By: cancerman67
Merida Fine Custom Jewelry
Jennifer and I discussed what kind of ring she wanted - - a basic, traditiional princess cut solitaire. If not a solitaire - than no more than a couple of small diamonds on the side... nothing fancy or busy. I wanted to go off on my own and find the right ring so as to surprise her with it. I visited several jewelry and department stores in the Galleria and around the city. Nothing I saw struck me as being "the one" . . . unless it was far out of my price range - and that goes for both the ring and the diamond. Even though you couldn't see the major flaws with the naked eye - I knew they were there because I saw them through the loupe. I've known Stephen for a long time - but never knew he and his wife were in the jewelry business - until I voiced my frustration to him. I told him what I wanted and my budget. He showed me some diamonds that were in my price range - and I was pleased with the selection. His wife then drew several designs - - and after adjusting to my requests - she came up with exactly what I wanted. Not long afterwards - the diamond ring was presented to me - and I knew I found "the one". I presented it to my fiance during my birthday party - and she absolutely loves it. Stephen and Esperanza went out of their way to make us happy - and I'm already recommending them to my friends who're in the market. I was so pleased with the ring - I invited them to the birthday party where I surprised my love with a serenade on horseback. That serenade and proposal was captured by KHOU Channel 11 and the Houston Chronicle. You can view it on youtube - if you'd like to watch it. http://youtu.be/rVnz4YawkFg
By: pgbiehl
Merida Fine Custom Jewelry
On June 5, 2013 my husband I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. July 5, 2013 I lost my original wedding set with a 10 year anniversary band. I waited a couple of weeks, just knowing it would show up, all the time looking at settings and rings available on websites and stores. I was just not finding what I wanted. Some of my co-workers had used Merida for upgrades and customs, so I began a journey and sent 3 photos of rings, stating what I did like, and did not like, about each one. In just one revision, Esperanza had the perfect design for me. The journey began and we loved the education and information we received on our initial meeting with Esperanza and Stephan. Well, the old set was found by feeling deep in my purse through one of the liners. After taking a look at it my dear husband said that it was time for the upgrade anyway. Next the diamond was selected and we got to meet the bench craftsmen that work their magic from wax, to casting to polishing under the microscope. I received photos of the progress and the excitement was building. The day came for us to take possession and we were headed out of town. What service we received when Stephen delivered my ring to our home and drove through a rainstorm to get it to me. I can’t express how grateful and blessed I feel to have my custom ring of my dreams on my finger. I still look with a bit of surprise followed by giddiness! Now at some point, I will have Merida design a pendant from my old set to compliment my beautiful new ring.
By: Rick W.
Haddad Jewelers
We have been going to this jeweler almost since they opened. He sells wonderful high end custom designed pieces. You will not find the mass merchandising stuff you find at places like Kay's. If you do not find what you want he will custom design your piece. He only uses the best stones and materials.If the piece does not come out the way you wanted it he will redo the piece. When dealing with a high quality dealer it is not customary to allow photos of his pieces (some one else gave a bad review because of that). He values his clientele and always takes all the time you necessary to get what you have envisioned or want. I know this from experience as I have had several custom pieces made for us. He has also takes the time to repair and/or refurbish my family watches and clocks so they can be handed down to future generations.As far as Rolex watches go his company really can make the repairs necessary to keep it in excellent working condition which is more than I can say for others.I would highly recommend Haddad's Jewelers for those who have discerning taste and demand excellent service
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By: Wendi G.
Haddad Jewelers
My husband and I have been using Haddad Jewelers for about 3 years. He's had links in watches replaced, my wedding ring sized and diamond replaced, many things. My husband and I went on a fishing trip one weekend. I never wear my jewelry while out fishing, but my husband was wearing his wedding band. As he was moving a generator in the bed of the truck, he slid it too hard and smashed his ring on his finger. It was so badly bent, and basically deformed that I had to pry it off his finger. We went in to Haddad's and they said no problem. They called us back a few days later, after realigning the diamonds and added more gold to the ring for a more smooth finish, the ring looked brand new. I was ultimately amazed. I've never seen such great workmanship. I will continue to use Haddad's Jewelers and have recommended them to many friends and clients and will continue to do so.
