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  • The Best Workout

    I tried Bikram Yoga 5 years ago and decided to try it again. This is the most incredible experience and you will feel like a new person when the class is over. You sweat all the toxins out of your body and it is an entire renewal of you. The instructors at this location are very patient and they help you to get the most of this experience. If you're thinking of trying Hot Yoga, this is the place! Try it.

  • Highly Recommend!!!
    linda Marlene

    I am in my 50's and have done very little over the past 10 years to stay in shape. Bikram yoga has helped me regain much of the physical and mental strength that I had lost by attending classes there over the past 2 months. The 26 postures that we do in the warm environment has helped my body gain a healthier, more flexible spine, better balance, and increased muscle tone. I have more energy and feel more alert than I have in a long time and I feel that Bikram yoga is the most natural way that I have found to combat the forces of gravity and aging for the entire body. The staff at the west houston Bikram location are excellent as well. I feel as though I have my own personal trainer throughout the entire 90 min. class. They are very warm and patient in helping each person improve at their own pace. Thank you Bikram West Houston for helping me feel young again!!

  • Absolutely Life Changing!

    Let me say first that yoga has never been on my exercise list. It was just something that wasn't for me and yes, I tried different types of yoga to change this perception but those attempts failed miserably. A friend kept raving about Bikram so I decided to try it since I've had many flexibility issues and knee problems. I am fit but stiff as a board and have never even been able to touch my toes...ever. When I came to the studio, I was very intimidated, nervous and terrified. Lorena was very professional and introduced me to Sherie. Sherie is the ultimate motivator! I thought I would pass out after just the 5th posture but I just sat down as she encouraged me to breathe. I struggled and didn't do all of the postures but I stayed in the room for the 90 minutes! I was very proud of myself and I went back again and again and again. I've learned that each person in the room has their own journey so it's ok if I am on a different level. I enjoy all of my personal victories as I can now do the second set of camel! Whoohoo! I've taken about 35 classes and I have fell in love with the postures, the heat and the wonderful transformation my body has gone through. ""Bones to skin"", I am a different person.

  • Life changing experience

    I took my first Bikram yoga class the end of Sept. My initial purpose was to help improve my flexibility while training to run the half marathon. However, I'm getting way more out of it than that and Bikram yoga is now a core part of my wellness journey.

    When I began running longer distances, I started having chronic pain in the right side of my body. Doctors determined that my right leg is slightly shorter than my left. Orthotics are now helping distribute more evenly the impact of my running but Bikram yoga is building up the strength in my left side and healing the damage caused by this little defect.

    My original plan was to go twice a week but because the benefits are so clear to me, I go as often as I can now and recently completed 10 classes 10 days in a row. During this time, I watched my abs go through an amazing transformation and noticed a big improvement in the strength of my left leg. It is now my plan to do a 30 day challenge leading up to race day in mid-January.

    In addition to the physical benefits, Bikram yoga is helping improve my concentration, self-image, mind-body connection, and more. In short, it is a life changing experience for me.

    The class is challeging but the instructors - Lorena, Sherie, and Zeb - will personally help you complete it. They are professional, friendly, inspiring, motivating, encouraging, positive, and wise. They will get to know you by name, make you feel welcomed to their studio from your very first visit, and coach you to wellness. What they offer is a unique and remarkable experience. I encourage you to stop by for a class today!

  • Amazing Instructors...Amazing Workout

    Bikram Yoga may sound like no fun when describing it (90 minutes in a room heated to 100 degrees), but if you talk to anyone who's done it for a while, it is one of the best things you can do for your body. I had tennis elbow, stress fractures, and pain in my achilles tendons before my first Bikram class. Now all of that is gone, and I am in much better shape (flexibility, cardio, weight, EVERYTHING).

    ""Pain to kill the pain"" as they have taught me.

    The instructors are what really make this place. As a teacher, it is really fun and rewarding to watch these expert teachers as they give individual feedback to everyone in the room, positive and negative.

    I have been to several studios, and this is my favorite. They are so warm and friendly when you walk in. They do a great job remembering your name, and they themselves are really good yogis.

  • Great Yoga Studio
    Chock Ganapathy

    Best place to learn yoga. Found it very effective from the first day. Classes are taught by well experienced friendly staffs. Strict discipline followed during the 90-minute session has helped me to improve my concentration. I find every class nourishing the mind, brain and body for a healthy living.

  • Everyone Should Be Doing Bikram's

    Early this year at my salon, I saw an advertisement for Bikram's Yoga West Houston. I had never heard of Bikram Yoga. I had never done yoga. The months past but I would always have in the back of my mind, ""I need to check this place out"" as I drove by. I am a single mom, I am a teacher of 68 four year old children, I am the PTO president of my daughter's school, I am a Leader for my daughter's Girl Scout troop, I am on the Homeless committee for my church and as a volunteer work I am a support advocate for internet scam victims and am writing a book. Yes, my life is busy... On 10/14/09 at 6:42pm (I checked my receipt ;) ), I walked into ""THIS PLACE"" that has been in the back of my mind for 8 months. They handed me a flyer and it looked simple ""Hydrate your body before class"", ""Breathe during class"",""Stay 90 minutes in the class and observe silence."" I do not know if these instructors realize what gift they have given me. My first class I looked NOTHING like the positions I was supposed to do...but Sherie said, ""I love that you are smiling (that was easy) as I am trying to grab my heels from the back and wrap my arms around my calves...that was not so easy yet she made me feel successful. I stayed in the room for the 90 minutes and didn't laugh. That was my greatest accomplishment that night. The positive energy that she shot out to me gave me the courage and strength to return 24 hours later... I just knew the next day, was going to be better. And, it was. It has been a month now and I still look NOTHING like the others, but I do my best and still leave there with a smile on my face. I feel great! I can finally put my arms up, with no space between my elbows and ears and with my palms touching together and not want to spit at the instructor each time they say, ""Reach and touch the ceiling with your fingers."" The instructors help each individual (they know everyone's name) reach their goals. I look forward to each class and learning and growing with these people...

    Thank you Lorena, Sherie and Zeb for teaching me to breathe...Namaste

  • Best place to escape every day stress and release toxins
    L Moxley

    I had never heard of ""hot"" yoga until my neighbor asked me to join her for class. After going to 1 class, it was quite challenging, and heat that I was not used to. At first I wasn't sure if I would go back, until I woke up the next morning and felt different. I could move more, and felt great. I said I would try it just one more time, and I am now beginning my 7th week. Bikram Yoga West Houston has taught me how to take better care of my body and mind. You benefit every part of yourself from head to toe with the breathing exercises, 26 postures and the heat. I have already lost 7 pounds, and accomplished some of the postures completely only after 6 weeks. The 3 instructors at West Houston are kind, professional, and caring. They are never pushy and make each and every person in class feel special. I have had gym memberships more than once, and I can say that Bikram Yoga has given me more benefit than any treadmill or weight program. Not only have I benefited from the physical aspect, but also the spiritual and mind aspect. I feel very lucky to be able to practice ""hot"" yoga and hope to continue it for a lifetime.

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