By: l.boykin
Mortgage Loans for Texas - Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio
Get your Mortgage HERE! If you value a mortgage broker who will do what he says he will do then Corey DeBerardino is the man for you. If you value a mortgage company who does what they advertise they will do then Houstonian Mortgage Group- Mortgage Loans for Texas is the company for you. -Low Flat Fee-Fast, efficient service-Easy, no hassle closing...and it's all true!I just completed a refinance with him to an amazingly low interest rate and I can tell you first hand that Corey and his team (Victoria Perez) made the process simple and easy for me. They took care of everything and even had the title company come to me for closing. He got me the absolute best interest rate and made sure that all documents were properly completed, in order and ready for a simple closing. He handled all the steps for me. He closed our new load in under 28 days, lowered my interest rate and knocked tens of thousands of dollar off from my previous loan. All I had to do was sign my name.He was very pleasant, honest and efficient to work with. His constant communication and personality during the process made my wife and I feel very confident that we had chosen correctly when we chose him. We both felt very well treated and taken care of. Corey made this a pleasure and not a chore. Seriously, could you ask for more?I highly recommend you use Corey DeBerardino for your all your mortgage needs.
By: Jon G.
Regional Finance
I had a loan for $2700. I paid it back on time and was always months a head of my scheduled payments. I never had a problem with these people. They do charge a lot of interest but that is because the people that get loans through these type of agencies have bad credit or no credit history so that is why you pay a lot of interest. This is why it is good to have good credit. If you have good credit then you would never need to get loan from these guys. The other complaints about them being mean is because you borrowed money from them and they want it back. I would be the same way. If you stopped paying me back I would be pissed. Make your fucking payments on time and you will never have a problem.
By: L B.
Mortgage Loans for Texas - Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio
We just closed on our first home using Mortgage Loans for Texas! We were so pleased with how smoothly and quickly the whole process went! Daron was incredibly patient and understanding with our lack of knowledge of the whole process, and took the time to explain things to us and make sure we were comfortable with the whole process. The loan processor Victoria was also very helpful and made herself available to answer any questions that we had throughout the course of paperwork, etc. We are so happy with the treatment we received from Daron and his team, and would recommend them to anyone who would like a quick and painless closing! Thank you for all you did to help us buy our first home!
By: veronica121
Mortgage Loans for Texas - Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio
Very pleased with service! Daron helped me refinance my home. I was somewhat nervous about refinancing my home. I worked with a lender prior to Daron who I felt wasn't looking out for my best interest. I was referred to Daron so I decided to switch over to him. He immediately made me feel at ease. He was very professional, knowlegable and very responsive and I felt was looking out for my best interest. My house was refinanced quickly which was a huge relief. His assistant Victoria was also very helpful. She was very polite and knowledgable. I would recommend Daron and his team to anyone looking to refinance or finance their home.
By: sherri.sera
Mortgage Loans for Texas - Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio
I just refinanced my mortgage with Mortgage Loans for Texas. Daron and Victoria were terrific to work with, very thorough. From start to finish, it took 26 days to close my loan. It would have been closed in less time had I been able to pull my documents together faster than I did. My rate went down 2-1/4%, my house note is going down by almost $500/month, and the flat fee vs. 1% origination fee they charged saved me about $1000 as well. Over all, a terrific experience. I hightly recommend Daron and Mortgage Loans for Texas to anyone looking to buy or refinance.
By: Johnnie L.
Mortgage Loans for Texas - Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio
My wife and I had the privilege of working with Daron Mendoza and his team. Simply put, Daron was beyond impressive! He provided great insight and was very responsive to our calls and emails. Having a great customer service experience is vitally important and I must say that Daron and his team exceeded our customer service experience expectations. I give Mortgage Loans for Texas a “FIVE” star rating. I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about moving forward in purchasing a home. Also, their loan processor – Victoria – is incredible. Thanks MLT!!!
By: tm-houston-tx38
My experience here was nothing like I expected. The office offered a great play area for my children that kept them distracted and kept me sane.The staff were warm, friendly, and listened while I ranted on and on about everything that I needed to get done and quickly. Before I knew it, my loan was complete. I left with the Cash I needed in no time at all. Family Friendly and Fast is a Winning Combo in my book all day long! For all of your Title Loan needs, I recommend the Silber Location TitleMax.
By: blake212
Economic Growth Group
Finally, my finances make sense. They do not just try to push an investment or product, but took the time to learn my needs. Then they gave me a detailed plan I could easily understand and follow. They took things one step at a time and I know that I avoided a big hit in the market, had I stayed with my former broker. I highly recommend that others at least consider looking over the solutions that they offer, before making any kind of important money decision.
By: abreitigam512
Mortgage Loans for Texas - Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio
Daron was extremely helpful with my refinance. He helped explain anything I didn't understand and to see the benefits of refinancing. I gave him what he asked for and then didn't hear back from him until it was time to close! It was a really smooth transaction. I am thankful I felt like I could trust him and not have to worry about anything. He looked out for my best interest and that's all I could ask for! I highly recommend him for your mortgage needs.
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By: Briy C.
Consumer Mortgage Company
Ok so yeah the lady did inform me that I was late on my payment. I let her know that I would pay on Friday. She told me no & that the car would be repoed. Once talking to some guy in collections he was nice. I made my payment 16 days later with no problem. I mean I understand ppl have a job & her job is to stay solid no matter what. In the end everybody got what they needed. They received their payment & I got to pay the day I promises them.

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