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By: Nick H.
Memorial Athletic Club
Decent facility but... I was looking for a nice gym that had a good amount of cardio equipment and free weights that was close enough to my work. MAC fit the bill as far as equipment and facilities -- full locker room that could use updating (the men's locker room has a group shower while most other facilities in this price range have separate showers), plenty of treadmills/bikes, multiple benches, racks, and free weights...a little dated but good enough. However, after switching to a new gym I had failed to cancel my membership for many months after non-use. Upon realizing this, I attempted to cancel my membership on 1/24 effective no later than 1/24 but hopefully back-dated a few months since my last use. I was notified by MAC management that not only could I not back-date my cancellation, [MAC management quote: "Also, we have a number of members who pay their dues diligently each month, but haven't been in the club in months. It's out of fairness to them that we adhere strictly to the 30 day cancellation policy and do not issue refunds in the case of non use. I'm sure you understand."] but the 30 day cancellation policy is actually longer. If you don't cancel prior to the 18th of the month in which you wish to cancel, you will be billed again in the following month, per MAC. Also, I guess MAC is being "fair" to its members in a sense by equally screwing everyone who pays without usage. If the MAC really did have the best interests of its members at heart, maybe an automated email message to members alerting them that "It's been X days since your last visit, hope to see you soon or click here to manage your membership" would be better. I suggested this to MAC but I know this isn't really an effective business model for a fitness club. So, this gym is suitable for what gyms are actually for - working out - just be careful around the memberships and business side. The "No Contract" / 30 day cancellation policy isn't quite what it seems. My impression is that this place tries to build a community for its members and wants people to feel like they belong to that community. Turns out that the bottom line is the most important long as they've got your $$$ they really don't care about the member, which is fine, just don't purport to be something you're not - different than any other gym. Fair enough.
By: Juan D.
Fitness Connection
Not a stable fitness clubI doubt that Fitness Connection will stay in business for much longer. They heavily rely on people paying for the membership but not using it to alleviate the costs for the people who actually use it. I'm pretty sure their members/active member ratio is ridiculous and they are making money on a lot of people simply because they don't mind paying the $10 a month just because it's cheap or they simply don't know how to cancel it. It's the information era for crying out loud, people should be able to cancel their membership on site or through a website instead of having to send corporate a letter that they want to cancel(most people don't know this). I asked one of the workers why they don't switch to using a fingerprint scanner instead of using their outdated keycards and he simply replied "fingerprint scanning technology is too expensive and we make a pretty good amount of money on the people who lose their keycards" i decided to cancel my membership based on that alone. I just didn't like the feeling of knowing that they are aware of the damage they are doing to people's wallets. It is only $10 dollars to replace your keycard but i'm pretty sure that money adds up with their multiple locations and thousands of members. Also a fingerprint scanner is dirt cheap and fitness connection won't have to worry about multiple people using the same membership(which is something they also make money on by charging people a fee for letting other people use their membership.)quick friend tried to sneak his little brother in by letting him use his membership and he got caught so Fitness Connection gave him 2 options. He could either pay the fee which was about $80 or he could sign his brother up with a down payment of $35(at the time) and pay $10 a month with a $25 a year equipment maintenance fee. I mean how scammy is that lol. they could easily avoid this situation by using fingerprint scanner. One finger print to one person so there is no way non-members can sneak someone in. Overall only sign up if you're seriously going to visit the gym regularly and are aware of any fees and the cancellation process.
By: powerzumba
Power Zumba Houston
In reply to Amber's negative comment all I can say is WOW! I feel that I have to post this so that people can read the truth and make their own decision based on the facts rather than an unstable persons rant online.Amber registered online and when our receptionist attempted to set an appointment for her 1st class she began using profanity and talking in a very aggressive and loud tone because she did not know all of the details about our 20 different membership options, which, by the way, are explained in detail with a fitness consultant upon the initial visit. After several attempts to set her appointment time to no avail, our staff thought it best that we issue a refund and go our separate ways rather than have a hostile and negative personality in our place. After issuing the refund, Amber continued to register online under different email addresses and aliases and we continued to issue refunds and elected not to schedule an appointment. To be honest this behavior was quite unsettling and we even had to call the police to inform them that she was behaving strangely. After all of these shenanigans she called and left the following apologetic message on our voice mail system:...Hi, my name is Amber Myers and I understand that how I have behaved is not appropriate, so I am calling to apologize. But, I'd still like to come and see your Zumba studio. I apologize if I've offended you, but please call me back at 832-837-9101 because I'm still very interested in seeing your studio...If you or anyone else would like, please call us back and we can play it for you. Well, sorry Amber but your childish behavior behavior is not something that we tolerate or welcome at our place. We have many rave reviews and have helped many women change themselves for the better in our place and your attempt to smear our reputation online will not deter us. We will continue to offer the best classes in the city for women focused on improving their health and self confidence.
