreciate him risking our valuables. If I were rating them solely on their performance, I would give them 4 stars because they were very fast and efficient and stayed within our budget. However, they were completely unprofessional and made us feel uncomfortable enough to where we sat outside while they moved (just to avoid them).I wouldn't recommend them.
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By: Katherine C.
All Some Movers
My move was troubled from the beginning as result of divorce. Yuck. I called Darlene and discussed at length my concerns regarding privacy of my new address and possible hostile situation. She consoled and reassured me that they would keep my new address in confidence and their staff would take care of anything that came up. The day of the move the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. My soon to be ex wouldn't allow anyone in the house, not even the movers. About 30 minutes into the move, my ex began throwing my packed belongings down the sidewalk and driveway. The movers went into action literally running from the porch to the truck getting things loaded as quickly as possible. Unfortunately there were a total of three physical altercations with my ex all in attempt to remove my items from the house. Both gentlemen were very respectful of the situation, passed no judgement and didn't get involved. They remained respectful, even to my screaming irate ex, while removing the last of my things from the house. Gregory went above and beyond the job requirements entrusted to him by his employer. I will be forever grateful for people like him and companies like All-Some Movers. The following day I called Darlene to let her know what happened. She was loving and kind expressing her concern and passing along the relayed concern from Greg after he briefed her on the previous days events. This company will take care of my moving needs for the rest of my life. I couldn't have made it through this move without them. Hands down, they are the best moving company I've ever employed.
By: Kris K.
Moving Help Center
The positives were that the Moving Help Center was quick to find loading assistance for us with short notice. The downside was that we probably got their least professional contractor (I'd hope there's better out there working with MHC). The local contractor in Austin wanted first to come early, saying that they were free at the time. We weren't ready, though, and asked that they come at the scheduled time. At the scheduled time the contractor called to say that they were busy unloading things that "some lady had left on the truck for 4 days" and that they'd be late arriving. Had to call a few times to follow up; finally they showed over 90 minutes late. Three came - two men and a woman. Initially they worked but then I noticed that only one man continued to work. When asked I was told that the other guy felt sick but that the female was helping. Actually she wasn't doing much more than watching at that point. I felt like we paid for 2 guys and got the output of 1.25 guys. One hard working man (brother of the contractor) was still slow going, so I ended up carrying furniture and helping out as I was tired of how slow the process went.
By: Thai H.
Texas Moving Center
We hired them 2 weeks from move date. A couple of days before the move, we called to confirm date & time (from experience, this is very important); the owner said everything was set. The morning of the move, Harvey (one of the movers) called saying they were running a little late. I asked how long and he said about 20-30 minutes. When they (3 guys) arrived half an hour later, Harvey apologized and said that he would tell his boss what time they arrived, so I wouldn't be charged extra. We had about 20 large boxes, 15 medium boxes, a couple of sofas, and 3 queen + king beds with headboards. The guys took about 45 minutes to get everything in the correct rooms and helped me set up a couple of beds too (I guess they felt bad that they made me wait???). Overall, they did a pretty good job (didn't drop anything or scrape/dented my house). I guess with Houston traffic now-a-days, the delay wasn't too bad. I've seen some of the recent reviews...not sure what happened there (bad crew maybe); hope the owner took care of it.
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By: Rohini S.
American Knights Moving & Storage
thoroughly impressed with the service provided by American Knights Moving,used them for my recent move and will use them in the future! I recommend their services to ANYONE!!!!I personally thank Tanya for following up every single thing,assuring me, Kobi for his visual inspection and the movers Juan Flores,Jesus Arrieta and Roger were So very friendly! And Misti for regular updates about the dispatch And above all Jennifer, She did send me a restaurant card worth $ 50 ! Believe me they did buy me my dinner amidst my stressful move!On time with easy booking and smiley movers, they were extremely responsive and more than fair in working with usI had spoke with various movers to finalize the quote and had one company (TRANSIT MOVING SYSTEMS) which lied to me about the load I had and another(All Over the state Moving & Storage) who threatened that all the other company are worst and they will be never deliver on time , I'm glad that I didn't go with them!Thank you Tanya and Kobi!
By: Alvin W.
