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By: ou812z
All Total Health Foods
Good variety, products arranged by type and use. Reasonable prices. They specialize in allergy foods & herbal solutions. Hansen's sodas have Splenda. They're facing Highway 6 north, strip center at the corner of Kingfield Drive. Other side of Kingfield has the big Kroger shopping center (Hwy6N at West Little York). Very Knowledgeable staff, keeping up with info on marketing outsourcing to Chinamanland--did you think supplements (or drugs, for that matter) were still made in America? These guys know some remaining brands. Write your Congress people that we do NOT want our food supplements classified as narcotics for prescription sales--as required by the USA's membership in the World Trade Org (WTO), which goes by EU Codex Alimentarius. Try to get your Congressmen to help move us out of these socialist, communitarian groups like the World Health Org and so on. We do NOT need the U.N. or others controlling our lives> the USA is a sovereign country that is not beholding to anyone. Sorry to politicize, but they WILL take our vitamins, etc., if they can.
By: cool-tools
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By: Barbara R.
Direct Home Care Supply
What a wonderful company to help with my mother and my mother-in-law's pullups, and extra pads to go in the pullups. Courtney called every month to be sure the pullups, etc. were needed. We put everything on a schedule with our credit card and everything ran very smoothly. I would talk with Courtney one day, and the next day my mother or mother-in-law would have what they needed. My mother-in-law never could find larger pullups and we found what she needed with Direct Home Care. She felt so comfortable and safe. I would highly recommend this company for your or your families personal needs. They are a part of our family! Thank you for your care and personal touch with our loved ones!
By: jw1914
Herb's Delight
Dr. Soliz is amazing at her Bio-magnetic Emotional therapy. My arm was hurting so bad and I thought it was from years of typing and she pinpointed a trapped emotion and removed it and my arm is back to normal!! It sounds unbelievable, but its true. Then my husband hurt his hand at work, it hurt him so bad he could not even button his pants, well we asked Dr. Soliz if she could help and again the pain went away, and within 2 days it was completely gone!! So many people need to know about this. That's why I feel its my obligation to review her because so many people could be helped instead of being medicated !! I will be forever grateful to her !!
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By: David H.
First Class Medical Equip-Supl
It is unfortunate that Sophia and Onyinye are dissatisfied with First Class Medical. In Sophia's case, her physician did not complete the required documentation as required by the Affordable Care Act and we could not provide service through Medicare. In Onyinye's case, in an attempt to obtain equipment for free, her rude, demanding demeanor dictated that she is not a customer willing to consider the required Medicare documentation guidelines for medical equipment and therefore became unnecessary to continue any type of further communicative engagement.
By: Kady B.
Alpha Health Care Network Inc
I know that there are many issues with the home health agencies. The problem really lies with a lack of complete and timely payment from the government to cover services that are being rendered. This leaves agencies with the inability to do much. The protest and demands should begin at the head. One cannot complain and protest to government officials because they are the problem. The system robs innocent employers who are trying to make an honest living but aren't getting paid by insurance companies and Medicare, etc.
By: mrwillbro
Complete Medical Supply
My girlfriends bother has cancer..he's in the hospice and needs a circle bed pillow....I desperately called several places at 5:30pm while on Google and Yahoo and they either didn't answer or it was a msg center..... I went to YP.COM and called Complete Medical Supplies,..the guy picked up and answered my questions...and they are open until 6pm. I'm not too far from them so it worked out..I can update on their service after my purchase.
By: Stephanie M.
Therapy Supply House
I liked that this store is in a convenient location in the west u area. You can most items here for and as a personal carer, I find it very convenient. I had to come here in a panic because we had run out of wound care supplies and need a refill urgentlyThis location is very convenient and I'm glad that I was able to get in and out quickly.
By: lellisor
The Marion Group
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By: Martin H.
Therapy Supply House
I was helping out my dad while he was hospitalized for knee surgery. This was a tough time for me since I had exams coming up. I never knew this whole thing with medical supplies was so complex but these guys were really helpful especially the lady handling the insurance processes.

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