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  • 1.Iron Masters

    115 Sharpstown Ctr


    10.27 mi

  • 2.Ironmasters by Versatile

    7500 Bellaire Blvd


    10.41 mi

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By: Tiffany S.
Alanis Salon
Beautiful salon & even better staff!Located in upscale Montrose/River Oaks areaStreet parking only
By: Richa G.
Tony's Salon
Timothy did a poor job.He is a very arrogant chap.He damaged my hair and is not even willing to correct it.Very unprofessional staff.They misbehave with their customers
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By: K.n P.
Alanis Salon
I called to explain that I wanted yellow and orange hair tips, then asked permission to bring in the Pravana hair dye myself. The young lady put me on hold to check, then said yes because they did use that brand there. I asked about a Groupon they offered that covered an ombre or balayage plus haircut/style, she answered not to purchase the deal or they would lose money, and that they would match that pricing directly in person.The day I was scheduled, I called them to let them know I was on the way and they said I was fine. After arriving the guy who was to be my stylist named Andre Deleon Williams asked me if I had a Groupon. He incredulously said it wouldn't cover what I wanted, and that he did not have enough time to do it also since he had another client coming in (it was 4:30 and they close at 8pm). The owner gets involved, and sides with him. She blamed the person who took the call for not suggesting a consultation first.I told her that I will be going elsewhere and and not recommend her establishment to anyone. She got defensive and gave me some spiel about all her years of experience. I am writing this review now so that anyone who reads it can avoid that pompous worker Andre (an older man with a condescending attitude poorly disguised as inept superiority). I am actually so glad it happened that way, because instead I went on a personal recommendation to Beauty Express Hair Salon on Bellaire. Feel free to read my experience on their Yelp reviews (my photo is captioned: Fire Hair) because it was phenomenal. It has been weeks since my hair was done and I am still constantly getting complimented on it.**UPDATE**The owner wrote a response to my Yelp review, exactly like I predicted trying to shift the blame once again by denying and whining. I expect her to lie some more in the near future because she doesn't have anything better to do. What an embarrassment. I truly feel sorry for her.
By: badservicephob
Black Sydney's Hair Salon
I have been a loyal customer at this salon for a while now (about 2 years) and it is with utter disgust that I have to write this review. I typically receive the humidity frizz control treatment. About 2 weeks ago, I went in for my perm, color & frizz treatment & paid $220.00. However, a day later I noticed my hair texture was not the same ( Sidney the stylist had put too much gel for me to notice during my initial appointment). I immediately called him to share my observation & he actually had the nerve to tell me the reason my hair texture was not soft is because my hair is short. Basically telling me humidity frizz control does not work on short's the kicker, I've been spotting the short hair-cut he/ Sidney cut himself a while ago. So to fix the issue, I inform him I will call him back to schedule another appointment. Well since then, Sidney will not pick up my calls or return my text requests. I had hoped this issue would have been rectified amicably and swept under the rugs but since he obviously takes his customers for fools, I am going to make sure another paying customer like me, does not receive this type of "fraudulent" services. Sidney- I work hard for my money & when I pay I have an expectation, you are not doing me a favor. FYI/ I WILL BE REPORTING THIS FRAUD TO THE BBB......ooh and by the way, he only takes cash so, think twice!!!....& this business is located on Fondren & West Airport SW
By: Alex B.
Galaxy Barbershop and Braiding Salon
Do read this if you are buying this saloon! First of all, this saloon is not at all in the running condition. The seller would advertise that there are 10 seats on rent, but in reality there is only 1 lady who had rented a chair for $100. I had a plan to buy this saloon thinking that there are 10 seats on rent, and I didn’t find a single renter coming there to work for 10 days continuously(due diligence period). Upon asking the seller, he would reply that all renters can come at any time during the day/night to work with their customers, its none of his duty. But I wonder how could a renter pay $200 per week without working? I asked the contact details of all renters so that I could atleast call and meet them before buying this business, and I finally found that all of them were his friends but not renters. The seller was always drunk, and had a lipton ice tea bottle in his hand filled with hard liquor(just to fool around cops I think). In the end I found whatever he claimed for his business ended up to be a big lie.
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By: Lash by M.
Lash By Michelle
