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By: Sutoyo S.
Lakewood Church
Sometimes we think the volunteers are very rude just because they have to help prepare everything at the church runs smoothly. I used to think that way too. I had a visitor who came to visit from Indonesia and wanted to attend Lakewood by the time he was queuing to have Joel Books autographed, a volunteer said no more because it was too long already, please come again next week. he was going back to Indonesia the next day. At another time I reserved the seat for a friend who was coming it was already 15 minutes past the normal service time, a volunteer came and asked me to release the seat to another guest. This is just the job of the volunteer to make everything runs in order for the service. I think we have to put our selves in the volunteers' shoes before we judge them they are rude. Hope everybody will enjoy the Lakewood services like we do.
By: abena2011
Global Enlightenment Center
If you are tired of church as usual, and are looking for a great place to worship and hear the true word of God that can change your life, propel you to walk in destiny and God's purpose, and can completely transform your life and mindset, then GEC is the place. Pastor Phinehas is great!!! He doesn't compromise the word of God, and he is dedicated to each member's growth. The people are so friendly and nice and REAL!!! I thank God for ordering my steps to GEC. I love all the different programs and ministries they have too.
By: stitcher102
Lakewood Church
To those folks who had a bad experience at Lakewood, I'm truly sorry. Hopefully you will stop and realize that Satan and his minions are especially busy in God-centered places like Lakewood. Give it another try--with an open heart. I'm an old woman and I've observed that churches don't grow and prosper like Lakewood if they are not on the right track--moving within God's will and purpose. We are all at different places and Lakewood obviously is meeting lots of us where we are.
By: danielle.s.pate
Lakewood Church
Many of us could benefit from the positive and uplifting messages of this church. But there are a couple of downsides I can't help but point out. A heavy amount of importance is placed on giving a tithe. They even believe God can't bless you if you don't tithe. Also, if you have an illness and are not miraculously healed, they look down on you like you are doing something wrong.
By: Crystal P.
The Daily Bread
Pastor Ellis D. Powell truly makes you feel his sermon and keeps you wanting more and more. If you haven't been to church in a while or you're looking for a good church to go to, THIS IS IT. I always want more when i go and miss it when i have to work.
By: wagner.sarahe
First Church Of The Nazarene
My husband and I visited this church for the first time recently, within moments of being in the building we were greeted by several people and really felt at home. the music,service and people were amazing!
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By: Juan C.
Iglesia Bautista Alianza En Marcha
Soy Juan Cruz de Houston Texas Siempre trabajajando en la obra de Dios ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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