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By: tranck
Hollywood Nails
The only reason this place didn't get 1 star is because everyone there was very nice. I came in with full expectations of walking out with stunning nails, but needless to say, that was not the case. I mentioned to the front desk lady that I wanted 3D fake nails. She kindly suggested solar over gel nails, so I went with it. I wasn't offered a design book to look at (although the FIRST thing I mentioned was that I wanted 3D. I thought this was odd but just went with flow. Fast forward, the lady who applied the nails (Kelly) was very nice. When she told me to pick out the 3D designs, everything I liked/wanted to get done couldn't be done because it was too late, it had to go under the solar powder. Well, thanks for telling me that after you've already applied the powder and let it set. I was a little sad (because these were my birthday nails and I wanted them a specific way) but decided instead to just do something simple. which was attach small rhinestones along the curved base of the nails. First of all, some of the nails had spots where it didn't have enough powder on top so the nail on the bottom was peeking through. Second of all, the rhinestones she attached on my nails were CROOKED! It looks weird because the crooked stones happen to be on my thumb, which is very noticeable. It was on a few other fingers, too. The nail shape was eh. I didn't get them very long, yet they looked unnatural and sort of like those duck nails, if I'm not mistaken. Some of the nails were also filed crooked. The only highlight was that my pedi was rather okay, I didn't have uneven white tips or anything but she did file my big toe sort of crooked. The tab wasn't cheap and I would have been okay with it had it been excellent work. I was extremely disappointed. If I come back, I will ask for Hannah. Seems like everyone is raving about her.
By: Stephanie W.
Lavish Looks Salon & Nail Bar
I had a great experience at Lavish Looks. I initially found them on instagram and made a decision to give them a try after I had some horrible experiences with "instagram famous hairstylist" that don't care about there customer. I was greeted as soon as I walked in and everything was clean. My stylist Ra was so nice and had great customer service. I'm very big on customer service wherever I go , the owner and everyone else was so nice they all spoke and it was a peaceful experience. I usually hate going to salons because of my bad experiences but I can tell they take their consumer seriously here at Lavish. Ra asked me exactly what I wanted and how I wanted my curls to look and made sure it was done properly. She gave me the best closure sewin I ever had and I've had plenty. She's patient and knows what she's doing. I had no idea how my experience was going to be when I first booked but I'm extremely pleased. Ra is now my go to and permanent hairstylist I won't go anywhere else. I have a lot of hair and she managed to get my closure so flat its crazy. My bf loves it and I do too. Not sure if what people experienced in the past , but you can tell everyone in that salon has stepped their game up. They won themselves a loyal customer. Please ask for Ra when booking , very knowledgeable, talented and funny!
By: heidigum
Tulip Nail Massage & Skin Care
This is the best mani/pedi spot in Houston. I wouldn't go anywhere else. The place is very clean, the people are friendly, the prices are reasonable, the massage chairs are comfy, and the magazine selection is great. It is not noisy, like some of the other places. Just sit and let them massage the worries out of your feet and and you may find yourself dozing off from utter relaxation and pampering. The Tulip Pedi (with or without paraffin) is heavenly. I love how they use natural ingredients like limes and buttermilk on your feet/legs. And then the salt scrub and hot towels--ahhh, it doesn't get any better than that! What is unique about the place is the consistency--they ALWAYS do a good and thorough job. I've never had one complaint about the place in 4 years of going there. It doesn't matter which mani/pedicurist you ask for--they are all well trained and the service is high quality. It's always better to call ahead and time to check their schedule or make an appointment and if they are booked up when you call, they will tell you when there is availability.
By: Angela R.
Twin Nails Spa
I LOVE THIS PLACE. I'D GIVE IT TEN STARS IF POSSIBLE!!! I'm originally from Cali and came to Texas for my two daughter's spring break vacation. They LOVE getting their nails done, but can be very picky sometimes with the service at some places. However, the girls were extremely satisfied with the ladies who did their nails, which is why they keep bugging me to bring them back! If only Cali had a Twin Nail Spa location near us! The manager, Mimi, was very nice and helpful. I also got my nails done and they were very gentle while handling my nails because I have very sensitive cuticles. Most nail salons I visit, I get very irritated from harsh treatment, but the ladies here were very good. The staff and service was great so me and my girls ended up going a second time and getting pedis before our trip home! The price was very reasonable for what they offered. the store has a wide range of color variety, and I would definately recommend this place! I'm going to make sure I stop by here when I get the chance to visit Texas again!!!
