By: citygirl435
China Bear
I absolutely love China Bear. It is an inexpensive buffet that really is your money's worth. The exterior of the place is fascinating. There's beautiful koi fish everywhere. Who ever bred them did an absolute wonderful job because there are over hundreds and they're all beautiful. Now onto the gift shop... They sell little knick knacks from jewelry to beautiful wooden structures. Granted it's not the best quality gift shop, but what do you expect. They're always interested finds like little crystals, chinese robs, and nice paintings. And lastly they're bamboo plants and bonsai plants are one of the best quality ones I can find in all of Houston. They're inexpensive and yet nicely grown and groomed. Every time I go I'm urged to buy another one lol. This restaurant is huge and so if their buffet options. They have lots of foods, from sushi, stir fry, crawfish, and now oysters. I went the other day and they're oysters were literally the biggest oysters I have ever seen. The food I personally think is delicious. It's not fancy, creative, and gourmet, but it's good, homey food. They have delicious mac n' cheese, green beans, fish, and more. People just need to understand that this isn't meant to be a five star restaurant. it's meant to be a family styled buffet that offers a bang for your buck. For less than twenty dollars per person, everyone is full and happy. There's even ice cream and desserts. China Bear is worth it and delicious, and I will stand by it forever because not only are my children and husband happy, my wallet is. Now the only cons I would say is the service. Most are Asian and cannot speak English very well, but all they do is give you your drink and occasionally fill it up. The food is all self- served, so I personally don't think their service is anything to cry about.
By: cancerman67
Merida Fine Custom Jewelry
Jennifer and I discussed what kind of ring she wanted - - a basic, traditiional princess cut solitaire. If not a solitaire - than no more than a couple of small diamonds on the side... nothing fancy or busy. I wanted to go off on my own and find the right ring so as to surprise her with it. I visited several jewelry and department stores in the Galleria and around the city. Nothing I saw struck me as being "the one" . . . unless it was far out of my price range - and that goes for both the ring and the diamond. Even though you couldn't see the major flaws with the naked eye - I knew they were there because I saw them through the loupe. I've known Stephen for a long time - but never knew he and his wife were in the jewelry business - until I voiced my frustration to him. I told him what I wanted and my budget. He showed me some diamonds that were in my price range - and I was pleased with the selection. His wife then drew several designs - - and after adjusting to my requests - she came up with exactly what I wanted. Not long afterwards - the diamond ring was presented to me - and I knew I found "the one". I presented it to my fiance during my birthday party - and she absolutely loves it. Stephen and Esperanza went out of their way to make us happy - and I'm already recommending them to my friends who're in the market. I was so pleased with the ring - I invited them to the birthday party where I surprised my love with a serenade on horseback. That serenade and proposal was captured by KHOU Channel 11 and the Houston Chronicle. You can view it on youtube - if you'd like to watch it. http://youtu.be/rVnz4YawkFg
By: pgbiehl
Merida Fine Custom Jewelry
On June 5, 2013 my husband I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. July 5, 2013 I lost my original wedding set with a 10 year anniversary band. I waited a couple of weeks, just knowing it would show up, all the time looking at settings and rings available on websites and stores. I was just not finding what I wanted. Some of my co-workers had used Merida for upgrades and customs, so I began a journey and sent 3 photos of rings, stating what I did like, and did not like, about each one. In just one revision, Esperanza had the perfect design for me. The journey began and we loved the education and information we received on our initial meeting with Esperanza and Stephan. Well, the old set was found by feeling deep in my purse through one of the liners. After taking a look at it my dear husband said that it was time for the upgrade anyway. Next the diamond was selected and we got to meet the bench craftsmen that work their magic from wax, to casting to polishing under the microscope. I received photos of the progress and the excitement was building. The day came for us to take possession and we were headed out of town. What service we received when Stephen delivered my ring to our home and drove through a rainstorm to get it to me. I can’t express how grateful and blessed I feel to have my custom ring of my dreams on my finger. I still look with a bit of surprise followed by giddiness! Now at some point, I will have Merida design a pendant from my old set to compliment my beautiful new ring.
By: Rick W.
Haddad Jewelers
We have been going to this jeweler almost since they opened. He sells wonderful high end custom designed pieces. You will not find the mass merchandising stuff you find at places like Kay's. If you do not find what you want he will custom design your piece. He only uses the best stones and materials.If the piece does not come out the way you wanted it he will redo the piece. When dealing with a high quality dealer it is not customary to allow photos of his pieces (some one else gave a bad review because of that). He values his clientele and always takes all the time you necessary to get what you have envisioned or want. I know this from experience as I have had several custom pieces made for us. He has also takes the time to repair and/or refurbish my family watches and clocks so they can be handed down to future generations.As far as Rolex watches go his company really can make the repairs necessary to keep it in excellent working condition which is more than I can say for others.I would highly recommend Haddad's Jewelers for those who have discerning taste and demand excellent service
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By: alainharvey
Cafe Brussels
Catherine’s latest venture, Café Brussels is a great new addition to the Heights. Try the Tartare de Saumon dressed with a zesty Belgian country vinaigrette accompanied by a Belgian draft beer or glass (bottle!) of wine. You can’t go wrong requesting Catherine’s favorite mussel dish for a main course, Belgian classic, Moules Marinières, accompanied by a large serving of golden Belgian Fries. The large and succulent mussels are steamed to perfection and portion sizes are very generous! My dining companion enjoyed le Petit Pavé de Bruxelles, a perfectly cooked steak and le Cordon Bleu. Be sure to leave room for one of Café Brussels fabulous desserts! Catherine's crepes are among my favorites.Catherine Duwaz is both a good friend and a genuinely nice person. It brings me great pleasure to see a friend continue to succeed in a town that can be unforgiving to restaurateurs. Cafe Brussels is our new "go-to" place in Houston for great Belgian food. And to top it all off, the prices are very reasonable for the quality and the portions sizes are generous.
