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By: Mike K.
Cell 4 Less
Evidently, I am the antithesis of most of the earlier reviewers on this site and others. My experience was quite favorable. I wanted a full featured, unlocked, smart phone but I couldn’t afford a new one. Cell 4 Less had a used one for sale that they advertised on Craig’s List for significantly less than I would have had to pay on eBay. James was the contact on the ad and he was very patient with me. He described the phone and even got some information from the phone’s memory for me. He assured me that it wasn’t blacklisted but then he even gave me the IMEI # so I could verify it myself. (Which I did, on the carrier’s blacklist and on several others.) Additionally, James agreed to hold the phone for me for about 4 hours. Very unusual and very much appreciated. When I arrived it was similar to other cell phone shops that I have visited. They evidently work with a lot of carriers and had a decent selection of phones. It is a fairly modest enterprise. Brandon greeted me and explained that James wasn’t there. However, Brandon was just as helpful as James. He went out of his way to reassure me that the phone wasn’t stolen, lost or still under contract. I requested that he show me the IMEI on both the battery case and on the phone settings as well as check the moisture sensors with me. Everything checked out. He even offered me an Otter case at a much lower price than a box store and threw in a car charger to boot. All in all a great deal and a good experience. Another thing, Brandon made it clear that there was no rush and that he would answer any of my questions. Being my first smart phone, this was particularly kind.The only reason that I didn’t give them 5 stars was because it took them 2 more days to get the unlock code for me. But they did get it and the phone appears to work superbly with aio Cellular. Bottom line, they kept their deal, the phone was as described and there don’t appear to be any problems. At all.One peculiar thing did happen while I was there. A lady wanted to return a phone that she purchased because it (supposedly) didn’t work. The sales rep that talked with her was very patient and checked the phone over and it apparently worked fine. She complained that it didn’t work with her carrier’s sim card but, get this, she didn’t bring the sim card in. He assured her that had she brought the sim card with her he could have straightened out the problem. She just kept complaining that it didn’t work. I’m not sure how it was resolved. However, these guys are not a major supplier so eating the price of a phone is surely unpalatable. I am sure that they would have made things right if there was a problem. But the phone worked!Sorry to have gone on so long but it irritates me when a store gets bad reviews and deserves some good ones. Those other reviewers may have had problems but I did not.
By: mwarren50
I brought my unlocked iPhone4 in to start prepaid service with Tmobile. They seemed to be generally unknowlegeable about how to accomplish this procedure. Also they gave me several different stories about my connection speed all the way from instant 4G to 3G to Edge (very slow) and Edge was what I ended up with, though they promised I would have 3G or 4G by the end of the month. Finally after about an hour, I had paid the $50 for the 30 day unlimited Talk, Text & Web prepaid card. Before I left, I tried unsuccessfully to connect to the Net using the slow Edge service but got no connection whatever. The manager had to go research what was wrong, and finally after about 15 minutes, she returned with a 2 page set of detailed instructions needed to activate my internet connection. After another 30 minutes and many fumbling attempts, the sales girl managed to get it working. Then the next day, I called for info on purchasing the Galaxy Exhibit phone on the same prepaid plan. The manager could not accurately answer my questions about international use and said she would call back within 2 hours...did not happen. I called and she said she had not had time but would contact me by the end of the day within 4 hours which also did not happen. All in all, they are lucky to get 2 Stars, Probably deserve 1 or 0.
By: cool-tools
Tractivity has simplified and automated business management processes for custom manufacturers. Highly flexible and modular functions range from simplified time tracking to complete business process automation. Functional capabilities include: Time Tracking, Payroll Automation, Cost Analysis, Performance Metrics, Estimating, Sales Order Management, Production Management, Scheduling, Contact Management, Inventory Control, Purchasing/Receiving and Human Resources. Tractivity provides cost effective, easy to use data capture technologies for every situation including shop, office, field, job sites and crews. Tractivity solutions integrate with existing business and financial software systems to simplify operations and eliminating double-entry. Complete system implementations in twenty-one calendar days.
By: rosspogue
DR Cell Phone-Houston
They saved the day! 11.30am iphone shattered, screen completely cracked from top to bottom in tree/branches shapes. Could still turn on so it looked like just the screen was damaged.Called them at 3pm (no walkin)At 4.15pm I got to their place (it's a condo but easy parking)I spent 30mns at the mall next door (Homestead & Foothill)At 445pm my phone was just like new! All functions OK!Cannot express how good the service is.And don't let the fact that they run the shop from a condo fool you. It is great work and they accept all major credit cards (incl American Express)Once again.. they saved the day!
By: levilady3
I have been with Sprint for 6 years, this is the store I opened my account.I have had some trouble with phones no fault of the store, but they go out of their way to try andhelp. They are honest and will guide you and your family to fit you to the plan that fit's you and/ family's needs.One thing I like best is that you can either walk in or call and set an appointment so you do not have to wait.The are the all in 1 Sprint store, they can put you on a plan, sell you products, you may pay your bill at their location, or have your phone repaired.
By: braint
Sumner, Inc
A few weeks ago our company contacted Sumner Inc. in regards to a new project that we had taken on for network integration's they were able to provide us with a project manager as well as give us consultation a more cost-effective ways to go forward with the project. At this point they have provided a savings of over $190,000 will later update you on how things pan out. But in the meantime I can definitely say these guys are good at what they do productive efficient and proven talents at this point.
By: nikkifbaby
Dr. Fixaphone
Absolutely outstanding service!! Answered all questions and was an eye-opening wonderful price! I thought that I would have to shell out the hundreds of dollars for a brand new iphone5 after completely shattering mine but not the case... he was able to fix it flawlessly and looks brand new! I am so impressed with the service and outcome and will definitely be reccomending all of my friends and family with their iphone troubles. Thank you so much again!!!
By: destyned.fate
Dr. Fixaphone
Over last weekend, I ended up breaking my iPhone screen while I was hiking. There was a large crack going over the whole screen and the touch sensor was messed up. This left my phone pretty much useless. Dr. Fixaphone repaired my screen quickly and affordably. Was able to use my phone again before I knew it! Would reccomend this service to all my friends and family!
By: alexbg
Dr. Fixaphone
I came to this business to get my phone fixed knowing that most of these places repair your phone with cheap imitations of the actual parts. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I got my phone back it had a brand new screen on it which felt and looked just as genuine as when i first bought the phone. If you have to go fix your phone anywhere I'd go here!
By: b0rn2beking
Dr. Fixaphone
I was walking in my house while playing games on my iphone and didn't remember that there was a speed bump there. I of course fell (Scratches on elbow and face) and broke the screan. I then went to Dr.Fixaphone to have it fix with little fee. I went back a day after to pick up my iphone it look just like the way I first bought it. Thanks Dr.Fixaphone.

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