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By: Jayme K.
Chic Nails And Spa Houston
Chic Nails is the best salon I have been to in a long time. The prices are reasonable and the service is outstanding. They also offer complimentary refreshments (including wine!).I have been going to David for a few months now, and he has focused on making my nail goals a reality. I have very thin nails and have never been able to grow them out. I told this to David and he recommended I do shellac with extra coats to keep my nails strong and protected. My natural nails are now longer than they have ever been, and my shellac NEVER chips. I go back every two weeks only because it grows out! They have the largest selection of colors I have ever seen, and are knowledgeable about all the latest nail treatments. If you have seen it on Pinterest, they know how to do it. I highly recommend David at Chic Nails for anyone who is looking for a new nail salon!
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By: Kathleen R.
Frenchie's Nails
So I have been coming for the last 5 years I even brought my family n friends. This last time I went I was told the one person who does designs would no longer do my nail design because I am too picky. Nevermind the fact that I am paying! Of course if I don't like will ask for you to redo it (a design not the nail). I had her redo the design 2xs and one of those times I decided not to get a design at all, they closed the register so I didn't ask for the money back A lot of the time there would be a rough part on my nail, of course if I noticed it I would say something (who wouldn't)? And they were always nice and would fix it. This last time she said in English and loud enough for me to hear (on purpose) "it's always something with u". They didn't put the clear polish to the cuticle so I brought that to her attention. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!
By: clayrejayne
L'mai Beauty Spa
I found this place by chance. I needed to get my eyebrows done before Thanksgiving and my regular salon was swamped. Driving down 529 I saw this salon and stopped. I haven't been anywhere else since!! Unlike other salons where the ladies speak a different language and I've felt uncomfortable, Mai is so friendly and welcoming. She is more like a friend. (And her prices are friendly as well! :) I have already recommend this place to my Mom who gets her hair done here, and my husband comes for the back massages. I get facials, waxing, and she styles my hair. Being a plus size woman, curls can look ugly if you aren't careful, but Mai always makes me look good. I've never had my nails done here but I can't imagine having a complaint, and Mai not trying to make it right. She is a genuine person. I don't go anywhere else!!
By: Gracie M.
Twin Nails Spa
I just recently moved here with my boyfriend. We found a home a couple months ago, but my friend who lives nearby was planning to have a wedding soon. I wanted to look for a quick place to do my nails, and I arrived at Twin Nails Spa right near my work. As I walked in, I saw the most beautiful shop. It contain whatever a nail lover would want a huge array of nail colors and fancy spa chairs. I asked for manicure and pedicure. I got a perfect staff to do my nails. The staff was very kind and gentle with me. They made sure that I was getting the best treatment there is. Everything I saw was clean, spotless, and new. I really love this place and I come once every 2 weeks. I always refer to all my friends to try this place out!
By: semantha_voravit_tx
Hollywood Nails
I went there b/c I saw the reviews from google. I got shot and suprise b/c the host from ABC 13 channel was there to get an interview the nails lady do 3D nails art design. The host asked me some questions about this nails place, I didn't know much about this place but I love their photos nails art design they did.The reviews are very true, b/c my 3D nails art came out better than I expected. I like this nails shop beccause they have alot of amazing nails art in 3D (hand made Japanese style) or polish designs for any seasons like, Thanks giving, Christmas - New Year, Texan football logo,......... any holidays you name it.I will comeback to get another 3D nails art, and refer to all my girls.
By: anna.soults
Regal Nails
Great Salon, Carol does the best nails. Though today I decided never going back. They cannot stand when you choose one tech and want to stick with them. My favorite Technician is meticulous and does everything so good. The rest of them do not. They have been rude to me twice because I choose to wait as opposed to allow the others to service me. Tina in station 2 was terribly rude today. Throwing towels and speaking rudely in English and Vietnamese because I chose to wait for my tech who I had a 1030 appointment with. She was so rude and unprofessional and looked so pathetic with her little tantrum. She surely will give this salon a very bad reputation if they keep her.

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