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By: Kendrick K.
The Villagio
We decided on the Villagio & couldn't be happier! The venue is clean, spacious, and simply elegant. We had our ceremony and reception here. Trish, owner & overall planner, is prompt, thorough, charismatic and easy to work with. The venue is tucked away at the end of a street, with private parking & far from the street. There are inside/outside room options, but the trademark is a beautiful spiral staircase for a grand bridal entrance! The package we chose was the Ultimate II. This package comes with everything except the DJ and videographer so we didn’t have to worry about hiring various vendors for each part of our wedding. Trish already has a strong vendor selection. Our package came with food, cake, linens, floral arrangements, photo booth, lighting, photography, 2 HPD officers, and a wedding coordinator. We paid extra for drapery and it was beautiful. The caterers allowed us to test the food in a prior meeting so we can give them very specific details. Mr. & Mrs. King 08/12/2016
By: jeffory.cloyd
Tierra Luna Grill
This is my favorite Mexican restaurant ever. We have frequented a lot of Mexican food restaurants, and who hasn't when you live in Texas. But Tierra Luna Grill is by far the best I have ever been to.The flavor of the salsa is awesome. Evidently they grill the tomatoes for the salsa and who knows how they spice it up. The chips are warm and thin and crispy. They give you a small bowl of queso with the chips. I could dine on the chips and stuff alone. They were soooo good. And the waitstaff is terrific at keeping the bowls full and making their customers happy. The owner even came by and visited with us. She was wonderful.And then there are the entrees. All I can say is 'WOW!' They were marvelous. The Carnitas, Fajitas, and the Barbacoa are to die for. Perfectly cooked and spiced to enhance the flavor, not overpower it. The charro beans and spanish rice where super as well. Fantastic homecooked Mexican food and the waitstaff is great. We very highly recommend the Tierra Luna Grill.
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By: Donna G.
China Wok
Great food poor service. Have been going here for a few years. There is a young man who has worked for them for some time. When they allowed him to work the floor as waiting staff is when the problem begin. He can be rude and rough and he smirks when it is pointed out to him. The owners haven't really noticed due to the fact it is a small business and everyone stays busy. He also was what I call really pushy when it came to two different tables ordering, instead of letting the people order what they wanted he insisted they order his way, changing what they had wanted to order and I not saying in a good way, he made them feel they didn't know how to order right, he couldn't do that to my family or me, and his attitude really got down right huffy. So sad good food clean, and reasonable. if I decide to order there again it will always be carry out. At least as long as he is still working there. I do miss the woman who often use to wait on us, now she had people skills.
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By: Patsy J.
Spanish Flowers
Ate there over 4th. Laid my cell phone on corner of table. Turned around to get glasses .Turned back, waiter was there. Picked up menus and left. Phone was gone.Waiter swore he didn't see it. Manager swore he didn't see it on video. Used phone tracker. Called back manager laughed. Told him I would call police if they didn't come up with it. Four days later, received a call saying they had found it in menu bin. That I must have closed the menu on it! Tell me how you can pick up a menu with a cell in it and not know something is there just from the weight? Also how would you carry a menu with a cell without it falling out unless you were intentionally balancing it? Then how would you dump it in a bin without hearing it clunk?! Folk, they have a nice scan going on. Waiter steals something then manager swears the video shows nothing. I say they are liars and thieves. Food is pretty good, but don't trust them to not steal from you.
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By: alainharvey
Las Ventanas
Las Ventanas restaurant and cantina's serves as a portal for Mexico's culinary world and demonstrates rightly why it is one of the world's great cuisines. The proprietor, Alejandro Sneider, family has been serving authentic Mexican food in Houston for more than 35 years. Las Ventanas’ interior radiates sun-baked colors, the ambience is cozy and friendly, and the decor reflects Mexico’s colorful and vibrant culture. The tree- covered and gorgeously landscape patio is the perfect place to unwind. Executive chef Jose Hernandez creates the bold flavors using fresh ingredients that distinguish Mexican cuisine.Brilliant sauces showcase the remarkably diverse flavors gracing the authentic, traditional dishes. Indulge your palate with delicious recipes while sipping on an ice-cold margarita. Las Ventanas is also a family haven - you and your children will be enchanted by the patio and the no-mess kid zone.

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