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By: Amber M.
Dude's Stop
Accidentally over paid the cashier today. Wouldn't give my money back, called manager and he did nothing. Said he'll be there tomorrow. She was very rude from the get go. All I said was are you serious to my sister, who witnessed the entire transaction. Where the lady replied yes I'm serious in a rude, sarcastic tone. I did get angry and said some things to my sister who had left on the phone but never directly to the cashier. She laughed as I walked out. No 1800 number to call. Gave her 3 five dollar bills instead of 2 five dollar bills. No drawer recount, nothing. No phone call today. I go in quite often, never had a problem before. Everyone else including the owners are usually very polite.
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By: Lee T.
Exedient Stop
Hey everyone I've been shopping at expedient stop for about a year now and I have to tell you it's a very clean , friendly and its the safest place to shop.. the customer service is the best I've ever seen .. when you first walk in they greet you with kindness and put a smile on your face... they always seem to be in a good mood which is what's important when it comes to the customers. .. pass bye they have ever thing you need... it's a Hispanic owned store but they treat everyone equally. .. so stop bye and get what you need at expedient ...
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By: Ale G.
Exedient Stop
I usually don't do this but people leave reviews only when they are mad and not when they get a good service. Well let me tell you EXPEDIENT STOP is the BEST corner store I have been to. All the employees are very nice and friendly. Great customer service every time i walk in the store they put a smile on my face even if I'm having a terrible day. They always have specials/ deals even my 4 year old daughter loves going there. I really recommend this store.
By: James S.
Memorial Conoco
This was a routine maintenance visit. As always, Mike was friendly when I arrived. On a Friday afternoon, the oil change was completed within a couple of hours even thoughI had left the station and told him I might not be back until the next day. When I did show up that evening, they had already secured it in a bay for overnight, and they couldn't have been nicer about getting it out for me. I always feel well taken care of here.
By: Pamelar4102@hotmail.com C.
Memorial Conoco
"My most recent service visit met all of my expectations and requirements. I described my concerns as best I could to the mechanic in the office. He understood what needed to be done and solved the problem and fixed it within an hour.I will return next month for the annual vehicle inspection probably again on a Friday morning.I have been a satisfied customer of you and your staff for over 25 years."
By: matheww78
Fountainview Mobil Car Care
Very impressive auto shop, customer service is #1. They are all very friendly. After taking my car to the dealership and got quoted a ridiculous price, I brought my Nissan here aNd they fixed the issue with almost half the cost. Gas is the best price in the gAlleria also :) Ive gotten my coworker and parents to go there, they were all impressed too. Great place to go to...
By: Sharon N.
Memorial Conoco
Mike Balzer and his techs do a great job on my car! I dropped by Memorial Conoco in between appointments and had a few minutes until my next meeting. I was due for an oil change and it worked out that I was able to have it done right then. They are good people! I appreciate their honesty when it comes to servicing my Volvo! I'll be back for sure!
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By: Christy B.
Stop & Inn
This is a great store! Has a wonderful variety of everyday items you often need when you just want to run in and grab something instead of fighting traffic and lines at the supermarket. Prices are great, employees are kind and helpful. Very family oriented and always upbeat happy atmosphere. Nice family owns..Good people.
By: Stephanie L.
Exedient Stop
I love this corner store. It has a wide variety snacks and also personal needs as well. Friendly customer service and they are also very attentive in all my needs. I also love how they always have the store so clean and organized. check this store out and I guarantee that you will find what you need!!
By: Mary R.
McDaniel Auto Care Memorial Drive
You will NOT find a more capable, honest and kind mechanic than Mac! He has helped me on more than one occasion and I will never use another mechanic. He's kind and honest. Let's me use a loaner car (for free) when my car needs to stay overnight. Best mechanic in town, no doubt about it!
Tips & Advices
Driver can find the cheapest gas prices by using an app to search for the lowest prices in their area.  Some apps such as Gas Guru take note of your location, and provide a list of gas stations nearby, along with the cost of gas currently being sold at each station.
There are things you can do to slightly improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Make sure your car's tires are properly inflated, and treat your engine to regular tune-ups. Check your engine's air filter, since a dirty air filter will compromise fuel economy.
Drivers must shut their engine off before pumping gas because it's illegal to fuel with the engine running, even though this law isn't always aggressively enforced. Pumping gas with the engine running can compromise your safety. When your car's engine is running, it's possible for its catalytic converters to generate heat that could ignite gasoline, and start a fire.
Even though many gas stations have warnings advising you not to use your cell phone while fueling, the chances of cell phones igniting a gasoline vapor fire are extremely remote. However, fires at the gas pump may be caused by static electricity discharge. For safe fueling, it's recommended that you turn off your car's engine and avoid smoking at the pump. Also, you should never re-enter your vehicle while refueling.
Many factors contribute to the lack of uniformity in gas prices. Retailers consider their tax responsibilities when setting gas prices. States place varying taxes on gasoline retailers, and a state with higher taxes will have higher gas prices than a state in which the taxes are lower. Also, if a gas station is located in an especially competitive area, a branded operator may receive wholesale discounts that allow the station to sell gas at a lower price. This is done by brands to keep their gas competitive in tight markets.

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