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  • Great dentist!

    About 3 months ago I removed 2 of my wisdom teeth, and just last week i removed the other 2 as well. He is a great dentist and I felt no pain after my wisdom teeth removal. Let me inform you that my teeth were impacted. Not only is Dr. Nguyen very good at what he does, he makes sure that patient which was my self very comfortable. His staff was very helpful as well. I am recommending him to anyone who needs an oral surgeon.

  • Best Dentist in Town

    Dr. Nguyen is by far the best Dentist my children and I have been to. My 8 year-old son broke half of his permanent front tooth a few weeks ago; Dr. Nguyen was able to see him and treat him right away. My biggest concern was my son having a tooth that would not look real or match his other tooth. Dr. Nguyen re-created the half of the tooth missing with bonding; he perfectly shaped and matched the color of his tooth. When you look at my son's teeth, you cannot tell the difference. Dr. Nguyen explained to me that since the nerve had been exposed there might be a possibility of my son getting a root canal. He also explained to me how to take care of his new tooth, so far my son hasn't had any issues with his tooth. My son got his smile back in less than 30 minutes.

  • a good dentist

    last month i started to realize a little pain on my lower right hand side. i thought i was just something stuck in the gum; therefore i ignore it and let it go. however, the pain keep on increasing each day, so i decided to make a trip to the dental office. i was scare at first when the Dr. Nguyen told me that i have to remove four wisdom teeth. however, i did not listen to Dr.Nguyen because i think i can get away from extracting all four wisdom teeth, but the pain keep increasing and wake me up a night. so my mother told me to go back to the dentist to have it remove. at first i was very nervous but the staff was very nice and patient. the whole procedure was painless. i had the most comfortable experience at a visit to Dr.Nguyen office for my extraction procedure. i will come back to Dr.Nguyen office to have the rest of my wisdom teeth remove.

  • Most compassionate, skilled dentist in Houston!

    A little over six months ago, I noticed a throbbing pain in one of my lower left molars. I decided to visit the dentist after the pain got so severe, that it inhibited my eating. (I was forced to chew my food on the right side of my mouth to avoid any pain.) My stepmother set up an appointment for me with her dentist and I agreed to visit in hopes that the ache in my mouth would be alleviated. As soon as I walked into the waiting room, I was greeted by a friendly desk assistant who prompted me to sign in and take a seat. The room itself was very nicely lit, and there were some comfortable couches in the waiting room. I didn?t have to wait too long before I was seen by the dentist himself. After the usual x-rays and general examinations, it was made clear to me that I had a massive cavity that had reached the nerve endings in my mouth. Dr. Minh then provided me with several solutions to my problem, explaining each option with careful detail and the treatment plans as well as an estimate for each. I was fully aware of my options and understood every aspect of the appointment. I ended up deciding to have the tooth pulled, after which an appointment was made shortly afterwards. Dr. Minh is very good at what he does?the tooth extraction was quick and painless. There was minimal swelling that went away after a few hours. More recently, I had a 6 month check up in which I was made aware that I had a cavity that needed filling. I was having some financial troubles, however, and was unable to pay the fee that the insurance could not cover. Dr. Minh was concerned for the damage that may result if the tooth was not treated, and declared that it was unacceptable for me to leave the tooth untreated. He decided that he would fill the tooth despite my inability to pay, and we worked out a payment option. Dr. Minh sincerely cares for the oral health of his patients, and is willing to go above and beyond to help them out. I would definitely recommend him to any friends, for his exceptional work as a dentist, dedication to his field and compassionate heart for his patients.

  • a man with the BIG heart

    My name is Reus and I accidentally found this website while googling for dentists near my new home, in the Northwest of Houston . Thanks to it, I found Dr. Nguyen here and read about his dental office. Oh yes, I knew this doctor, way before !!!