I'm so sorry for your experience. About the privacy and the crowds, I'm so sorry because this is our workshop to train new techs. We will open Lash studios in the next 6 months, and they will be very relaxing and soothing...About the services, $70 normally lasts from 4-8 weeks without refill. By the way, you only had $60 set not $70. Probably, you paid: $5( take off old lashes) + $60( new set)+ $5( Tips)= $70( ???)After care is essential. Maybe, 1st time you have done Volume Lashes and not used to it yet.. If after care was not the case, maybe allergy season is going on or other factors...We offer lash corrections for free within 3 days and a $10 within a weeks if it's due to blinking, tearing eyes, oily skin, improperly after care or allergy.The Tech did for you was only 1 tech. We have Michelle, Quyen, Kayla, Helen also are very good. Please let us know about your lashes issue so we can see how to please you and make you feel we are worthy for your money if you decide to give us another chance if you really like the look of our lashes. Your review is helpful to the consumers and has a deep impact on our business over all.However, it's really sad that you have not yet tried out other advanced and master stylists and asssuming we are not worth to visit as a whole.We work so hard to build up our reputation and try to maintain it.If we are not good, we're not that crowded. Our clients are not coming only because we're very reasonable and affordable price but also for the looks and long lasting. We do classic single from $80 & upOur volumes are $50 & up. Our real fur are $250 & up. Models for lashes and 3D Brows are free.Price for new techs after strictly welled-train( did more than 30 free models)For Lashes:Single by Single: $50 Their skill are not allowed to do Volume Lashes yet. For brows: Angel, Katherine, Helen: $150Quyen: $200Michelle:$250Thank you very much for your reviews.
By: Ariel R.
Lash By Michelle
Hi I just moved to this side of town from Pearland and was looking for a new lash boutique closer to me. I was referred to lash by Michelle by a coworker. Now I’ve been wearing mink lash extensions for about two years and this time I got the dramatic look and within a week and a half more than 75% of my lashes have fallen off. I’m not sure what type of glue they use but I’ve never had this many lashes fall off this fast. Before I could go get a two week refill I’ve lost about 75% of my lashes which will cause me to basically get a full set. Also I didn’t like the fact that everyone is crowded together inside of the same room. My old lash studio you were in your own private room without having to hear everyone’s conversation as well as ppl coming in and out. From my experience I wouldn’t recommend nor return.
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By: G E.
Braid Experts & Beauty Supply
Horrible Experience! I forgot about the large roach crawling on the wall until I decided to load these pictures. Hair images are only after 2 weeks! SMDH!!! Looks like I had the braids in for a month already at least! I have removed this hot mess from my head!! Worst Braid Experience Ever for Me!If you want to keep your edges, don't go to these people. And if you value your time and money, definitely don't go to them. My braids were hanging and about to snap my edges after the first week, so I removed several braids. I have braids of all different sizes (skinny, medium, and fat)! What do I expect if 4 people tried to rush after 7 1/2 hours had already passed due to me waiting and then 1 person braiding super slow!If I could give negative points and stars I would. It took over 9 hours to get single braids done. After I walked out of the shop the second time, I should have not come back in but the person who I presumed as the owner comes chasing me down in the parking lot to tell me that it is going to go really fast because two people will be working on my hair. I went against my own instincts and came back inside. After 45 more minutes of waiting 1 person started on my head, mind you I first came to the shop around 12:30. Saw they were busy and was told they would call me and to come back in 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Anyhow, I needed a pedicure too so took the opportunity to do just that.... Back to me and the 1 individual who was the only person braiding my hair for over 3 hours... By this time I am frustrated so I said something to the lady who told me that 2 people would be braiding my hair. She was like, "yes, we will have two people braiding your hair. it is going to go fast." which was close to 2 hours later. What's worst then me having to have friends come in from out of town to meet me at the braid shop and spent 2 1/2 hours of their time waiting on me, the braids are horrible! I have only had the braids in 3 weeks tomorrow and after the first week the braids looked as if I had the braids in for 2 months. I have pictures that show the braids hanging with what looks like 1 to 2 inches of new growth after the 2 weeks. Will be removing this weekend. Wasted $170.And the argument I had with the owner over $5 more she wanted to charge me for more hair was senseless. I should have left when I started to listen to almost every other customer in there either complain about the excessive amount of time or the lady who came in crying that her braids needed to be redone in the front because it was making her head hurt even after a week of having the braids installed. So of course the lady who was crying and was about to show out took priority. A co-worker recommended this spot and she can keep her recommendations! This was horrible for me!!! And to think that the ladies watching me as I was about to type my review while they were braiding my hair tried to convince me not to post a review. You all need to do better hair!!!!!
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By: Gabriel M.
Happy Cut Beauty Salon
Love the way they cut my hair
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By: Felicia B.
Q-Lash Studio
I love this lash studio. The location is very convenient for me and the ladies are perfect at what they do. Usually I go to Kim and I've yet to be disappointed. Wonderful customer service and can count on them to keep me looking GORGEOUS!!!!!

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