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By: Elaine G.
Heights Hammer
I felt it was necessary to add a factual review versus ones these people's friends have posted on their behalf or that they've posted themselves. I know this because when they came to "do an estimate" they chatted with my husband who had recently started his own business. It was a completely unrelated field but they were happy to share "tips."Back to their actual work. These are just 2 folks without any training or useful experience collecting an hourly rate. After hearing about them on a neighborhood website, we asked them to come give an estimate on a bathroom remodel. My first warning should have been that they couldn't even make it to an estimate in a timely matter. Once they were here, they made blatant racist jokes about other handymen in the neighborhood. Even though we didn't enjoy their hate speech, they seemed like they might've been using a horrible tactic in order break the ice. With that, we gave them the benefit of doubt, changed topics and things seemed better.Boy were we wrong! We set a day and time for them to come work. We were quoted for one day or labor @ $400. For 2 people and the work that needed to be completed, that seemed fair. I reached out to both the couple of days before our appointment but never heard back. Here's where I goofed again. I figured they were so busy and had family that it might've just been a tough week. My husband and I both took off work for the day to facilitate the project. After several texts, I finally got an acknowledgment that they were alive and coming to work the next morning. The day of the job comes and we've got everything up and out by 7:30am. No one called on their end and no one showed up for hours. Despite calls, texts and emails, we got no reply until almost 2:00pm. At that point they texted to tell me they'd have to reschedule. When they came the next week, I was able to stay home again but my husband had to work. Despite multiple attempts to hammer out the details, they still didn't show until lunch time. Even then, only the wife showed. She might've gotten a 4-foot-square-area done...might! By then end of they day my husband and I switched responsibilities. I ran out to get some errands done and he stayed home with our "handyman" because her husband was going to be there anytime. He eventually showed up with 2 other random smoke stacks but did no work. The kicker is that when my husband went to pay them, she charged us the 2 person 8-hours-each rate. This mama bear was not happy when she got home!After another series of texts, they agreed to both come and work that Saturday to do the job they bid that we paid them to complete. They never showed Saturday. Our calls were ignored and possibly blocked. Weeks later, they sent another bill saying we hadn't paid enough for the day "they worked." This is absolutely a scam and other neighbors in the Heights are quickly catching on. It's getting more obvious that they are separately answering those asking for recommendations by giving the other one's name. We can also see that the only people praising them live with doors of them. Also, the small area she worked on was trash and still ended up having to be redone. Since, we've written, texted, emailed, called, posted, etc. and they've never bothered to check in or discuss the issues.Please save yourself from this ridiculous headache and malicious behavior.
By: Ken R.
My wife and I decided to remodel both bathrooms in our house. They needed a fresh look and a complete update. Having seen the quality of work done by Tell Projects, I knew that I wanted them to do the work. I had Zach come by my house with his truck (the mobile showroom) and show my wife the many samples of flooring, tile, cabinets, and hardware. She was so impressed with Zach and the quality of his products that she agreed with me that Tell Projects was the company we wanted to do the work for us. Tell Projects gave us a 10-14 day estimate to finish the work. The workers were courteous and respectful of both our home and the three cats we have in the house. Like any remodeling project there were a couple of things that we added to the project. Both times Zach came by to inspect the issue and let us know how much the additional work would cost. They finished both rooms in 16 days due to the additional work we requested. The whole process was a very positive experience. None of the nightmare stories that you hear about remodeling. Both Zach and Ellie kept in constant contact with my wife and I. They answered our questions and made suggestions for every decision that had to be made from the tile, to the flooring, to the number of shower heads we needed. Each day the men worked quickly and cleaned up before leaving.I would recommend Tell Projects for any job you have from replacing a door to adding a room to your home.If I could use three words to describe this company they would be honest, respectful, and quality.Thank you Tell Projects and especially Zach and Ellie for two beautiful bathrooms!!Ken Robinson
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By: Karthik P.
Tell-Projects was wonderful. I worked closely with Zach, with office supervision and communication from Ellie. They helped us remodel our entire second floor living in just under 3 weeks, start to finish! That included demolishing the kitchen and two walls, installing new floors, counters, countertops (quartz), and installing our handpicked appliances. They were very efficient, speedy, and thorough. Throughout the experience, Zach was very communicative, open, and honest. We partnered closely to create a floor plan and the various design choices that go into it. My fiance and I both travel for work each week but we had full trust of Zach and his team to be in the house working. He would send us pictures of the progress each day and was very accessible if we had any questions by phone. We'd highly, highly recommend Tell-Projects for future remodeling projects, no matter how big or small. Price was very reasonable considering the value, and they put no pressure on you to do more than you absolutely need. And of course, there are always little touch-ups here and there afterward to get everything perfect, but Zach and his team were more than willing to go the extra mile to make sure that we felt happy.You can see pictures of our remodeled kitchen here: to say that we are thrilled!
