• 1.Lazeeza Restaurant

    5711 Hillcroft St


    9.07 miMenu$

    $10 Worth of Pakistani Food

    Lazeeza Restaurant uses HALAL meat, fresh produce, and premium quality spices to prepare the menu.

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By: alainharvey
Nirvana Indian Restaurant
The SceneLadies who lunch, foodies and wine connoisseurs taking advantage of the BYOB policy with no corkage fee are drawn out west for the highly regarded Indian cuisine and gracious service. At dinner, soft lights, soothing Indian artwork and private linen-dressed tables create an atmosphere conducive to lingering.The FoodIndia is known for its collection of regional spices, several of them aromatic that add layers of flavor to the food being prepared. It’s no longer a secret that each dish tastes great if spices are ground in small batches as Nirvana chef devotedly does each day. Chef Nadeem Rahmat, a native of Hyderabad takes great care in the selection and purchasing of fresh whole spices. Spices are taken in small batches, ground individually and slow roasted in a cast iron skillet over an open flame. The roasting releases the oils and essences of each spice. Spices are then ground from a coarse to a fine texture as needed to blend in with the meats, poultry and seafood dishes being cooked.Three new and unique dishes are the Goat Bukhara – succulent chunks of goat meat immersed in rich brown gravy with apricots. The Moghlai chicken reminiscent of the Moghul empire featuring moderately a spicy gravy made with cashews, almonds ground into a rich, thick paste, then seasoned with fried onions, yogurt and kewra water essence, based in a rich tomato and cream sauce. Lastly, the Chicken Madras – chicken pieces flavored in Madras curry powder, coconut milk, flavored with fried curry leaves and mustard.Always fresh, the Monday lunch and dinner buffet features 16 varietal dishes accompanied by a mini salad bar and a dessert bar. The restaurant’s manager, Monsur Alam, monitors the buffet line constantly keeping it restocked, and often informing diners that the Chicken Tikka Masala on the way or fresh Naan will be coming to their table. The buffet offers diners mild to medium spicy dishes. The a la carte menu can be customized to suit each diner’s taste from moderate to very spicy. Buffet dishes are new each day. The buffet features some classical Indian dishes – Tandoori chicken, Shrimp Jalfrezi, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Vindaloo, Mutton Rogan Josh, Aloo Bhajia, (potato vegetable), Chana Masala, (Chickpeas in spicy gravy), Khadi – dumplings in yogurt sauce, Sag Paneer (spinach with cottage cheese cubes), and Vegetable Pulao. Nirvana also features an array of excellent grilled thoroughfare – Fish tikka (flavored fish pieces), Gosht boti kabab, Murgh Malai (skewered cubes of chicken cooked in a tandoor oven, featured in a creamy sauce), and Sarson ki chaamp (lamb pieces with mustard leaves).Nirvana offers an excellent variety of vegetarian dishes as my wife can attest. We appreciate the service which is consistently excellent and always attentive. The nan bread is always brought to the table fresh instead of being allowed to become soggy on the steam table.On Friday nights Nirvana features live music – the solo sitar by Aaron Hermes, an artist who has classical training from India, sometimes accompanied by a flutist or tabla player. The evening ambiance at Nirvana is perfect for casual dining in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant is decorated with modern, flowing lines and rich, sensual colors. The restaurant offers a large friendly patio offering diners a place to relax and enjoy an outdoor table during those rare times when Houston experiences a pleasantly cool evening.
By: Fs R.
Himalaya Restaurant & Catering
Service deserves NO STAR as well as the atmosphere. This restaurant may have Houston Chronicle reviews and decent food but that is not everything in the restaurant business - most people would like to go to a welcoming and enjoyable environment to have a good meal with wonderful, attentive customer service. If that's what you are looking for, DO NOT GO HERE!! It's a small place - with a very rude owner, who sits out front like a manic and rips you off with extra charges at the register or by upping the price of the dishes and throws your change at you with no word uttered no thank you nothing. When this restaurant was fairly new and he was trying to grow his business he was attentive and at times a bit too talkative and intruding - all gone to his head! He caters mostly to his Caucasian customers and is extremely rude to everyone else as if we are coming to get free food or something. The "slender waiter" as he is referred seems to be the head waiter and is absolutely horrible - throws down the menu and looks all over the restaurant while taking your order with very few words as well. No welcome either just says "bolo" = yes. I have to mention that the other mostly hispanic employees are wonderful and very nice, I often ask them for something if I need it and prefer to leave them the tip. If you eat here, check your bill as they feel they have the right to add an automatic 10% tip regardless of your party size and look out for other fees.
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By: Brittney K.
Cowboys & Indians Tex-In Kitchen
Such a cool concept! Love the remodel of the place, great atmosphere! As for the food... it's delicious!!!! Dined in with my husband, our daughter and our friend. We had the veggie samosas and they were the best I've ever had! We also had the butter chicken and lamb. Both excellent! Our friend had these amazing beef sliders that were seasoned so wonderfully that they almost taste like lamb, came with a side of fries with a spectacular Indian sauce drizzled on top! Wide variety of drinks as well! My husband enjoyed a beer from India. We can't wait to go back and see what else they come up with on their menu!
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By: april.faure
Kabab Kahani
I have been looking for a place that has really good gyros close to home. I hate going almost to downtown, but I love gyros and lamb. This little place has the most awesome beef and lamb gyros. You can order them in the greek style, not indian, which I do not care for, even though this is an indian restaurant. I want to try their lamb chops, and maybe some of the traditional indian dishes, if I can ever make myself order something besides the truely wonderful beef and lamb gyros.
By: Theo T.
I think the food here is excellent, the service is aahahhhaah just ok. But the food though? Excellent. We have been here quite a few times and always had a great meal. It is Indian and so I can never remember what I had as far as the names. Nor can I remember if it is northern or southern or whatever Indian, but that doesn't matter as the food is great. Give it a try, you won't be disappointing.
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By: Jayna D.
Himalaya Restaurant & Catering
One of the best foods i have had in Houston. Love their chicken seekh kababs and paneer hara masala. Ambiance is okay but you have to go there if you are a foodie. Have been there several times and never had to wait for more than 10 mins after ordering. The owner is sweet and hospitable, although sometimes he seems overwhelmed. A MUST RESTAURANT TO DINE AT IF YOU LIKE INDIAN FOOD.
By: marvinm58
Himalaya Restaurant & Catering
The food and service here is superb! I'm still not accustomed to the entire Himalayan culture, but this restaurant definitely brings me closer to it. The atmosphere is very traditional and the music is cool that they play in there. Overall a great experience for me and I would recommend this spot to anyone.
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By: Vijay S.
Biryani Pot
Lunch combo / thali is great, Biryani is original Hyderabad style dum Biryani that we get in India. It's a busy place but they have a parking attendant to help find a parking spot. Overall good Indian food in Houston. This is not Indian-American , it's Indian-Indian food :)Not very expensive too!
By: flaljee
Bundu Khan Kabab House
Best Pakistani barbecue you can expect without actually going to Pakistan. The Chicken Tikka is awesome as are the parathas. Seek kabab and lamb chops are also amazing. Nothing here I didn't like. Best Indian/Pakistani barbecue you will ever have. Really!
By: Sehnaz P.
Dhakshin Indian Cuisine
This restaurant has a potential, but the inside needs a cleaning, the walls need wiping and painting. Just did not feel too clean, the food was good, but the inside did not feel too good to be there.

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