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By: Alpha Ω.
Nippan Daido USA Inc
If you've ever been to a convenience store or grocery store in Japan and enjoyed the experience, have I got a place for you. Nippon Daido literally translated means "Japanese Store" and for a Nippon-file it's like stepping into a Japanese convenience store without the 12 hour flight or packing a bag. They seem to have everything from staples in Japanese cooking like miso, panko, nori and high grades of soy sauce and rice to a selection of sakes and Japanese snack foods. There is a small but decent selection of videos for rent from feature films to animation. My favorite features have to be their selection of sashimi grade seafood and the kitchen which produces bentos daily. The menu varies from Tonkatsu pork & beefbowl to teriyaki eel over rice and Japanese style fried chicken and OF COURSE sushi all lovingly prepared by adorable Japanese grandmothers. The only thing I can honestly say I HATE about this place is that I live so FAR FROM IT! Whenever I'm near I HAVE to drop in. I LOVE this place!
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By: Alyshia S.
Super Value Foods
I am really disappointed at first of all the title of the store being SuperValu. I don't appreciate the high prices especially at a bad quality of the product. Don't get me wrong the store is very clean otherwise I wouldn't have stepped foot in it in the first place. I can adapt to the well-mannered workers thank God for them and their attitude they are well-kept and understand how to take care of a customers needs!!! Not only twice but a numerous amount of times have I travel to the store NC bad quality in the small amount of products that they do have. They don't have much a variety as desired from seasons to meats even the fruits are a little less than desired. Can someone help me on how i can make this store a better place.
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By: Amber M.
Dude's Stop
Accidentally over paid the cashier today. Wouldn't give my money back, called manager and he did nothing. Said he'll be there tomorrow. She was very rude from the get go. All I said was are you serious to my sister, who witnessed the entire transaction. Where the lady replied yes I'm serious in a rude, sarcastic tone. I did get angry and said some things to my sister who had left on the phone but never directly to the cashier. She laughed as I walked out. No 1800 number to call. Gave her 3 five dollar bills instead of 2 five dollar bills. No drawer recount, nothing. No phone call today. I go in quite often, never had a problem before. Everyone else including the owners are usually very polite.
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By: Lee T.
Exedient Stop
Hey everyone I've been shopping at expedient stop for about a year now and I have to tell you it's a very clean , friendly and its the safest place to shop.. the customer service is the best I've ever seen .. when you first walk in they greet you with kindness and put a smile on your face... they always seem to be in a good mood which is what's important when it comes to the customers. .. pass bye they have ever thing you need... it's a Hispanic owned store but they treat everyone equally. .. so stop bye and get what you need at expedient ...
By: Valarie B.
After a dynamic word from Pastor Anderson at Lilly Grove Baptist Church, I was energized to finish cooking dinner for my son's family, with whom I was visiting. I just needed a few items so I asked YP for the nearest grocery stores. Among the suggestions was H-E-B on Scott.Such a neat little store! Clean, attentive security, helpful stockers, and I found everything I wanted at reasonable prices. Good cash register availability, too.A good dinner was enjoyed by all, thanks to the timely help from YP and this great little H-E-B.
By: Ash D.
Ranis World Foods
I am a customer of Rani food store. but I found the check out service is very poor? as they have three counter?but only one was open in rush hours and lots of customer has to wait longer time?they have to change that the system and improve to servr better to consumer. also person purchase one or two item has to spent longer time and it is waste of time? i do not recommanded this store for there efficient away check out.I don not think I will not shop again in this store.ash dharia
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By: Ale G.
Exedient Stop
I usually don't do this but people leave reviews only when they are mad and not when they get a good service. Well let me tell you EXPEDIENT STOP is the BEST corner store I have been to. All the employees are very nice and friendly. Great customer service every time i walk in the store they put a smile on my face even if I'm having a terrible day. They always have specials/ deals even my 4 year old daughter loves going there. I really recommend this store.
By: wizardkitty
Nippan Daido USA Inc
I really liked going to this little store and almost missed it since it is well hiddend behind another building. It is a small shop but if there is something japanese or from japan that you want then that store is your best bet. I bought some mochi and a japanese school note book for my japanese class. They had many other intersting things like bento boxes and house hold good from japan. I whole heartedly recomend them.
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By: Daniel D.
Food Town
I was very disappointed with the cashier and bager.I've been going to foodtown now for 14 yrs. The cashier's never are nice or courteous. And the bangers don't act like they care and throw heavy things on softer items, for get about buying bread. well time to go to h.e.b. agine it mite be worth the five ten dollers more .I wwouldn't mine paying more then to go to food town and fight with the store help.agine
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By: S.
I love Laredo Tacos! But I question the cleanliness. The server wears gloves but no hair net & she scratches her head, wipes her forehead & makes my taco. I refused it. The eating tables need wiping down, floors need sweeping. The Stripes parking lot is trashy with paper, cans & other garbage. The restroom stinks of urine & is dirty. I was afraid to touch anything.

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