By: Kathy C.
CrossFit Vertigo
My family and I have been attending the classes at CrossFit Vertigo since August of 2013. The coaches are amazing and the atmosphere is so inspirational. All of the members are so supportive of each other and it definitely makes you feel comfortable and empowered. I highly recommend CrossFit Vertigo to anyone looking to join CrossFit! The experience is so life changing and the coaches are with you every step of the way. Technique is very important in preventing injuries and here the coaches take the time to show you the correct technique for the movements and promote safe weightlifting! No matter your skill level, the workouts are very intense and rewarding at the same time. Workouts can be scaled to meet your needs without hindering those who are proficient in the movements. Their Kid's CrossFit program is wonderful, as well! The workouts are super fun and challenging. There is nothing like seeing a smile on your child's face after each workout. They too, have become CrossFit addicts and I truly believe it is because they have amazing coaches!CROSSFIT VERTIGO ROCKS!!!
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By: ricky j.
Pledge To Fitness
Scott Bowers UBS Financial Services Inc. Senior Vice President I have been training with Ricky Jackson for over 10 years. I first started when I began training for the Golden Gloves. My goal was to win my age group in my weight division. Ricky had the unique background of being a former professional world class fighter and a body builder. His skills in both areas helped me accomplish my goal and I won the Houston championship.I have continued to train with Ricky and introduced my 2 daughters who now train with him also. They are both in outstanding shape and capable of being personal trainers themselves. One of my daughters became an ODP level soccer player who now plays Division 1 soccer. Whether you want to become an accomplished athlete or just attain your highest level of fitness Ricky has a program he can design and implement for you. I must warn you thought that Ricky is just as committed to your goals and will make sure you are advancing and progressing daily. He is a trainer for all levels of fitness and ages.
By: chaiwh
Studio Tropa
Insanity rocks at Studio Tropa!I love this place! The classes are fun and rewarding. Jerry thee owner is great and really cares about his clientele and all who are striving to feel good about themselves.Jared his son who teaches INSANITY is Awesome! He goes at a pace to help you learn the exercises yet maintains a level of modesty to allow you to feel that you can do it and he's not a show off . He really is seeking to teach you to get the maxims out of this workout! I must say it's not for the faint of heart , but you definitely in 30 minutes will feel the burn the cardio and the transforming of your body to prove it ! Go Jared you rock! Of course I travel all the time but when I'm home I'm off to a worthwhile workout with Studio Tropa and Jared!
By: Lala Z.
Houston Real Martial Arts
Found Houston Real Martial Arts by accident about a year ago, at that time I was looking into taking a martial arts class but did not know where to start. I spoke to the host and he quickly with no hesitation told me what classes I should start off with. It surprised me that he wasn't pushy or insistent, like some people are, in me coming to one of their open mat days. When I finally decided to check it out I was surprised with the crowd and atmosphere. The people who come follow the gym rules and training rules making it a safe environment for all to come. Egos and pride are left at home. No politics. Everyone is encouraged to train, learn and share. There is no instructor or coach each individual shares their knowledge of the sport.
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By: Ricky J.
Pledge To Fitness
Ricky, the fitness saves my life. The doctors said had I not been in such great shape I may have died. Two cysts and my uterus wall finally ruptured and blood and fluid went into my abdomen and pelvic cavity. Had I not been so fit my body would not have been able to make it. I had emergency surgery and the endometriosis had taken over everything and grown into my spine and pelvic ligaments, colon and organs. No wonder I was hurting so badly. Anyway after I recover in 6 weeks I should be way better and in no pain and able to get into the best shape ever. Thanks for training me. It literally saved my life!Denise L. on April 18, 201
By: tootsie29
Power Zumba Houston
This place is AMAZING worth every penny! Love the instructors, the staff is super friendly and professional. They cater to each persons needs. I have lost so much weight and I feel awesome! The studio is beautiful and free child care is a big plus! So sorry for your ugly review Amber Meyers you must have been a rude and threatening person. I have been a member here for a while now and never once have I seen the staff unprofessional to anyone. The staff if very protective of there members. So it must have been you not them. Too bad for you because you totally missed out in training with THE BEST team in Houston.
By: Lauren M.
CrossFit Vertigo
Love this place and these people!! As a first time crossfitter I can definitely say that I felt welcome and comfortable immediately. The equipment and facility is kept immaculate and clean. The WODs are challenging and always keep me guessing and striving for improvement. The owners are extremely active and involved as coaches. The 5 AM class is an awesome jump start to my day and my 6 year old has so much fun on Thursday evenings during Kid's CrossFit. This facility has a class for everyone...our entire family has joined and loves it.

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