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By: Brandon B.
Aptive Environmental
A door-to-door salesperson for Aptive came to my home one day...I am always leery of that, but I am glad I answered the door!We have a very large wrap around porch that was covered in spiders webs and dead bugs.The service person, the day of the sale, sprayed heavily and, the poor guy, tried to clean all of those spider webs and dead bugs, but ran out of time (and energy).I called to schedule a follow up, the Support was professional, understanding, wanted the job done right, etc.Three folks, Joey Gary, Matt Hansen and Ola Ola, showed up on time, knocked down all spider webs and bugs, were very professional, etc.I immediately messaged my neighbors to get them on this program.I am impressed with this company and their level of service...if only more companies in the service industry understood the value of "extra" effort spent upfront on customers...I'm likely a customer for life, I've already made referrals and I'm writing a positive review.I highly recommend Aptive.
By: Debbie M.
Aptive Environmental
We just had an amazing experience with Aptive Environmental Pest Control Service!!! The service professionals, Taylor and Santiago arrived right on time with energetic friendly faces. Taylor gave an excellent professional overview of how the servicing of our pest control needs (spiders, silverfish, and roaches) would take place. Then Santiago exterminated the outer perimeters of our home, while Taylor concentrated on spraying the baseboards throughout our home and garage. The solutions they spray are people & pet safe! In addition, there was absolutely NO smell to the exterminating solution, which was a very pleasant surprise! Even our Goldendoodle did NOT notice anything different!!! We are confident that we can trust Aptive Environmental Pest Control Service to keep the unwanted insects, and bugs away at a very affordable price. I would recommend them to anyone! Debbie Mc
By: Nikki J.
Aptive Environmental
An upbeat, friendly, and professional sales representative stopped by my home offering pest control services. His name is Colby Markowski. I explained to Colby that I would like to do research on Aptive, and I'd get back with him. He followed up with me the very next day. Upon my authorization, Colby quickly had a contract prepared, emailed to me, and scheduled my first appointment within 24 hours of our first interaction. He certainly is on top of his game and a dedicated sales representative. The service technician who visited my home was extremely professional. He did a thourough job of filling me in on what to expect during a service call. The technicians name is Gabriel Gibson. Although it was the end of the day, Gabriel did not seem rushed. He made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision to choose Aptive.
By: Susan W.
Aptive Environmental
Susan (W.)_ M. - Taylor Lake Village Linwood performed our initial service on June 1st and my husband and I can't say enough positive things about the experience. You know how a sales rep comes in and tells you everything good to get the sale but a lot of time when the person doing the work gets there he's like "say what?"....not with these guys. They were definitely on the same page all the way and both were very professional. We were really in awe of the fact they even cleaned the mud dobber nests off our porch and patio, as well as walking the yard to treat all the ant beds. It's hard to change after being with another company for several decades but I have a good feeling about our decision. Aptive appears to be a company that stands behind both their word and their work. We're impressed! Susan W.
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By: Joshua B.
Aptive Environmental
Joshua B. I had 3 individuals come out this evening, 7pm actually. Joey G, Courtney C, and Markez I. came out and covered my home with some bug killing goodness. Joey was very thorough in cleaning all my metal shudders and getting all of the spider webs while Courtney laid bug traps in all of he requested areas. Markez sprayed all the special spots that we thought had the highest traffic of floor dwellers and then got all the nooks and crannies with some bug spray goodness. This is the 3rd time they've been out in a 7 week period. I love my wife and enjoy a happy life. Thanks for getting all the bugs that were bugging my wife!
By: Tamar G.
Aptive Environmental
Tillman was fantastic! He was very knowledgeable, polite and personable, as well as efficient and thorough. I appreciated his expertise. his patience with my questions, and his sense of humor - thanks for everything!I also want to give a shout out to the area manager who came by to introduce me to Aptive. He was honest, straight-forward, and looked me in the eye when he talked to me. He gave me an incredible deal, which I wasn't expecting at all, and followed through on his word.I would recommend Aptive to everyone looking for professionalism and efficiency in pest control. I actually look forward to them coming back! :)
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By: Yara S.
Aptive Environmental
I just signed up with Aptive today due to Cache's professionalism, patience, and knowledge. Kevin came by an hour later and performed an exceptional pest control service. He was on time, courteous, and answered my many questions. He worked very hard to remove all the wasp nests, dirt dobbers, spider webs, etc. He was out in the front and backyard a long time, taking ample time and care in making sure everything was taken care of and clean before leaving. I love that he respected our space inside as well and was very detailed in getting rid of all the pests. Thank you, Kevin and Cache! Yara A
By: Whitney R.
Aptive Environmental
Travis C and Clarissa set me up. They were very nice and easy to talk to. Brandon M came and did my first visit. He amazed me with his hard work in a long sleeve shirt with another shirt underneath in Texas heat. I would like to recommend single layer, wicking material, short sleeved shirts and cotton or wicking material shorts for these guys. It is torture to wear all that heavy cover in this sun. I would have liked to see him have a spreader or broadcasterms for the granules in the yard instead of by hand. He did a great job cleaning the eaves!
By: Angelique K.
Aptive Environmental
I had my initial service today and was impressed with how smooth the overall process was. My technician, Kyle Benavidez, was on-time, polite, and professional. He used shoe covers when he entered my home and talked with me about each and every product that would be used in the home and on the property. After all the work was done, he reviewed with me again, explaining exactly what he had done where, and allowed time for questions. I am glad I chose Aptive for my pest control needs and glad Kyle was my service technician today!
By: Mckie T.
Aptive Environmental
Having just moved to Texas last year from Virginia, we had no idea of pest control companies in the area. We were approached by an Aptive salesman and decided to give it a try. Wow, am I glad we did. Carlos, the young man who performed our service today, was phenomenal. He took the time to explain everything and made sure he answered all of my questions. He was professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. He is a huge asset to your company. I've dealt with a lot of people, but Carlos is special. I would recommend him to everyone!

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