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By: hazard
Simply: Fuller's Guitar is the place to go if you're looking for a guitar.Being a patron of the Guitar Centers of the world, I'm all too familiar with the disconnected "buy something or don't, I don't care" attitude a lot of their sales reps have, so the buying experience at Fuller's is a huge contrast.The folks around the shop are just there to help (as cliche as that sounds) ... They know that you're not going to walk in, pick a guitar off the wall and pay for it before you compare it to other brands/models, and they encourage you to make some noise so you get the full experience. The first time I walked in, I was taken aback by everyone stopping by to ask if I had any questions (thinking it was just a passive-aggressive way of asking me if I was going to buy already), but when I actually started asking questions, it clicked that they just wanted to share what they knew.I'm a fairly regular visitor to the shop now, and when I'm not buying something new (three guitars from them and counting), I'm having them tinker with a guitar I already have. A pick up on my Les Paul was acting up, and they took it to replace a pot only to find that it just needed to be cleaned out ... so they didn't charge me.When you're looking around for your next guitar, I definitely recommend you check out their website or stop by the shop before you pull the trigger.
By: Clenton S.
Texas Music Emporium
I am totally sold on these guys! They treat you like family and are extremely knowleable not only about gear but also the local music scene. They want your business so they do their best to match prices from the mega discount stores on the Web. However, they will not let you leave without your gear set up exactly how you want it! Sales, service, and even lessons are all top notch. They don't have the inventory of GC or Fullers, but they more than make up for it by the way they treat you and their prices. Great Fender, Marshall, and Martin dealer! Highly recommend!
By: Ryan L.
Quantum Bass Center
Huge stock of basses, plus violins and electric basses. The lowest prices while at the same time the best instruments I have seen anywhere. Very helpful staff, excellent repair work. They really understand the right way to set up stringed instruments to play their best. The only music store in Houston that stocks sheet music for bass.
By: john.g.sawyer
Cymbalfusioncom Fusion Com
These guys are awesome! Erik or Anthony will take care of your drumming gear needs. fast & courteous service with a great price. It's so easy doing business with them.
By: Joe V.
Quantum Bass Center
Largest collection of double basses in this part of the country - informed, professional, attentive staff - great prices!
By: Jim R.
Texas Music Emporium
This store rocks!!! Prices lower than Amazon.

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