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By: aracely.reyes.50
Northwest Educational Center
This school is not any different than what we view and tour before beginning. The teachers are great-of course some have different ways of teaching pertaining to different ways oflearning for students. I have attended since April 2013 and the greatest teacher I had was Dr.Oliver ..he has inspired and encouraged me very much by pushing me to continue with my education. Ms.Mitchell is great in clinical teachings as well. My utmost concern is the equipment and material. This school does lack on updating the equipment. The equipment in the lab is either broke or just plain out dated. In one computer lab ,the computers are old. Some kids are fresh out of highschool and very naive during teachings. You have to purchase your scrubbs for school. I received a grant and scholarship for writing an essay and therefore my schooling would be free if only I could manage to be at school 90% of time, but as a mother of 6 I do tend to miss more than the 12 hours allowed to miss, due to my kids, so I am entitled to pay about $70 a month. I really wish our cabinets in lab would be filled with supplies needed for our labs such as learning phlebotomy/EKG/vitals..clinacal labs in general.This school is a stepping stone in the students' lives. Hope we can all embrace it a little more with better books , material, and equipment!! Thanks NWEC staff for everything you all already do!
By: k.schroder
Spencer School of Real Estate
I recently completed a 7-course curriculum, and I was very impressed! The family-like atmosphere Bobby, Mike, and their instructors created is very encouraging and supportive of people who are new to the industry, such as myself. The courses I took were enriched by the vast experience of the instructors -- they aren't just teaching people to pass the state exam, just to earn their paychecks! They really have the mindset that they are guiding the next generation of people to become the real-estate industry. There was a lot of story-telling and deep discussion on important issues, not just a curriculum to get through. It sounds like people had trouble with payment 6-12 months ago... I paid online, and had NO PROBLEMS -- I also paid for their test-prep course by check, and everything cleared without a hitch. Their office staff are very helpful, so if you're having trouble, I recommend stopping in and discussing it in-person!
By: supermommy321
Maria Hammond PhD
Dr. Hammond is one of the top psychologists in Houston working with children who are autistic or asperger's. If you've ever seen her in action -- down on the floor right there with the kids in her group therapy sessions -- you would understand why she's the best. She just relates to these kids in a way that I've never seen in a therapist before. She "gets" them ... and they "get" her. Her office at the corner of Greenbriar and Hwy 59 is lovely. Past the tasteful waiting room is a joyful, sunny, "alive" playroom stocked full of everything she needs to work with the children. It's an oasis in Houston, just when & where a Mom and Dad needs one. We love Dr. Hammond!
By: bobbybry
Spencer School of Real Estate
Spencer School of Real Estate has totally revamped our Midtown, Houston location. NEW textbooks!! NEW Executive Leather Chairs!! NEW smaller classroom for ONLY eight(8) students at a time!! We have the BEST price in Houston @ $795. We also have payment options to make getting your license more affordable. We are here to help!Our goal is to have a small group of students. WE WANT OUR STUDENTS TO PASS ON THE FIRST ATTEMPT!! GREAT things are happening at Spencer School of Real Estate. Come see our centrally located location. You are going to enjoy your experience and pass your State exam!
By: truthbetold72
Pima Medical Institute
Looks like the person that wrote the previous review is bitter about something. Wow! so much animosity in the air, probably an employee that was fired or a bad student that couldn't pass.Community Colleges are not necessarily better,(They are way cheaper), but they do have lapses too, old labs, bad curriculum etc.The most important thing is at the end of the day every student takes the same board exam and thats all that matters. Don't know much about this school but my neighbor is a student and she said its a great School.
By: Clendon M.
Acoustic Edge Institute
Acoustic Edge is a great school to sharpen your skills in the car stereo and home theater installation as well as custom fabrication and custom interiors. It is a short school that fast tracks you to a new career. I was placed at car toys 2 weeks into my 1st class and am loving it. My base pay is $11 an hour with 37% commission and i would have never gotten it without the help from acoustic edge, also another classmate was placed at frys starting at $15 an hour. This was the best investment in my life.
By: edna.ryan.54
Northwest Educational Center
Northwest Educational Center is one of the only area schools that do not require student loans. The school participates in grants and scholarships. If students maintain 90% attendance, no cash payments are required. The review which says the school only cares about money is very misleading. While this student may feel like the school only cares about money, she continues to attend regularly. In reality, the school is dedicated to helping students get a better life through education and job skills.
By: Angel G.
Fortis Institute-Houston
Fortis Institute Houston North is one of the best schools for medical career training. It helped me to develop my education to a whole new level . It also prepare me for the future with a better and brighter future ahead of me . I graduated in 2014 as a Sterile Processing Technician . I will recommend Fortis Institute to anyone else that is interested in a career in the medical field . Instructors are very helpful .Thank you Fortis
By: johana.enriquez
Spencer School of Real Estate
Being only 2 classes in and still having 4 more to go, I am starting to feel more and more confident about my future career in Real Estate. I currently have a degree in Marketing and work within my field, but as I am getting ready to start a family, I am looking forward to working in the Real Estate realm. The experience and education, thus far, have been great! Thank you Bobby, Mike and staff for the positive experience!
By: Katie S.
Northwest Educational Center
Northwest Educational Center really helped me better myself with their medical assistant program. I couldn't afford school but Northwest gave me the opportunity to go to school without students loans. The teachers are very professional and educated in their field. I went to school for 7 months and got hired from my extern site.

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