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By: weddingniya
Winnie Couture Flagship Bridal Salon Houston
Winnie Couture is the best! My experience at the salon was wonderful. I was greeted by two eager and friendly women. They made my appointment very easy and fun. I told them what I was looking for and they showed me not only the dresses I was intrested in but also ones that would look good on me. They went far and beyond what was expected. My experience at Winnie Couture was way better than what I have experienced at other bridal salons. I was so intrigued by the staff and the beauty of the gowns I purchased my dress that day. I have not seen my gown anywhere else. My guest was in awe at the beauty of the dress. The in details of the dress was so beautiful. I purchased the dress a year before the wedding and when it was time to pull it out of the bag there wasn't a bead missing or anything. I love your store and I tell everyone to make sure they go to Winnie Couture before purchasing a gown. Winnie gets 100 on a scale of 1-10. Great Job!
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By: Patsy J.
Spanish Flowers
Ate there over 4th. Laid my cell phone on corner of table. Turned around to get glasses .Turned back, waiter was there. Picked up menus and left. Phone was gone.Waiter swore he didn't see it. Manager swore he didn't see it on video. Used phone tracker. Called back manager laughed. Told him I would call police if they didn't come up with it. Four days later, received a call saying they had found it in menu bin. That I must have closed the menu on it! Tell me how you can pick up a menu with a cell in it and not know something is there just from the weight? Also how would you carry a menu with a cell without it falling out unless you were intentionally balancing it? Then how would you dump it in a bin without hearing it clunk?! Folk, they have a nice scan going on. Waiter steals something then manager swears the video shows nothing. I say they are liars and thieves. Food is pretty good, but don't trust them to not steal from you.
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By: alainharvey
Las Ventanas
Las Ventanas restaurant and cantina's serves as a portal for Mexico's culinary world and demonstrates rightly why it is one of the world's great cuisines. The proprietor, Alejandro Sneider, family has been serving authentic Mexican food in Houston for more than 35 years. Las Ventanas’ interior radiates sun-baked colors, the ambience is cozy and friendly, and the decor reflects Mexico’s colorful and vibrant culture. The tree- covered and gorgeously landscape patio is the perfect place to unwind. Executive chef Jose Hernandez creates the bold flavors using fresh ingredients that distinguish Mexican cuisine.Brilliant sauces showcase the remarkably diverse flavors gracing the authentic, traditional dishes. Indulge your palate with delicious recipes while sipping on an ice-cold margarita. Las Ventanas is also a family haven - you and your children will be enchanted by the patio and the no-mess kid zone.
By: mr.dillon
Carlos Mexican Restaurant
I have been a life long customer, and it kills me to post this negative review. Carlos' has gone down hill. I have been over ten times in six months, and every time I go the restaurant is totally empty. The food is amazing and the price is great(if you can get that price) On my past two visits, the waitress has changed my order to make the bill more expensive. I let it slide the first time, but the 2nd time was enough. The manager was so clueless to business and failed to care that my receipt did not match what I got. I am never going back and would like everyone else to be very aware of your order. I recommend the restaurant for its food, but not for the customer service and waiting staff. Recommended meal: The Don Lupe - $8.55 (I urge you to watch your ticket if you choose to go after reading this)
By: mrsreamer12
Maggie Rita's
We went to Maggie Rita's on a Sunday afternoon. The restaurant at first looks closed because to "Open" sign was off. We decided to try anyway. We sat at the bar. The server was nice, but there was definately no suggestive selling. She was an order-taker. This being our first time here, we really didn't know what was good. We ordered the Stuffed avocados for an appetizer. It was so bland that we seasoned it ourself and asked for some aoli to dip it in. Both of our dinners where just as bland. There was nothing special about the margaritas as well. Then we got the bill and realized we had spent $73. for blah food. I will not return.
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By: Ashton H.
Winnie Couture Flagship Bridal Salon Houston
I actually wasn't planning on buying a dress the day i had my appointment. I actually didn't think they could find me a dress so I initially just entertained the thought of trying some on. Lindsay was my stylist and I immediately feel in love with her spirit. She was extremely kind and wasn't pushy. She listened to what I thought I wanted let me try it on and the very last dress (she suggested) ended up being the dress I could see myself walking down the aisle in. No words can describe the emotions I felt putting on my Winnie wedding dress. I'm just so grateful that I ended up at this bridal salon finding the dress of my dreams.
By: Ramon S.
La Calle Tacos
Authentic Mexico City street tacos and Tortas. Very fresh, there's no freezer and no microwave. All made from scratch. Staple items are the chillango tacos, there's 5 small yellow corn tortillas. Just tell the taquero "One of each con todo" and they'll hook you up. They slow cook for 5 hours the carnitas and the barbacoa.Try the Made from scratch Horchata, Jamaica or Lime with Chia!!! All natural.High energy ambiance. The theme or the restaurant is a taco stand in México City, as every taco stand has, they have old TVs playing old movies, novelas and the very first Chabelo episode playing.Great place.
By: Mide H.
Romero's Las Brazas
I went to Romero’s Las Brazas Mexican restaurant on November 14, 2015. There was 6 PM and only 6-7 table's consumers. My husband and I have wait 15 minutes and nobody put any chips on our table until the waitress who the only one wore white came and asked if we had decided our dinner. After I used my credit card pay the bill (total 50 dollars), and kept the receipt. I put 8 dollars cash for tip. However, when I got my bank statement, this restaurant charged me more 3 dollars! Be careful this restaurant! Those people are stealing money from you! I will not go there again!
By: mlightsey
El Palenque Mexican Restaurant
It was our first visit to this restaurant, and we really loved it. The employees were friendly and helpful. The menu was full of various choices and it was hard for me to make a decision on what to order. The prices surprised us, especially when we saw the quantity and tasted the quality of the food! The shrimp was fabulous, very fresh and tasty. The fajitas were very flavorful and more than enough, with yummy tortillas. The borracho beans, rice, tortillas, chips and salsa were all outstanding. We will find excuses to get to that part of Houston to eat there again.
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By: Sue Z.
Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen
Although the food is generally good, an experience recently ruined it. I went for the fajita special they were having. With a half pound of fajitas they brought 2 tortillas. I asked for 2 more so we could finish the meat. They charged $1.20 for 2 tortillas, never had this happen in any Mexican restaurant I have ever been to. Never been served only 2 to begin with, except Sylvias. Also, when change was brought to my friend when paying, only bills, no coins, were returned.

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