By: Patricia C.
Kal's Home Repair, LLC
Following a kitchen fire, I called Kals, who has worked with me on many jobs throughout the years both in my home and my office. No job is too small or too big. Al handled all the details for a complete kitchen restoration due to fire and smoke damage: replaced drywall, painted ceilings and walls, replaced tile floor, sealed parquet floors (they are beautiful), and repaired smoke damage throughout the house. I am a very indecisive person, or so my husband says, but they are still always so patient with me and ALL the change orders. They are considerate of our needs, and responsive to questions and I always ask a thousand questions before deciding on something!!! The actual restoration of the kitchen shows Al's technical skill as well as artistic skill given that our 1950s home seems not to have a straight line in it. My family and I lived in our house during the restoration, and Al made it easy to do so, and actually required that someone often be present during the remodel so that normal issues that arise can be resolved quickly. I recommend them unreservedly. They are such an honest and down to earth team that love what they do. They are professional, fair priced, and worked hard to make the final product perfect! My husband and I are always happy with their work!
By: Michael G.
Kal's Home Repair, LLC
I'd like to commend your employee Al. He just completed my son's bathroom remodel and I needed to contact you to let you know how truly satisfied I am at the outcome. The bathroom needed a new tub, tub walls, sink, toilet and new flooring. We had some delays due to weather and my son's inability to stick to a color choice for the walls. Even though Al had to repaint the walls 3 times because my son kept changing his mind on the color, he respectfully changed the colors to my son's liking. Yes, we paid for the color changes but it was more than fair and the end result was brilliant and well worth it. Al skillfully completed each phase of the remodel. I was particularly happy with his attention to detail. If making talent craftsmen like Al available to your customers is an indication of the service that I can expect in the future, you can be sure that I'll recommend your company to friends and colleagues. When it is time for my other bathroom to be remodeled, I will be calling KALs!
By: Aline P.
Kal's Home Repair, LLC
I used KAL's services recently for a full house remodel and was very very pleased. After dealing with contractors who either didn't show up or were extremely lazy or just flat out crazy, I called KAL's. They exceeded my expectations on service,craftsmanship, know-how, and $$$ price. KAL'S offered up great suggestions & did a bit more than what I was expecting. They completed the job in a really professional polished manner.I will definitely use them again. Dealing with unreasonable contractors in the past made me angry and wasted a bunch of my time and $. I plan on just calling KAL'S for ANY future projects, big & small, and would recommend them to anyone! THANK YOU< KAL'S! CHEERS!
By: Lee Z.
Selleck Chemicals
I ordered a compound from Selleck Chemicals. I put water in the vial to dissolve it and after hours of vortexing/shaking, there were still a lot of crystals at the bottom of the tube. Not knowing what to do, I called their technical support and was told that I should have used DMSO as the solvent as they suggested on the datasheet. When I asked her if there is any chance I can reuse the undissolved crystals in the vial, she told me not to do so. Instead, she offered me a replacement for free, although it was my mistake to use the wrong solvent.Very satisfied with their service and will definitely order from them again.
By: Sarah H.
Kal's Home Repair, LLC
I normally don’t write reviews online but I thought it was the least I could do for Kal’s. I had them come out and paint my house before I sold it. I was impressed on the whole process they did. Before even painting they literally washed the house, scrapped off all the paint chips, replaced all the wood rot, primmered, sealed, and finally hand rolled the paint. REALLY QUALITY WORK! I did not expect them to do all of that. The last company I used did a quick pressure wash then used a spray gun to paint; the difference was night and day. I will definitely call these guys again and would recommend them to anyone.
By: Jane J.
Everyone I came in contact with at Tell Projects was highly professional, courteous, and patiently answered all my questions during our recent shower remodel. The work was completed on time, exactly as promised, and exactly at the cost quoted. The crew that came to my home were all Tell Projects employees, not outside contractors; and the same crew of plumbers, painters, tile installers and glass installers worked the entire project from start to finish. The finished work is beautiful and we couldn't be happier. I look forward to working with them on my next project.
By: Annette P.
Kal's Home Repair, LLC
Kip and Al, I wanted to thank you so much for all the hard work your team did on our home renovation! Our house looks amazing and now looks like a brand new house. Something our family can now call home!! KALS is an excellent company and I would highly recommend you to ANYONE. Plus the workman sent to do my remodels and repairs were very competent and professional. The job was finished fully to my satisfaction and my family and I could not be any more grateful. We look forward to working with you again for all our future projects!Best regards,The Perez Family

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