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By: Alex H.
Stillo Construction
Stillo did a very lengthy series of repairs on our house. What started as a seemingly small job mushroomed into a much larger job very quickly as a serious amount of underlying wood rot was discovered. All work included, Stillo performed about 6 months worth of intensive work, stripping off a significant amount of improperly installed stucco. The poor initial install had caused some walls to be so severely rotten that the old studs looked like pulp. As a former contractor myself, I was very discerning and thorough in the selection process leading up to selecting Stillo Construction for this job. Stillo was 1 of 5 contractors allowed the opportunity to bid out this job. With all factors considered, I decided Stillo was the most fair price given their extensive knowledge, experience, large crews, and attention to detail.Being a 6 month job, a few issues did come up. At one point, during the repairs, a tarp blew loose during a rainstorm, and some leaking resulted. Stillo repaired all of the minor damage without any argument, free of charge, and made it look as if nothing had ever happened.In the end, Stillo was contracted for numerous jobs. Every bit of work, or change to any work was very professionally handled through detailed, and itemized contracts. Stillo also provided their proof of insurance without me even requesting it. They provided a $1 million liability policy.Stillo did an excellent job with clean up, and considering that they virtually rebuilt the house, we could not be happier. All the paint was matched perfectly, tile work looks amazing, the stucco looks great, and was done to code, and built to last. Every step of the way, Frank was happy to show me the underlying rot, and justify any work that needed to be done. Fantastic work overall. Without a doubt, Stillo has to be the best Stucco contractor in the Houston area, if not in all of Texas. I would give this job a 6 our of 5 stars. Excellent work.
By: mswanicad
The Mac Bar
I have been coming here for a while and I can understand the changes Mac has made...the atmosphere is still cool - drinks a little over priced but it depends on the night and your bartender but lately the DJ SUCKS!!! We went to the spot just last night (Sept 1st/2nd - Labor Day Weekend) and for the 1st time noticed the sign outside read "Where the best DJs play" (or something like that) - FALSE!!! I woulda bet money Mr DJ was from LA (even tho I found out later he's from The H) - we had to listen to 2 full (45 min) sets of "Louisiana Bounce" within 3 hours- and the old stuff at that!!! When he did bring it back to what is jamming today it was the same few top 10 songs - I was frustrated because I come to dance & was ready to have a good time last night but Mr DJ was not on it (again)...the only reason for my review is because same DJ has been there the last few visits and since there really is nowhere else to go on the Northside -I guess I am hoping this issue will be addressI like this spot - been going since it was Bronzelle's (with the pole, full wall of mirrors, pool table & 1 toilet for the ladies) but bottom line I only go out for 2 reasons - the Dancing and the Drinks - and Mac Bar is not doing it!!!Word to ALL - Proceed with low expectations!
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By: alainharvey
Cafe Brussels
Catherine’s latest venture, Café Brussels is a great new addition to the Heights. Try the Tartare de Saumon dressed with a zesty Belgian country vinaigrette accompanied by a Belgian draft beer or glass (bottle!) of wine. You can’t go wrong requesting Catherine’s favorite mussel dish for a main course, Belgian classic, Moules Marinières, accompanied by a large serving of golden Belgian Fries. The large and succulent mussels are steamed to perfection and portion sizes are very generous! My dining companion enjoyed le Petit Pavé de Bruxelles, a perfectly cooked steak and le Cordon Bleu. Be sure to leave room for one of Café Brussels fabulous desserts! Catherine's crepes are among my favorites.Catherine Duwaz is both a good friend and a genuinely nice person. It brings me great pleasure to see a friend continue to succeed in a town that can be unforgiving to restaurateurs. Cafe Brussels is our new "go-to" place in Houston for great Belgian food. And to top it all off, the prices are very reasonable for the quality and the portions sizes are generous.
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By: Kendrick K.
The Villagio
We decided on the Villagio & couldn't be happier! The venue is clean, spacious, and simply elegant. We had our ceremony and reception here. Trish, owner & overall planner, is prompt, thorough, charismatic and easy to work with. The venue is tucked away at the end of a street, with private parking & far from the street. There are inside/outside room options, but the trademark is a beautiful spiral staircase for a grand bridal entrance! The package we chose was the Ultimate II. This package comes with everything except the DJ and videographer so we didn’t have to worry about hiring various vendors for each part of our wedding. Trish already has a strong vendor selection. Our package came with food, cake, linens, floral arrangements, photo booth, lighting, photography, 2 HPD officers, and a wedding coordinator. We paid extra for drapery and it was beautiful. The caterers allowed us to test the food in a prior meeting so we can give them very specific details. Mr. & Mrs. King 08/12/2016
By: jeffory.cloyd
Tierra Luna Grill
This is my favorite Mexican restaurant ever. We have frequented a lot of Mexican food restaurants, and who hasn't when you live in Texas. But Tierra Luna Grill is by far the best I have ever been to.The flavor of the salsa is awesome. Evidently they grill the tomatoes for the salsa and who knows how they spice it up. The chips are warm and thin and crispy. They give you a small bowl of queso with the chips. I could dine on the chips and stuff alone. They were soooo good. And the waitstaff is terrific at keeping the bowls full and making their customers happy. The owner even came by and visited with us. She was wonderful.And then there are the entrees. All I can say is 'WOW!' They were marvelous. The Carnitas, Fajitas, and the Barbacoa are to die for. Perfectly cooked and spiced to enhance the flavor, not overpower it. The charro beans and spanish rice where super as well. Fantastic homecooked Mexican food and the waitstaff is great. We very highly recommend the Tierra Luna Grill.
