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By: citygirl435
China Bear
I absolutely love China Bear. It is an inexpensive buffet that really is your money's worth. The exterior of the place is fascinating. There's beautiful koi fish everywhere. Who ever bred them did an absolute wonderful job because there are over hundreds and they're all beautiful. Now onto the gift shop... They sell little knick knacks from jewelry to beautiful wooden structures. Granted it's not the best quality gift shop, but what do you expect. They're always interested finds like little crystals, chinese robs, and nice paintings. And lastly they're bamboo plants and bonsai plants are one of the best quality ones I can find in all of Houston. They're inexpensive and yet nicely grown and groomed. Every time I go I'm urged to buy another one lol. This restaurant is huge and so if their buffet options. They have lots of foods, from sushi, stir fry, crawfish, and now oysters. I went the other day and they're oysters were literally the biggest oysters I have ever seen. The food I personally think is delicious. It's not fancy, creative, and gourmet, but it's good, homey food. They have delicious mac n' cheese, green beans, fish, and more. People just need to understand that this isn't meant to be a five star restaurant. it's meant to be a family styled buffet that offers a bang for your buck. For less than twenty dollars per person, everyone is full and happy. There's even ice cream and desserts. China Bear is worth it and delicious, and I will stand by it forever because not only are my children and husband happy, my wallet is. Now the only cons I would say is the service. Most are Asian and cannot speak English very well, but all they do is give you your drink and occasionally fill it up. The food is all self- served, so I personally don't think their service is anything to cry about.
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By: Ivy T.
Ral's Fine Catering
I was referred to Ral by my wedding planner, Linda Stewart. I was very impressed of the different variety food Ral got to offer, not to mentioned the prices were right too. To be honest, I did speak to several other vendors before I decided to go with Ral. At first, my reason for chosing Ral was because his price was very reasonable compared to other vendors that I have talked to. However, I soon to find out that not only was the price was reasonable, but the food was very delicious as well when I went to the food tasting. Ral was very down to earth and was not pushy at all when we met. He was very detailed when explaining to me what was on the menu that I have selected and what will works best for my theme. Ral was very patience with us when it comes to scheduling the food tasting. At first, we had to reschedule the food tasting a couple of times because of my fiancé unexpected work schedules. Then, later we had to change the date on Ral again because we were dealing with a death in our family. Not to mentioned, we changed the menu on Ral at the last minute (to be exact, two weeks before our wedding date) due to our budget. Ral went way above and beyond for us and we really thank him for being so patience and work with us through all of these. Our wedding is 3/14/15 and I am so looking forward to eating the food again.
By: mr.dillon
Nee Hao Restaurant
I visit this hole in the wall about twice a month. The restaurant is next to a gas station, but don't let that lead you away from it. The place is pumping out huge portions of excellent food six days a week! The restaurant is kind of small, so you have to hurry to guarantee a seat. (Especially during lunch) The restaurant does offer a carryout service for those who can not wait. The carryout portions are just as large and are the same price as the dine-in portions. The only negative is that since it is in a small shopping strip next to a gas station, parking is hard to find. Plain and Simple -- The food is great Portions are huge Expect to wait Horrible Parking Old brown decor Quick, but quiet waiting staff You'll leave stuffed and happy Recommended meal: A large unsweetened tea C-20 (General Chicken) with the House Special Rice and a small wonton soup. Total: $12.55
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By: Donna G.
China Wok
Great food poor service. Have been going here for a few years. There is a young man who has worked for them for some time. When they allowed him to work the floor as waiting staff is when the problem begin. He can be rude and rough and he smirks when it is pointed out to him. The owners haven't really noticed due to the fact it is a small business and everyone stays busy. He also was what I call really pushy when it came to two different tables ordering, instead of letting the people order what they wanted he insisted they order his way, changing what they had wanted to order and I not saying in a good way, he made them feel they didn't know how to order right, he couldn't do that to my family or me, and his attitude really got down right huffy. So sad good food clean, and reasonable. if I decide to order there again it will always be carry out. At least as long as he is still working there. I do miss the woman who often use to wait on us, now she had people skills.
By: Brianne B.
