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By: Carol A.
Burnett Specialists
Burnett Staffing knows how to get the job done. I called on a Wednesday, I met my recruiting specialist on Friday, on Monday I was scheduled for my first interview. Jennifer, my recruiter and I hit it the moment we met. She was friendly, funny and got to work immediately. While I was driving home from my first interview she called me and told me about another position, on Tuesday I had another interview, then another one on Wednesday. In making a long story short I now have a full-time job. I would recommend anyone to call Burnett Staffing for their employment needs. Whether part-time or full-time, they get the job done. The staff is professional, pleasant, and interested in your needs. Jennifer promised that she would not stop until she got me a job, and of course she did. I now work for a gas and oil tool inspection company and I love it.Carol Alfred
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By: Bruce H.
The staff at Aerotek is super, with the hard times in the oil and gas industry, this Aerotek is doing the best job possible in any employment agency. I have tried them all and Aerotek is the only one of them that has been able to help me. I praise the staff and suggest to all that please remember until things recover lower wages are possible and you must follow all rules to the fullest. Things are tough out there and employers are being very rough and not timely about hiring. Your best bet is with Aerotek, for they run all the ground work for you and simplify the employment opportunities for you. Yes things are tough right now. Trust in these People at Aerotek, they are fantastic!. Bruce
By: lindajt
Lewis Virtual Services
I have been working with this company for several months now and I am happy with them. People must understand that this is a business opportunity that allows you to work when you want and from home. I think before someone goes and gives a company one star when they have never worked with them is low. This kind of work is not for everyone but their are millions of people who work from home earning income to support their families and I happen to be one. I would suggest anyone who is looking into this company to reach out to them. They will explain everything to you and go out of their way to help if they can.
By: frankyd56
Ert Quality Solutions
I went yovwork for ert at ingalls shipyard in pascagoula ms. I worked for roughly 5 months and then got fired for missing to much time. I had a drs excuse for the days I missed but I hot lost between my formam and the h r deparyment. I took a copy of my excuse to hr personally and was told I should not have been fired but they did not offer my job back. My supervisor jamey told me he could get my job back for me. He tolde this for 6 weeks before finally telling me I needed t o find another job because he couldnt do anything to help me. Dont go to work for these ppl.
By: nicolehoward
KDH Power with Ambit Energy
It was my first time getting electricity in my name so I wasn't sure how things worked, the 2 women that I spoke with at KDH Power were extremely nice and explained everything to me. They walked me through step-by-step process and got me setup in less than 10 minutes. They were extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. The rates were reasonably priced and I love how I don't have to deal with operators like most large companies make you use. I was extremely pleased that I chose to work with KDH Power. I highly recommend signing up with them!
By: Ricardo R.
The Cole Group
I had to call Cole Group when I applied for a job. They asked me straight-forward questions and I was done with the process in about 25 minutes. The lady was courteous and the documents I had signed prior already explained what was going to happen to me and that all information is private/secure. I got the job and want to thank Cole Group for giving me the opportunity to go through their process and demonstrate to my new employer I was a great fit for their organization.
By: oldcaptainj
Oasis Energy
As a retired person on a fixed income every penny I can save counts. Switching to Oasis Energy has saved me a lot of money. Oasis Energy came to my house a little over 6 months ago. At first I was very skeptical about switching away from Duquesne Light. I was worried I was going to get scammed. This company has been very professional, and helped me when I called in because I was confused about my bill.After being with Oasis for six months I can now highly recommend them.
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By: Nico C.
Frontline Source Group
100% recommend. Frontline has been very helpful in my job search. Being in oil and gas, I never know how long I'll be at one place. Frontline helped me form a list of opportunities I might be able to take if that time comes. I'm sure I got way more help than I should have which is why I recommend working with them. They were very professional, quick with responses, completely helpful, and easy to work with. Thank you Frontline for your help!
By: Jerome R.
The Cole Group
Some people are so sensitive. Company have the right to know about who they are possibly hiring and a responsibility to try to protect their customer and employees. The hiring mgr explained the Cole Group assists in doing this and in helping me show Im ready to work there. I answered their questions and was processed through fast. The next day I found out I got the job.
By: Ben C.
Mohawk Motorcycle Repair
I've used them for almost all of the work on my current bike, and they treat me right. Shawn has been a bike mechanic for many years and has a lot of knowledge in the industry. They have contacts for just about everything.. paint, fabrication, parts, etc.. And I have used another shop one other time that is in the area, Mohawk is much cheaper.

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