By: chefkms1969
Houston Auto Spa
Ok, seriously! I have had my car washed hundreds of times in my life from the East coast to the West. I will not even say "for the money" it was the best deal, because it was better than anything I have paid for. I have a small SUV and got the "Executive wash" $28. If I didn't have a fender missing, it would look like new. It's a 2003 by the way. OK, bring a book or something. They are seriously understaffed, but you know it's great when you would go back anyway. Took almost an hour. I am all about quality and have never had a better experience. To top it off, the washers are super nice and courtious. Smiled, thanked me and wished me a great day! Even if you don't live exactly close, I would still recommend you make the drive! You will not believe my review until you experience it for yourself! By the way, I am a smoker, my truck is my work vehicle and I had not washed for about 5-6 months. CHECK IT OUT!
By: kelseyjones18
a2z Car Wash Houston
I went to their 918 West Alabama location...When I arrived, I was a little skeptical because it is not... well not as "nice" as some other places I have been. But let me just say, after my first car wash, they now have a lifelong customer. I purchased a Living Social with these guys. My voucher was for a simple car wash- no frills. After they were finished washing my car, a man came in and asked if I would like to add any extras such as vacuuming, etc but I declined. THEN I watched this guy go back out, shine my tires, clean my dashboard, AND vacuum my interior. I tried to tip him but he would not accept it. I will be going here as long as I own a car, you simply do not come across people like this anymore. They are so hardworking and do a fantastic job (the car looked amazing). Also there was no wait, it was all very fast and convenient.
By: Michael Z.
Superior USA Carwash
I come here at the least twice a week,I really love the New manager Steve(Name is on his shirt,hope he's not wearing someone elses shirt that day)He is always helpful,polite and just down right friendly!As for the inside,I really like the new blond cashire,she brings a bright new feel to the place,the other cashire...well I can't believe they keep her she is the most negative person I have ever met,twice I have been in there and had her either tell me personally or had to over hear her say how cheap the owner is,how she only makes $8.50 per hour after years of service and gets no lunch nor breaks(Witch is against the TWC laws)She has so much personal drama to talk about in the 3 minuets or so I am in there! It really makes me want to go else where!But the manager and the guys that detail my truch are AWESOME!!Always have a perfectly clean truck!
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By: Akash P.
Splash Hand Car Wash
Amazing car wash!!! This place is the best hand car wash I have been to. The guy at the window is so so nice and the guys are amazing at making your car look like new. They really spend time on your car and ensure you are satisfied. The guy at the window is so friendly and very customer service oriented. I worked retail for many years so I know how it feels to be treated professionally and respectfully and this is the place. I have to say the guy at the window went over and beyond to thank us for coming by and getting our car washed. This is the best car wash in Houston visit it and you will definitely not be disappointed. It takes a lot for me to take the time and write this review but you can believe that I mean every word I write. This is a God sent place and the staff is amazing. You will never find a better place in Houston!!!
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By: Deborah E.
NB Contractors, Inc.
I hired N B contractors to find a leak and fix after 3 other contractors failed. Everyone else had address issue through the flashing the outside deck and caulking. Bob the owner was the only one that took the time to take the floor inside the house up to see that it was coming from the outside underneath and through the wall. There of been no leaks since he worked on it. You cannot even tell the floor had been pulled up . NB contractors created an outside patio area and solved a drainage issue. Bob has always been professional. His crew shows up in a timely manner and cleans up after themselves. Bob comes and checks on all of the work. I'm about to remodel two bathrooms and NB contractors are the contractors I will use because I trust them. Deborah
Tips & Advices
If there is ever a dispute regarding payment over the course of the project, a contractor or subcontractor could place a payment claim, or lien, on your property. To avoid this, ask the contractor to sign a lien release, which is a legal agreement that states that any payment accepted is final. This can come in handy if a contractor has his or her own payment issues with their subcontractors. Signing a lien release form certifies that any payment made by a client to the contractor is enough to pay for any goods or services rendered.
Absolutely ask. Paying too much up front offers the homeowner minimal leverage if the quality of work does not meet expectations or contractual specifications. Try to establish a reasonable pay schedule, such as paying 10 percent of the total cost for each 10 percent of the work that is completed. Include this payment plan in the contract, as well.
Before any money changes hands, there should be a contract to sign. Make sure the specifics of the work and all costs are listed in the contract, including details. If you forget to have something included in the contract after signing it, there's rarely a chance of recourse.
Ask the contractor for proof of their certification before signing anything, as well as their proof of insurance. You should also check your homeowners insurance policy to see if they offer coverage for contracted work. You may want to call your insurance provider and ask for more details on what your plan will and won't cover.
Yes. Plans for how the work site will be cleaned at the end of each day as well as at the conclusion of work need to be put in writing. An experienced general contractor should make every effort to keep the workspace clean and prevent dirtying or damaging any other area. Even so, talk with the contractor about the daily schedule, the logistics of transporting workers and equipment, and how cleanup will be handled.

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