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By: Robert D.
Conservation Construction of Texas
The windows in our home, single layer glass with aluminum frames, were original to the house from 1963. Although all still opened if necessary, the plastic strips securing the panes were all quite brittle and easily broken. We had for some time been considering having them replaced with the newer double pane types. So when Conservation Construction called and wanted to give us an estimate, we said come ahead.For various reasons, we wanted the job done in two stages, first front and then rear. They were happy to schedule it this way. The first crew took pains to minimize the mess inside the house as they progressed. The only hitch was some damage to the azaleas at the bay window, which the company took care of. Unlike some other contractors we have heard about, they cleaned up inside and out and hauled off all of the old windows, leaving the exterior looking the same as before they arrived, except of course with great looking new windows.The rear of the house was done by a different crew about four months later. They behaved the same as the first crew, and when done also left the premises in good condition. Each job increment was started and completed in one day.Although I haven't yet done a heating or cooling cost analysis, I am sure that there is an improvement. The noise from outside is significantly reduced, especially from BW8 which is only about a block west of the house with nothing but our rear fence and a parking lot between us and it. My home-office on the west side of the house, which has one of the larger window exposures and no shade in the afternoons, is no longer chilly in the winter and a little warm in the afternoons in summer. As we approach the first anniversary of the first increment, we have had no issues with any of the windows.
By: Susan N.
Gulf Coast Window & Energy Products Inc
I replaced all my windows in my house in 2011 along with a sliding glass door & screen for the back of the house. The salesman was terrific and very informative and explained how the window work and how they will save us money. My electric bill is half of what it used to be because the heat literally stays outside. The windows do not get hot even with the sun shining through. They are fantastic and live up to what the salesman said to us. Recently I got a hole in my window in the front possibly from a rock hitting it, not exactly sure how it happened. Adrien from Gulf Coast windows came out and replaced the window for me. Adrien was quick, professional, very polite and totally knew what he was doing. He helped me move my furniture to get to the window. Before he left he said if there are any problems just call and let him know. As far as I'm concerned Gulf Coast Windows is an awesome company with high quality products and wonderful employees. Thank you Gulf Coast Windows.
By: lkbleet
Payless Insulation
Hey guys and gals I like to pass on good things so here is a good thing. 2 weeks ago I had my house insulated in attic with R38 rated insulation 11 inches thick. First time in 38 years I have been comfortable in house. during cold weather. The company, Payless Insulation, did a terrific job and at a super good price. The guys were efficient, courteous and did a great job. Cleaned up after work done and made sure I inspected to see if it met my approval.If any of you need this done, contact me and I can give you detail. I can tell you it made a world of difference. Heater runs about half of what it used to and house stays warm. I can only guess that in summer, it will certainly reduce electric bill.I highly recommend these folks. Real professionalsJERRY MARBURGER4130 DaycoHouston, TX 77092713-579-9326
By: realestateagentatgkp
Gulf Coast Window & Energy Products Inc
As an Real Estate Agent at Greenwood King, I deal with service companies everyday regarding bids and scheduling repair service for my clients. I can honestly say I was especially impressed with Gulf Coast Windows service and amazing follow-through. I can't say that about most other service companies. Gulf Coast jumped through hoops last minute for us and delivered great service. I am especially appreciative GCW's sales associate, Jeff Allen, for his hard work and incredible professionalism. He saved the day and make my clients very happy. I will continue to refer Gulf Coast Windows to other agents, friends, clients and anyone else as they are the BEST & MOST RELIABLE IN THEIR FIELD.
By: Brett D.
Conservation Construction of Texas
Conservation Construction has done my home a tremendous upgrade with the installation of their windows. My previous windows had been allowing in cold air and they were outdated. I now have a snug fit with my windows and have experienced an increase in comfort through out my home. My wife and I also have noticed how the home seems more open after getting rid of the old grid pattern in the previous windows. My installer Brian Almquist did a fantastic job taking his time to make sure the windows were installed properly and cleaned up like he had never been there before. With a lifetime warranty I feel secure knowing I won't have to purchase any more windows in the future.
By: Sam C.
Payless Insulation
Everything went well from my first call to them through performance of the work. The only thing that couldn't be done was insulation of my exterior walls through the mortar lines of my brick home as the mortar lines aren't wide enough for the drill bit and to have drilled the holes would have damaged the brick. The crew let me know th is before performing the work which was much appreciated. They provided an alternative solution of going through the sheet rock which I may do at a later time. The crew did a great job of treating my home with respect and did a great job of cleaning up when they were done. I couldn't have been happier with the service.
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By: Brian M.
Conservation Construction of Texas
Very pleased with the service I received! We had Windows and siding done. The windows were done in a day. Shortly after the work was completed, the owner dropped by to inspect it. He noticed one of the front windows slightly askew (we didn't notice). The next day, a small crew was back out there and corrected it.The siding took a couple of days but it was all second story and all the way around. These guys did quick but quality work. We are very pleased with the whole process. I recommend to anyone looking to get this much work done on their home.
By: Charles P.
Gulf Coast Window & Energy Products Inc
A little more then 5 years ago (May 12, 2011) had all my single pain windows replaced (29 Windows). My AC bill was cut by 40% and the house is comfortable all the time now. The house use to get warm and then AC would come on and cool down, all day this would go on, now the house remains at a constant temperature. Reliant Energy sends out a report every Monday. Our house is always in the most efficient column on the weekly report. Gulf Coast Windows also gives you a Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty.
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By: Sue G.
Conservation Construction of Texas
From the knowledgeable salesperson, Gail, the professionalism of the install crew, to the totally awesome windows, my experience with Conservation Construction was terrific. I had done a lot of research, and knew the price they were giving me was fair, there was no high pressure to go over my budget, and I am loving the natural light without temperature transfer! I would recommend Conservation Construction to anyone looking for new, energy efficient windows. Sue Giles, Houston TX
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By: John B.
Conservation Construction of Texas
Great value for money. These windows have features that new construction windows don't. I know because we are in the process of moving and buying a new house and I compared. Replaced all 20 windows in a 30 plus year old house. Installation in less than a day, clean and professional. There were a few windows where the sheetrock paper was torn but that is to be expected in my opinion. Easy repair. Utility bills reduced almost 50% and noise reduction is fantastic.

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