Ginger Wok
The food i get is usually pretty good. I love the cheese puffs. The meats are always good too but I pretty much stick to the same things. 1)sessami chicken/ or beef + peapods. 2)Orange chicken or beef 3)beef and veggies (forgot the name) 4)sweet and sour shrimp (a favorite) my thing is that after the first time I ordered peapods with the one dish and they were good and fresh every other time they tasted pickled :(p and I can't eat them I also don't care for the onions but that's not just there but every Chinese restaurant I have ever eaten at. Overall I like this place and will keep ordering their food. Oh and I am not giving up on the peapods I will keep ordering them and ask for them fresh if I ever get them like that I will update review to 5 stars.
By: Sofia H.
Royal Restaurant
I typically don't eat out at desi restaurants because nothing can match the home cooked desi meal, however went out for iftar here. As I parked I was scared what I got myself into... The parking lot looks like it was used for a launch facility for NASA... The Plaza is pretty much defunct. This was probably one of a couple of stores actually in business there. Regardless probably not the best area of town.Inside was the standard desi restaraunt. It was pretty packed so def reserve before hand if going for iftar. Food was promptly served as we ordered over phone:Service was decent for how busy they wereNaan was on point. Biryani was on point Chicken karhai was oily but on point Chicken Tikka was on point Palak paneer was less than average. If I had to bring any desi food critics to a place to eat, I will def recommend this place.
By: hygienist
Bamboo House
Food is good but I was upset because I ate half my food wanting to not overeat and save the other half for lunch tomorrow so I asked the waiter to bag it up and he said sure and took my plates in the kitchen but never came back. He brought the bill and I asked where my food was and he had a look on his face and next thing i know the manager or owner lady came over and said to my friend,not me, that there was a miscommunication in the kitchen and they threw it away would I like to be comped with dessert. I said no I wasnt hungry and she said I can give you a discount on the food. So she went to the register and my friend later told me she overheard her asking the waiter how much food I had left that they thew away and he said less than half but it was quite a bit of food so she came over and only took off 20%. Not cool!
By: Doves K.
Kung Fu Tea
Delicious milk tea! I stopped by this place after lunch at the Sichuan place in the same plaza in hope of the sweet icy drink can wash down the spiciness. I was not disappointed.The Kung Fu Tea's interior was clean and there was a long line around 2 pm on Sunday. There were also a lot of teenagers hanging out in the store - in contrary to more family oriented "You know where" store across the plaza.The line moved pretty quickly and we ordered regular Kung Fu Milk tea. I was sold in the first sip - the tea was rich and came with subtle tea flavor. And their tapioca was so good! I've tried so many tapioca places in the Chinatown, most of them came out as uncooked/hard/too soft to chew. So I lowered my expectation, but the tapioca from the Kung Fu Tea place I ordered were cooked well, chewy, and sweet at the same time.
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By: Matthew S.
China Garden Restaurant
Dinner before a show. Waiter seemed distracted & annoyed. Ordered drinks and app's. Before we placed all our app orders he started to leave. Called him back to finish our order. Asked for spring rolls, all out. This was at 5:30 in the evening. I ordered a bourbon w/ice from the bar. Served in glass a little bigger than a shot glass not worth the price. Ordered lemon chicken as this what everyone raves on. No hint of lemon flavor at all. More sweet than anything. Would not be surprised if waiter got order wrong. Ate it anyway. Didn't have time to reorder. Waiter did not ask steamed or fried rice, brought fried. Egg roll good, not anything special. Might go again and order the lemon chicken and see what I get.
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By: Quoc-bao M.
The Blue Fish on Washington
2/3/2017Had a great experience here. The hostess greeted us promptly and accommodated our large party. The server came within a couple minutes, greeted us and got our drinks. He was had a lot of patience when taking our order. He alway recommend us some nice wine to pear with our dishes. After we finishes everything he recommended us some dessert, sadly we satisfied with our entrées that we had to denie. The decor was beautiful with the lighting created a mellow atmosphere.Overall very pleasant experience. Just wish parking was better. We had to park down the stair because not everyone bought cash for else I'd give 5 star.Hostess: Lady with the dark curly hairWaiter: Adriel or Adrian

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