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By: Ability tree E.
Ability Tree Experts
This is Ability Trees in response to Karen T review. This is a frivolous complaint. Karen T called our office several times to complain about our bid and our service charge. She is the one that made the appointment and knew about the service charge before making the appointment. If you were to look through multiple review sites, she has several complaints about several companies. When Karen T first called our office and spoke to our scheduling department she told us she needed to remove three trees and grind one stump. We told her up front there was going to be a $25 service charge but if you do any work that would be applied to the work that you do. She accepted and made an appointment. We always call and give the customers a 2 hour window for the appointment and call when the arborist is on his way to their home. Jay T said, “That was ok”. The arborist gave Jay T the bid for a removal of a large rotten oak tree that was hanging over the house, rotten in several places, and had been dead approximately 2 years and stump grinded. Also in the bid was the removal of 2 holly trees and pruning of another oak tree. No one has to accept our bids. Jay T did not accept our bid. That is his right. We have been in the Greater Houston area for over 35 years. We never claim to be the cheapest in the area. We are one of Houston’s leading tree care professionals and stand behind our work. We are licensed and insured to protect our clients and our company.
By: l.boykin
Mortgage Loans for Texas - Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio
Get your Mortgage HERE! If you value a mortgage broker who will do what he says he will do then Corey DeBerardino is the man for you. If you value a mortgage company who does what they advertise they will do then Houstonian Mortgage Group- Mortgage Loans for Texas is the company for you. -Low Flat Fee-Fast, efficient service-Easy, no hassle closing...and it's all true!I just completed a refinance with him to an amazingly low interest rate and I can tell you first hand that Corey and his team (Victoria Perez) made the process simple and easy for me. They took care of everything and even had the title company come to me for closing. He got me the absolute best interest rate and made sure that all documents were properly completed, in order and ready for a simple closing. He handled all the steps for me. He closed our new load in under 28 days, lowered my interest rate and knocked tens of thousands of dollar off from my previous loan. All I had to do was sign my name.He was very pleasant, honest and efficient to work with. His constant communication and personality during the process made my wife and I feel very confident that we had chosen correctly when we chose him. We both felt very well treated and taken care of. Corey made this a pleasure and not a chore. Seriously, could you ask for more?I highly recommend you use Corey DeBerardino for your all your mortgage needs.
By: jmoose
Manicured Landscapes Inc.
I live in the Briar Forest/Memorial area and have had manicured landscapes servicing my yard for the past 6 months. I was impressed with their work and organized crew so I referred them to two of my neighbors. Last week I had manicured do my usual spring cleaning and planting. I usually have my old landscaper do my spring yard work, but i decided to give manicured a try. They did a way better job than my last company with pruning all of my shrubs and cleaning and mulching all beds for a little less money also. They also have a really good tree trimmer and all 3 crews: yard guys, tree guys, and landscaping guys the supervisor spoke english. I noticed some of the bad comments about this company online from several years back so i wanted to write something. I just want to let whoever reads this comment to know that I recommend manicured landscapes to all of my friends and family. My neighbors and myself are very satisfied with their work and organized efficient crew members. They do excellent work at fair prices!
By: L B.
Mortgage Loans for Texas - Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio
We just closed on our first home using Mortgage Loans for Texas! We were so pleased with how smoothly and quickly the whole process went! Daron was incredibly patient and understanding with our lack of knowledge of the whole process, and took the time to explain things to us and make sure we were comfortable with the whole process. The loan processor Victoria was also very helpful and made herself available to answer any questions that we had throughout the course of paperwork, etc. We are so happy with the treatment we received from Daron and his team, and would recommend them to anyone who would like a quick and painless closing! Thank you for all you did to help us buy our first home!
By: Cynthia K.
Houston Tree Service
My husband and I were looking for a tree service to come out and do some Trimming of our Hugh Palms and Oak trees and needed to remove a stump as well. After getting several quotes I have to say that Houston Tree Service came back and gave us the best quote. Josiah Miller was incredible in servicing our needs and meeting our every expectation. Our back yard Palms are absolutely beautiful after having them trimmed and our Oaks are loving the nice trim as well. Tree stump is gone and all I will say is if anyone I know needs to have their tress trimmed I will highly recommend this service. Thank you Josiah for your great customer service.Cynthia & James Klafka
By: Marie G.
