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  • chaiwh

    Insanity rocks at Studio Tropa!

    I love this place! The classes are fun and rewarding. Jerry thee owner is great and really cares about his clientele and all who are striving to feel good about themselves.

    Jared his son who teaches INSANITY is Awesome! He goes at a pace to help you learn the exercises yet maintains a level of modesty to allow you to feel that you can do it and he's not a show off . He really is seeking to teach you to get the maxims out of this workout! I must say it's not for the faint of heart , but you definitely in 30 minutes will feel the burn the cardio and the transforming of your body to prove it ! Go Jared you rock! Of course I travel all the time but when I'm home I'm off to a worthwhile workout with Studio Tropa and Jared!

  • Dance Tropa Cheats Groupon Coupon Buyers

    Dance Tropa cheats Groupon Clients

    This is a wonderful place to Zumba, my only complaint is that they are finding ways to cheat the people who purchased a groupon ad. . they are finding ways to give fewer classes then they originally advertised. I have been attending classes for 2 months when I started I had 20- classes through this groupon. they gave me a punch card. Every tme i came i received a punch. I noticed that most of Jerry;s Classes had 3 stars***. I ask what that meant and was told that it meant that I had to use 3 punches in other words his classes for the groupon people would be the same has taking 3 classes for 1 class.. I felt I could chose to do that or take another class. Now every month there are more and more classes I noticed that are multiply **stars or punches. This eating up of the classes only pertains to the people who brought the groupon coupons not their regular members. I printed out the Janaury schedule 2 weeks ago and Jerry's classes had 3*** . I looked at it again today and several other teachers now have mulitple stars*** . was not like that for the last 2 months, so the more stars the less classes you have left. The stars are on the classes that are most conienient 5:30 , 6:30, 7:30 and are connected to the better teachers. I undertsood that Jerry's classes are large and hs is very good. But now I see it as a means of getting peolpe to use up their groupon classes faster. I do not think that is fair given this was not advertise when we purcahsed the groupon. It is s like saying you have 30 classes but they take 3 for 1 you essentially have 10 classes. I was seriuosly considreing buying a membership, but what other type of rip off lingers behind the scenes here. I have really had a good time taking classes here a very sad business practice.

  • The ONLY Place to ZUMBA!

    Tired of wasting time, energy, money and gas on an hour of some pointless cardio routine that leaves you sweatless and bored to tears? If you're stuck feeling like no exercise program can offer endless amounts of fun, versatility and results, then you really need to give Houston's only exclusive Zumba studio a try! This review might come off sounding like an infomercial, but when you find something as unique as Studio Tropa, you want to share what sets it apart from all others. Checkout the class schedule and you'll be amazed at the list of certified instructors and endless class times that can accommodate almost anyone's schedule. Studio Tropa offers a club type atmosphere without having to subject yourself to cheesy pick-up lines and second hand smoke. Having taken Zumba classes at other locations, I personally love the fact that there are very few mirrors in the studio since it allows for less distraction--I'm not taking the class to watch myself or anyone else move. I want an intense cardio workout and Jerry always delivers!! Here's to many more 700+ calorie burning classes together!!! Come and join the party!!

  • Class good, but the location a total dive

    I went once. The venue is scary since there is exposed asbestos on the beams in the ceilings. While the instruction was good I guess (my only Zumba class), it was dark, crowded, hot, no mirrors as some folks have noted. The electronics on the audio kept acting up, altho that got resolved after a while. You work out on a concrete (not wood) floor. There are a couple of small fans blowing, but still very stuffy. And the parking sucked. We got there and pulled into a space in the stripmall-like space. And people parked DIRECTLY behind us so we couldn't leave until they did. I will not be back.

  • Lots of fun but lacking mirrors in studio

    What a great workout Studio Tropa is, and so much fun. The choreography was creative, varied and fun. I am an avid salsa dancer and did not get bored with the choreography (which is a mixture of Latin, hip hop, and sometimes even Bollywood), yet beginners could pick it up with reasonable ease as well. Even on days I was feeling lazy and didn't do the movements full out, my shirt was still completely soaked with sweat. You have so much fun and get an awesome work out in a fun, dimmed light atmosphere.

    The only complaint I have and the only reason I am giving 4 stars is because of the studio's lack of mirrors. The studio space is HUGE, and there are 4 one person-sized mirrors at the very front, and at an angle so that only the person standing in front of the mirror can see themselves. I have been a dancer all my life and am used to receiving visual feedback for my movements, so it is something that is important to me. I get more into the movements and thus have a better workout when I can see myself, so if I didn't show up early and secure a spot in front of a mirror, I felt like my workout was somewhat compromised. I realize this is a somewhat specific concern though, so if not being able to see yourself doesn't bother you, then disregard!

  • So much fun too little time for Zumba!

    This was my first time attending a zumba class. I convinced a friend to join me. It was such a great class and awesome instructors. They are extremely energetic and the steps are easy to pick up. I was a little sore the next day but I had so much fun.

    The place is located near 610 loop near S. Rice Boulevard and Ashbrook.

    I just bought a pass for 10 classes and cannot wait to go back!

  • The most fun you can have with your clothes on!

    Studio Tropa, Jerry and Coryne...and all the guest instructors are top notch trainers, make class way too much fun, and all-around good people.

    I've become a Zumba addict since March 2010 and attend anywhere from 2 to 5 X per week. I have literally tried every other form of exercise and there's no way with anything else (running, aerobics, swimming, etc) that I could EVER make that kind of claim!

    I've made great friends in class and have learned a great deal about nutrition at the same time. Jerry is contstantly seeking out new ways to improve the classes, the schedule and whatever our needs are. His goal is to provide us with the ""total package"" not JUST an exercise class! I'm hooked and would highly recommend Studio Tropa to anyone looking for a rump-shakin' good time!

  • Best workout in town
    wax thefire

    I have never been able to stick to a regular exercise routine until Tropa Zumba, I have been going to classes since April 2009, and they have made an amazing difference! I have lost weight and have gained confidence. My endurance, muscle tone, and flexibility have all improved. I have been to other Zumba classes in town and no one will help you reach your fitness goals like Studio Tropa.

  • Best workout!!

    I love going to my zumba classes! It feels like a party everyday instead of a workout! Keeps me interested and coming back!
    The group also feels like a family, you get to hang out and party together! The overall atmosphere is really positive!
    The result also show! Everybody asks how i look so good!


    I've been working out witrh Jerry and Tropa Zumba since April 2010 and I have to say that they are the best troop around Houston! It feels more like a party than a workout! I have lost about 20lb since I ve worked out with them. They are adding new classes all the time. I have taken the toning class with Gaby as well and she is awesome! I will remain faithful to this team for helping me stay fit and HAPPY!!!!! Thank you TROPA ZUMBA! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!

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