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  • A Hidden Jewel!!
    Chris Carmichael

    After looking for her owner for two weeks, we decided to adopt a lost dog that we found wandering in traffic. After reading all the wonderful reviews of this clinic, we decided to take our newest family addition to be evaluated and given all of her shots.
    The great reviews are spot on! The wait can be long but it is definitely worth it. The prices are much, much less than other clinics that we have been to. Plus all the folks here are so wonderful, caring and treat your pets like they were their own. Although I did not wait as long as other reviewers to be seen, I had several wonderful conversations with fellow pet owners.
    I arrived at 7:40 am, twenty minutes before the clinic opened, and I was fifth in line. All of the cars line up outside the gate in a line to the west on the street behind the clinic. At five 'til eight o'clock someone comes to unlock the gate and you go in and sign up to be seen. Very efficient. By the time I was ready to leave every chair in the waiting area was taken and it was standing room only. Definitely come early if you can.

  • Bad Flea Pills?

    I bought 3 Comfortis pills on March 5th and gave them to my dogs that same day. Today is the 28th, 23 days later and my dogs have been itching fleas for at least 5 days. My aunt bought a Comfortis pill for her dog and had to buy a new one two weeks later. They all worked at first and then wore off. Has anyone else had this problem? Last year they worked well and lasted for a long time.

  • Great Care - at Great Prices!

    I went to this clinic for the first time on Tuesday 03/20/2012. My baby (Coral - 11year old cat) was not able to jump as high as she used to (It seemed to happen all of a sudden). She seems find otherwise - eating and walking - all OK. I wanted to have her Xrayed to make sure she did not have cancer or anything wrong on the inside. The Receptionist, the technicians, and the Vet were all very nice and gentle with both me and Coral.

    I would HIGHLY recommend this clinic. .....You might have to wait for an hour or two to get in but it's worth the time. Take 1/2 day off from work or whatever you need to do. Make this your Vet place.

    Thank you guys for having this clinic and the great service you provide!!

  • Thank you North Loop Pet Clinic

    Due to Hurricane Ike we had to go stay in Conroe at the motel 6 where my 3/4 month old puppy caught Parvo. In a panic I started calling around to local vets all of which wanted at the very least $1000 dollars up front just to take him in and it would go from their price wise. Knowing my baby sweet Chiwawa's (that?s his name) only hope was The North Loop Vet Clinic we loaded up and made the drive... Once we got their he was put on an IV right away and spent almost 3 weeks in doggy intensive care. We drove all the way from Conroe every day to check on him and he was always well taken care of when we showed up. They saved his life! If it wasn't for their affordable rates I would have never been able to do that... All and all the total cost of his treatment with follow up, shots and flea drops came to $600 dollars which was at least $1500 dollars less than any other vet. It is very hard to take care of your pet when vet care is so high in cost. Thank you NLPC for allowing us to care for our beloved pets

  • Great prices, bad neighborhood

    After adopting my puppy, I had to find a place to take him because he was getting over a cold. I'd been to this clinic before, but quite a few years back. I decided to return because of the lower prices, not knowing whether he would need more medicine. Albeit it's not in a great location, nor does it look amazing, but the people there are friendly. The techs there do a lot of the work, probably why the costs are lower, but they do care about the animals. You can just walk in, sign in and wait to be called. You can strike up a conversation with other people that are waiting. It's really easy and simple to go, and not intimidating. Great little gem!

  • This place is wonderful

    I found this place in 2006 when a friend referred us to them. We used to take my dog to Banfield, the PetSmart clinic. My dog got really sick and they were asking for an $800 up front fee, that only covered the initial check up and the boarding fee. We took him to North Loop Pet Clinic, paid $35, and he was running around as usual the next day. The physical location and appearance of the place are definitely not the best. It's kind of a shabby looking building that is pretty hard to miss, but the care is wonderful and the price is great. The staff knows exactly what they're doing and they work efficiently to get you in and out as soon as possible with your pet on its way to recovery. They truly care about your pet and will do what they can to help you while providing the best price possible. The wait is sometimes long depending on what day you go, so my suggestion is to go during the weekdays if it's just a regular check up/vaccinations (call before to see if they are open because I know they are closed one day a week other than Sunday). I've recommended this place to everyone who is seeking medical attention for their pet and have yet to disappoint anyone. This place is great!

  • I love this clinic and they are so well priced

    My dog aquired heartworms after I gave him counterfeit meds I had bought online. I researched heartworms for 18 straight hours. So when I went to this clinic I knew exactly what treatment plan I wanted the vet to follow. She had her own protocol which was more exacting than the one I had planned out. They were half the price of the other vets I had called. The techs were very good at their jobs and quick. Don't go on a Friday Sat or Monday. The parking lot is very inadequate. Overall they did a great job. The vet keeps current with the technology. Yes, there are many Hispanics. Some don't speak English. But I always have great conversations while I'm there and I've gotten 2 great recipes for Mexican food. This is not an emergency clinic. It's first come first serve. The best ER is on the West Loop.

  • cheap !!!

    yeap it's cheap , but not the cleanest place even if it is a dog/cat clinic .. I took my 17 year dog there because she was breathing very loud , first thing the vet said was to but her to sleep she was to old thats why she was breathing that way!!! my dog lived 2 more years after that visit . yeap like I said it's cheap.

    same day I took my cat for shots and they didnt even exam her just gave her the shots ... not a good place to take your pets and very dirty. parking is so bad too!!


    People, Please! If your pet is bleeding from ANY orifice or too weak to walk in on it's own, if you want to save them, TAKE THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE. There is no Triage. No Appointments. First Come is First Served. A woman's dog died in her arms waiting over 3 hrs while I was there. If she had been behind me I would have gladly allowed her my spot and I think every one of us in that room would have. We could only watch in horror and empathy. That being said if your pet can wait it is well and truly worth it. The worst time to come is the first week of the month as this is a place where we all have too much month left at the end of the money. I came in on the 1st friday of the month, signed in @ 10:55 am did not get seen untill 2:20 pm.
    That being said, the clients in the waiting room were of ALL colors and, united by our love of our pets, friendly, chatty, with great attitudes and a rueful understanding of ""THE JOB RULE"": There are only three (3) kinds, GOOD, CHEAP & QUICK. You can HAVE only two (2) kinds. A Quick & Good job won't be Cheap, A Cheap & Quick job won't be Good, and A Good & Cheap job won't be quick! Dr Mares was kind and gentle, took the time necessary to NOT make me feel like she had to move on to the next client, answering all my questions, comforting my pet. So If you have the time, go! Meet your neighbors, talk, and laugh. Not social? Bring a book, an iPod, or game and possibly your own chair...

  • Extremely affordable pet care

    I've been bringing my pets here forever. The place looks kinda run down, but the service is great and the vet knows what she's doing. When I moved, I took my cat to a different clinic and paid over $200 just for an exam, vaccines, and flea medicine. At North Loop, the same services would've been less than $50.

    Even when the place is packed (which it usually is) the wait is hardly ever that long and your pet still gets the attention it needs.

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