Houston First Movers
I have read some reviews where people complained about moving companies using too much packing materials adding extra money to the final bill. Some people even said that although most movers are efficient, their packing skills are not up to the mark. So, when I was moving, I decided to take some matters into my own hands. I packed most of my stuffs and labeled them before the movers from Houston first movers arrived. They arrived right on time and some of my stuffs were still unpacked. They helped me pack those up and frankly, I didn’t think they were as bad as the reviews claim them to be. In fact, they were way faster than me and more creative too. There isn’t much to do after being done with the packing. So they finished loading in just 1.5 hours. I had to pay them for the two hours minimum, which made me regret my theory of “pack yourself” a little. Anyways, we have safely moved to my new Apt and all my belongings traveled safely too.
By: Marvin C.
Houston First Movers
We are no newbies to relocation and our experiences with moving companies have always been less than great. They have always promised us easy and efficient moves but their men are never well prepared or skillful. For our last move we hired Houston first movers and frankly, we weren’t expecting them to be any different from the rest. Surprisingly, they were nothing like the others. Their quote was as expensive as others but they really excelled with the skills displayed by their movers. All 4 men were very experienced and organized. Usually, moving companies hire independent movers who have no coordination among them. But these guys were very team players. They worked tirelessly and efficiently around my house. All my things were packed and loaded with great precision. I was very impressed with these guys and will definitely hire them again.
By: kelseychaney
Houston 1 Movers and Moving
Great client benefit. If you require to move, telephone them next discuss your move with Daniel. I am not sure if he is usually like this with all of his customers, all I can say is he is the only representative I spoke to moreover I spoke with over ten different movers before I completed my choice, he made me feel like he thoroughly sensitive regarding my families personal desires, he worked with me on the payment options, described the whole moving situation to the smallest element. In general it was fun plus helpful to talk with this company. Except being one of the best estimates I received, the relocation was truly implausible. Got my families possessions over the weekend, the actual movers were also very professional and considerate. Give them a shot, I am relieved I did. Daniel, kept your word, and now it is my chance. Thanks you.
By: michellavaiev
American Knights Moving & Storage
I used them this past weekend. They are flexible, dependable, professional, courteous, conscientious,careful and just overall great people to work with. I work for a company that needs to hire movers on a regular basis. These guys always show up on time, with a smile - and ready to go! One of the best moving experiences I have ever had.They were FAST and CAREFUL with every item, and every detail.All our items were handled with care. I would trust them to move anything - even super fragile treasures or complex equipment.They were really reasonable $$... Staff were friendly, professional, and worked non-stop (with just a quick lunch break). Made the move a smooth, pleasant experience. I recommend these guys without reservation to anyone and will *totally* use them again for any moves in the future.Thanks,
Tips & Advices
Yes, it’s best to empty drawers, wardrobes and chests before a move. Items always get knocked around a bit, and doors can fly open even if they’ve been taped. In fact, more often than not, movers will want to remove the drawers from a dresser--or disassemble the wardrobe to be more space-efficient.
Yes, it is customary to tip movers, but the amount varies widely. For full-service moves, a 5 percent tip is suggested, although, for extra service, some people go up to 10 percent . For small local movers, you can give each mover $10 for a few-hour job, or $20-$40 for jobs that take longer.
A bill of lading is the legal contract for the move. It provides a detailed receipt, in addition to a contract between the client and the mover. It authorizes the mover to transport the goods from one specific point to another, and it outlines the exact scope of services, with cost breakdown for those services. It also provides an itemized list of the inventory, and carrier liability protection for each declared item. Finally, it specifies the payment arrangement. Make sure to go over your itemized list extremely carefully before finalizing the paperwork--and get a copy of the full document. A good mover will go over everything on the bill of lading with the customer.
There are several items that moving companies will not move – those items will be listed on a document as “non-allowables.” These items typically fall in three categories: perishables, sentimental/personal items, and hazardous material. Perishables are food and plants. Sentimental/personal value is up to the client to decide, but usually includes jewelry, medical and dental records, personal paperwork, valuables and collectibles. Hazardous material is the tricky category, since it includes a lot of everyday items found in the garage, garden or kitchen. For example, cleaning liquids and pesticides both are considered non-allowable by many companies. Some go so far as to disallow nail polish and batteries.
A binding estimate means that the moving company cannot charge more than the stated amount, though they can lower the final bill if the scope of the job was smaller than expected. A non-binding moving estimate is more likely to wind up costing more than expected, since the movers can increase their rates for unforeseen variables like stairs, “long carry” and materials.

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