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By: Kathy M.
Joy Child Learning Ctr
When my daughter was 2 it was time to move from home care with her grandmother to a daycare for the experience to grow and learn and socialize with other kids. Like most mothers I do not make the decision of choosing child care easily, nothing but the best would do. I found Joy after doing a lot of research and visiting many centers in the area. I knew Joy was the best place by far after my very first visit and there was no other place I would ever consider again. My daughter has loved the center and everyone there since day one, even when it was hard for me to leave her that day, worried it would be difficult for her to adjust, she just waved and said "Bye Mom" then ran off to play. The teachers are all very loving, patient, attentive and absolutely great with the kids. It's very clean and safe and has a fantastic, structured curriculum that doesn't compare to any other daycare I have ever seen. It has been 3 1/2 years now and my daughter is finally starting kindergarten already knowing how to read and write on a first grade level! My husband and I feel very blessed to have found Joy, Ms. Cher and Mr. Mel and all the wonderful teachers who have helped shape my baby girl into such a smart, well mannered and genuinely happy child. Thankfully we live close by and she will attend the local elementary school so she will most likely be staying at Joy until she is too old to go anymore :-)
By: aracely.reyes.50
Northwest Educational Center
This school is not any different than what we view and tour before beginning. The teachers are great-of course some have different ways of teaching pertaining to different ways oflearning for students. I have attended since April 2013 and the greatest teacher I had was Dr.Oliver ..he has inspired and encouraged me very much by pushing me to continue with my education. Ms.Mitchell is great in clinical teachings as well. My utmost concern is the equipment and material. This school does lack on updating the equipment. The equipment in the lab is either broke or just plain out dated. In one computer lab ,the computers are old. Some kids are fresh out of highschool and very naive during teachings. You have to purchase your scrubbs for school. I received a grant and scholarship for writing an essay and therefore my schooling would be free if only I could manage to be at school 90% of time, but as a mother of 6 I do tend to miss more than the 12 hours allowed to miss, due to my kids, so I am entitled to pay about $70 a month. I really wish our cabinets in lab would be filled with supplies needed for our labs such as learning phlebotomy/EKG/vitals..clinacal labs in general.This school is a stepping stone in the students' lives. Hope we can all embrace it a little more with better books , material, and equipment!! Thanks NWEC staff for everything you all already do!
By: Kim S.
Primrose School at Crossroads Park
Updated: April 21, 2017We have been at Primrose since August 2016, and I have nothing but great things to say about this Primrose location! Walk through the doors and you will see what I mean . . . It has an amazing air of excitement.They strive to challenge my daughter in Early Preschool 2 where they get to learn through project based learning. In March, they learned about the life cycle of a butterfly and watched them transform from caterpillars to butterflies. This is not something you find in most curriculum for 2 year olds. Each day my child is excited to be at school and can be found skipping or jumping down the hallway full of unbridled joy. As a parent, this is what I want to see -- a place where my child can be herself and where her personality can shine. As a teacher of 14 years, I can tell you their social and academic curriculum is well thought out and well executed. They strive to meet children where they are at, and challenge them to grow to the next level, understanding that each child moves at his or her own pace. This is truly a school, not a daycare.In addition to the amazing teachers, the team who run the school do a brilliant job communicating with parents. They are kind, loving towards the children, and will always work to meet a child's needs. There is no better place than Primrose School at Crossroads Park.
By: Amanda V.
Toddler House The
My (now 2 year old) son has been attending Toddler House for 6 months now and we just love it. We compared several full-time care facilities prior to selecting, and the difference with the Toddler House is the behavior of the children. When we visited other locations, the children were wild, everywhere, and terrible listeners. At the TH on 34th street, the children are well-behaved and sweet to one another. Often, my son wants to sing happy birthday to the other kids in his class at night because they are friends. The staff are caring and proactive with their communication, they have tried and true advice if an issue comes up (from diaper rash to temper tantrums), but honestly the best thing that happened to our son was his vocabulary. When we dropped him off he was almost 20 months and not talking, despite our nanny working tirelessly with him. After two months being surrounded with the other kiddos, he started speaking clearly. Now, he can easily count to ten, he sings most of his ABCs, and he loves animal noises. They really worked with him, and you can just tell the staff adore him. It's a wonderfully homey environment. If you are looking for the latest and greatest technology and equipment, this isn't the place for you. But if you want caring women to work with your child in small class sizes, this place is great.