    Everybody here testified how professional is Dr. Nguyen, and I have no doubt that he is well-known for his dental skills. But I want to tell you something not-well-known about this person - a man with the BIG heart.

    I am not a patient of his yet (but I will be soon). Several years ago, I was a volunteer at the Texas Children Hospital and was very happy to see him there. Words are never enough to describe Dr. Nguyen's commitment to the needs of the sick children. Each year, he donates from $ 3000 to $5000 through our fund raising campaign for the sick and disadvantaged children.

    No, he did not just send the check and asked for the paper to claim for tax deductable like others. He came himself to the hospital and visited the kids at their bedside. One time I asked one of the girl who suffered a gun shot wound to the head, ""what did the doctor tell you?"" The girl answered, ""he just told me his funny story of when he was a little boy, hihi.""

    I did not know exactly what he said and done to the children but somehow he made each of them smile, and smile... afterward. As I watched him many times, it made me feel as if smiling - his special language of love - really works like ""medicine.""

    Texas Children brings the best health care to children in Houston. People from all walks of life contribute in many ways. One of them... always, is Dr. Nguyen, a man with the big heart and a smiling message to the children.

    Thank you, and I will make an appointment to see him today.

  • Awesome hands .. the best cosmetic dentist in town.

    Amazing dental office. Dr. Nguyen has dramatically changed my life for the BETTER and FOREVER. I am no longer afraid to smile (like before) because my teeth were unattractive (big gaps). He took the time to explain all of the work I needed done. I have been consulting with a lot of dentists in Houston, but I think I have found the Houston dentist for me. Dr. Nguyen has a amazing soft hands as well. The cosmetic procedure was done in 2 short visits. No Pain!! If I had known that cosmetic dentistry was so easy, I would have made the decision to change my life 20 years ago.

  • Your soft hands worked like magic!

    Thank you very much for seeing me today for my emergency, Dr. Nguyen. You are such a kind person who really listens to his patients. Your soft hands worked like magic, and my pain was instantly gone. Your care really meant the world to me.

    Your office staffs couldn't be any nicer. Professionalism with a spirit of real caring. Highly unusual in today's business!

    I can't speak highly enough of this dental practice. This is what makes people like me want to drive a distance to receive the best possible care.

  • A dentist who is honest and compassionate

    I met Dr. Nguyen in Houston for a root canal and a crown and he assured me that the dental procedures wouldn't hurt. At first I was very nervous, but he was right! It was completely painless. I feel very grateful now, because I am not afraid to see him anymore. I think I have found a dentist who is honest and compassionate. I referred a number of patients to him, and they feel the same way.

  • Painless wisdom teeth extraction

    When I called another dentist in the area near my house to get my wisdom teeth extraction, she recommended Dr. Minh Nguyen. I got all 3 of my wisdom teeth extraction in less than 30 mins. The staff was very nice, and I would say that I had the best experience of teeth extraction ever. Dr. Nguyen prescribed ibuprofen for me just in case I might feel pain after the procedure, but actually there was no pain at all. Before deciding to have wisdom teeth removal, most of my friends said that it was their worst experience ever. Both of my friends' faces were swollen for couple days, and the pain didn't go away until 1 week after the procedure. However, those problems never happen to me, my wound healed pretty fast. After I told my friends about my wisdom teeth extraction, they said they wish to see Dr. Nguyen earlier. My sister also had her first wisdom tooth extraction done by Dr. Nguyen, and just like me she did not have to worry about pain or swollen face.

  • Will definately come back

    I would have rated this clinic 6 stars if possible....

    My overall experience was FANTASTIC! Perhaps visiting the dentist is one of the most fearful things to do, but Dr. Nguyen offers such an incredible service. During my first wisdom tooth removal, I was enjoying Desperate Housewife for the entire process. Plus, the assistants checked in and out, making sure everything is okay. I thought that was very professional overall.

    In summary:.....ZERO PAIN, FAST, you wouldn't want to look for another dentist again!

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