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  • hotashell1

    A employee of your Company was on Townhall lane 9/20/08. He was pulling a trailer and was blocking the road. I asked him to move & so he move up in front of the house he was working on. He now was further in the road than he was the first time, I asked him to move so that I could get buy he started yelling at me that he had no place to park because of all the neighbors vehicles. There wasn't anything wrong with the way the neighbors were parked but he suggested I go ask them to move. I got out of my vehicle and tried to talk to him decently, and he continued to be rude. He was complaining about all the time he had worked this week and was tired. I'm an electrician too and have worked over 80 hours this week trying to get my building back online, so I don't feel sorry for him making all that overtime. He told me that a man in in big black truck drove by a little while ago, and I didn't know how to drive, the conversation turned volgar at that point. The man in the big black truck also lives at my house I asked him how easy it was to get by the trailer he said it took him 10 minutes to get buyand he barely made it. His truck is a work truck and he doesn't care if he scratches it. I have an expensive truck and I'm not going to take the chance of scratching it up. So I backed up to let the small vehicle behind me, who also tried to get the man to move, so at least he could drive by and went back to my house and had my husband call the police, which was the suggestion of you employee. I went back down the road and told the man I had called the police, he said he would wait untill the police got there before he was going to move. He was loading up and when he was done he left. He could have parked in the double driveway at the house he was at there wasn't anyone parked there. I think he didn't know how to back up his trailer and that why he wouldn't move. His plate number was 5X LTY.

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