By: happytobeamom
Primrose School of Eldridge Parkway
I cannot say enough good things about this daycare! My child has been at Primrose of Eldridge Parkway for the past 19 months and at the age of 35 months is well beyond her peers of the same age at other day care facilities. Everyone I run into (even at the grocery store!) is amazed at how young she is and how well she communicates with adults (she also knows her shapes, colors (in sign language, English, and Spanish), and her capital letters). All of this and fun too – she runs to her classroom each day and quickly kisses me goodbye so she can start playing with her little friends! These things might seem small to the some but everyone expected my daughter to be behind her peers physically, emotionally and mentally. She spent the first 14 months of her life in an overseas orphanage where she did not have the freedom to walk, only heard a foreign language, and was fed only pureed food. She started at Primrose at 16 months when I had to return to work and the teachers and directors worked with me to help my daughter be all that she is today. Each day I know I drop her off in an environment that she will be loved, she will play with friends, and she will learn about her little world. They have helped her down the path to being anything she will ever want to be in life!
By: Ashley M.
Primrose School of Eldridge Parkway
My son has been at Primrose for 14 months. I started him in the Infant room. As a neurotic mom, it was hard for me to tear myself away from him every morning. Luckily, I had Miss Sylvia's room to help me through that difficult transition. They made me feel confident that we are a team raising my son and not just "babysitters". Their attention to detail is amazing. Then we moved to Miss Monica's Infant II room. With her Montessori background, her knowledge seemed bottomless. She helped guide me through some of the difficult older infant behaviors and corrections. Then, finally we are in Miss Tiffany's Toddler class with Miss Crystal and Miss Shanna. I have no idea how these ladies keep up their energy level to create fun the entire day. My son seems excited to get there and sad to leave. His verbal and sign development blows us away. Also, this front office is amazing. I am always greeted with the smiles of Miss Anna and Miss Maria. They keep the place happy and fun, they consistently get smiles from my little guy! Then I have to give a ton of credit to Miss Shelly, she keeps the place running like a well-oiled machine. Thanks Primrose, I know he's in great hands!
By: Xingwen Q.
The Village Montessori School
My daughter had been this school for about 14 months. She didn't like the school at all. She said the school was boring most of the time. The school teaches very little. The lead teacher rarely spends time in the classroom. Now my daughter is in public kindergarten, she says "don't miss her old school (Village Montessori)" every time when we passed by. Although the school is a private school which charges expensive tuition and quarterly supply fee, it follows Houston ISD's schedule including spring break and any inclement weather day.This school's tuition policy is too favorable to itself. I've know one student had been overseas for a month from the first day of that month, however still had to pay the full month tuition. My daughter attended only three weeks for the last month there. I had to pay the full month tuition as well. Its accounting department always miss calculates, and it always to the school's favor. I would recommend keep all your receipts and statements. It would be even better if you could get the school to sign for every payment
By: J. S.
Houston Kidz Academy
After my initial good impression of this center, I am unhappy to report that I will no longer be using their services. My son is a Kindergartner and we live a few blocks away. We use Kidz Academy on a day by day basis when HISD is out for holidays. He has been there once, and I was very pleased with the kindness of the owner and her husband. However on 11/25/14 I called in to advise them my son would not be at the academy for 11/26 due to a change in plans. One of the staff members whom answered, only spoke Spanish. I kindly asked to speak to someone who spoke English. She sounded very annoyed that I did not speak Spanish. This was disrespectful and very unprofessional. That was strike one. She handed the phone over to an English speaking employee and as I began to introduce myself, she hung up on me. Strike two. I called back immediately from the same phone and they would not pick up. Striked three. I was forwarded to voicemail, left a voicemail, and it was not returned. My son will not be attending this establishment anymore.
By: ashlie.janakbenedetto
Rainbow and Stars Brighter Stars Academy
I've tried a couple of daycare centers and interviewed about 9 or 10 so as you can see I am somewhat particular about choosing the people I have care for my babies. My children are now 5 and 3 and we have been with Rainbows and Stars for 2 years. I saw on the previous review that they say they are all about money. I can say from personal experience that this is absolutely not true. Mrs. Creeks has gone out of her way to help with our financial situation. My 5 year old is learning to read and doing very well with addition and subtraction. I judge a caregiver by what my children tell me. They are happy and confident to go to school. They love their teachers, Mrs. Wilma, Mr. and Mrs. Creeks. I cannot say enough about this place and the peace I have found in having to be a working mother and place my children in the care of someone else is priceless. They are very reasonably priced especially for the attentive care and education they give. So grateful I found them!
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By: Teresa D.
Danny's Car Care
I was visiting family and my car just would not start for anything,i happen to break down on barker cypress by dannyscarcare, danny the owner walked out to see if i needed help and was ok, I told him about my car probkem and he, himself pushed my car all the way to his shop and to also get me out of the road in a safe spot. I began to call a couple shops to get estimates on the repairs and started to cry because i couldnt afford any of them danny told me not to worry hed fix my car and make sure i got back home safe i was told to pay what i could and not to worry... danny you are the best words cannot express how thankful i am for everything you did for me that friday. I was told mechanics are all out to take your money and are not honest, well NOT true. My car by the way is still running like a champ thanks to you.... i would like to thank you and your crew for your great work and big hearts and awsome skills. You are truly one of a kind.

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