By: johnkiller
Fabulous Experience! I first met GreenOro several years ago when I needed a routine ring cleaning and looked up "Jewelers" in Best of Texas. They were a delight to get to know, and as a musician I appreciated how they approached their Green jewelry design with passion and artistry. I made a mental note that if I ever wanted to design a piece, I would return.... Fast-forward to last summer, when my fiance and I became engaged and wanted to craft a special Green Diamond ring in "our" synesthetic colors. My ring is gorgeous and has exactly the symbolism we were wanting. If you are looking for personalized service and excellent value from highly experienced gemologists, you will love working with the Yontefs. The process will take somewhat longer than simply selecting a ring from a GreenOro jewelry outlet or Greenoro website.
By: johnsonsavannah
Texas Gold & Silver Group
I went to Texas Gold & Silver Group after I found some random items that I thought might be gold while moving. They gave me some things back but explained to me why each item was or wasn't gold. When I asked them what they were doing the lady did everything in front of the window so that I could see and further explained what she was doing and why. When everything was over I was 100% confident that the price she quoted me was high but I still wanted to double check. I spent a few hours checking around other gold buyers in the alemeda-genoa area and nobody offered me even close to what she did!! i came back and have been there two times since. they are always professional and the establishment is really clean. I was impressed by the decor and level of customer service. keep up the good work!!
By: caitlynhalliday
Houston Diamond Outlet
After shopping around at other jewelers, we were so happy to find Houston Diamond Outlet. The staff was friendly, warm, and gave us lots of great ideas for choosing our ring. At first we were a bit overwhelmed with the idea of creating our own ring; we didn't know how it would turn out. But we knew that the other jewelry stores didn't have exactly what we wanted. After just a short time with Maggie, we knew that we were in good hands, and every step of the process was more and more exciting. The whole experience of designing our ring was wonderful. Having a one-of-a-kind ring means a lot to us. We feel that our love is very special and unique, as I'm sure a lot of couples do, and only a very unique ring would feel right. We love looking at our ring together. It's perfect!"
By: Jeannie B.
Merida Fine Custom Jewelry
I firmly believe that when you buy an exceptional piece of jewelry it is the same as purchasing an exceptional piece of art. And when you are trusting someone to create your personal signature statement piece you not only need the right person to help guide the process, you must have unconditional trust in that person. I found that right person in Esperanza Vaughan at Merida Fine Custom Jewelry. Esperanza’s one-on-one attention to creating my ring, my statement piece, was the best decision I have ever made. Her guidance and recommendations resulted in the perfect ring for me. The exceptional craftsmanship and brilliance has everyone asking -where did you get that ring – and I answer, not where but who – Esperanza Vaughan, Merida Fine Custom Jewelry.
By: clairebri
Texas Gold & Silver Exchange Center
This is Houston's best and most honest location to sell your unwanted gold! I can't find the right words to describe them!! Simply put the best hands down. I brought my old pieces of gold I was no longer going to wear and got top dollar for them! I found them by driving by the area. The location has easy access to parking. I personally dealt with Jae who is very personable and professional. The customer service is by far one of the best I have ever received in any local establishment. If you have any nuwanted jewelry either good or broken, this is the place to bring it for. You will get the most for it. Guaranteed and confirmed by another happy customer. I am very impressed an that is a lot for me to say!! So come by and check it out for yourself.
By: gragecristen
I came to this store looking for Eco Friendly Jewelry and Conflict Free Diamod Rings For my engagement, I was having trouble finding exactly what I was looking for and other stores had just tried to talk me into something that they had in stock. GreenOro was the first store that offered to try to special order it for me. We got it ordered and it is gorgeous! All of the staff were friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. They really listened to what I was looking for and worked with me to find a ring that I would be truly happy with. I love my ring and I am so glad that I found this store before I gave up on what I really wanted. It was a wonderful experience all around and I would highly recommend going GreenOro.

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