Affordable Tree Service-Houston
VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!! I recently used Affordable Tree Service. I was very happy with the service I got with this company. I am not sure what happened with the people before, but my experience was much different. From the start the office was very nice and helpful,. Martin came out and was very helpful with all the questions I had. I had them put me on schedule asap and they had my work done and did a beautiful job. The other complaints of trees being butchered is surprising to me because my trees looked amazing!! I would very high recommend this company. Randy Lemmon is right for advertising this company so highly. I will definitely be using them again!!
By: veronica121
Mortgage Loans for Texas - Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio
Very pleased with service! Daron helped me refinance my home. I was somewhat nervous about refinancing my home. I worked with a lender prior to Daron who I felt wasn't looking out for my best interest. I was referred to Daron so I decided to switch over to him. He immediately made me feel at ease. He was very professional, knowlegable and very responsive and I felt was looking out for my best interest. My house was refinanced quickly which was a huge relief. His assistant Victoria was also very helpful. She was very polite and knowledgable. I would recommend Daron and his team to anyone looking to refinance or finance their home.
By: sherri.sera
Mortgage Loans for Texas - Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio
I just refinanced my mortgage with Mortgage Loans for Texas. Daron and Victoria were terrific to work with, very thorough. From start to finish, it took 26 days to close my loan. It would have been closed in less time had I been able to pull my documents together faster than I did. My rate went down 2-1/4%, my house note is going down by almost $500/month, and the flat fee vs. 1% origination fee they charged saved me about $1000 as well. Over all, a terrific experience. I hightly recommend Daron and Mortgage Loans for Texas to anyone looking to buy or refinance.
By: Johnnie L.
Mortgage Loans for Texas - Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio
My wife and I had the privilege of working with Daron Mendoza and his team. Simply put, Daron was beyond impressive! He provided great insight and was very responsive to our calls and emails. Having a great customer service experience is vitally important and I must say that Daron and his team exceeded our customer service experience expectations. I give Mortgage Loans for Texas a “FIVE” star rating. I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about moving forward in purchasing a home. Also, their loan processor – Victoria – is incredible. Thanks MLT!!!
By: tm-houston-tx38
My experience here was nothing like I expected. The office offered a great play area for my children that kept them distracted and kept me sane.The staff were warm, friendly, and listened while I ranted on and on about everything that I needed to get done and quickly. Before I knew it, my loan was complete. I left with the Cash I needed in no time at all. Family Friendly and Fast is a Winning Combo in my book all day long! For all of your Title Loan needs, I recommend the Silber Location TitleMax.
Tips & Advices
Trees take years to grow and can add value to a property, and a lightning strike can destroy a tree in a instant. Many arborists offer lightning protection systems that can protect trees from being damaged by lightning strikes. These systems use copper cables to ensure that in a lightning strike, the lightning is harmlessly diverted to the soil.
Certain conditions can cause soil to become hard and compacted, and this can make it difficult for grass and trees to access the nutrition they need to thrive. With soil aeration, the soil is perforated with tiny holes, loosening the compaction and making it easier for roots to connect with the air, water, and vital nutrients they require.
Arborists can tell which species of trees are most likely to thrive in your location based on soil conditions and local climate. Also, trees need to be planted at the proper depth to thrive, and an arborist will provide guidance in this area.
Tree trimming can be quite dangerous for the person doing it, and the U.S Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries lists it as one of the most hazardous professions in the nation. Falling branches can cause injury, and electrocution can occur if tree pruning takes place in close proximity to power lines. For these reasons, tree pruning is best handled by a skilled professional.
Tree pruning can have a huge aesthetic impact, and, if artfully done, it can greatly improve a tree's appearance. Tree pruning can also boost the health of your landscape. By thinning a tree's canopy with pruning, the tree and the landscape beneath it will be able to access more air and sunlight, resulting in improved vitality.

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