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By: quaraong
Executive Tint
After reading reviews on google and hearing recommendation from several forums, I decided to have my car tinted here. Called and negotiated price. Came in and out in about 2 hours for a ceramic tint. I was greeted well. The price was good. There was no haggling. Updates 12/10/2012: after 1 week, I still saw tiny bubbles and glue residue. Came back to the Gessner location for a re-do and this time, it's even worse: horizontal line scratches and out of alignment tint. Don't know who did the 2nd fix but the first installer was Joseph. Stay away from him if you can! Contacted Brandon (i think he's the manager, he also takes care of emails and phone calls to the Hillcroft location). He suggested bring my car to Hillcroft location and let him re-do the tint. Let's see how it goes. I guess I was just unlucky getting a bad installer. If you experience the same situation, call/email Brandon. Will update this review once Brandon fix my tint. Updates 12/11/2012: Brandon had my car re-done at Hillcroft location. It's way better now. This is what I expected from a reputable tint shop. ATTENTION: You need to make sure / demand that your receipt SPECIFICALLY shows what type / brand / quality of tint you are getting to prevent complication with warranty later. Brandon particularly cares a lot about his customer's satisfaction and is willing to work out misunderstanding issues. Kudos to Brandon. Overall, I would recommend Executive for your tinting needs but please do research before coming and be very detailed about what type of tint you are purchasing. The shops look decent. The staff are friendly and not pushy. The tint quality is very good (unless you unluckily got a bad installer like I did); in which case, talk to Brandon
By: larry.hayes.334
Super Tint & Alarms
Hello, I am writing this review because people should know when someone does an outstanding job for no other reason than it’s their job and they are getting paid for it. Now a day that’s not enough for most companies or people. I have used Super Tint & Alarm on Ella now for several standard tint jobs and they have done great work on all of them so far, but this job was different. This job was for my daughter. I wanted it to be really cool, something worthy of an 18 year old, but I needed it to be done right. This job was a big one. I had them install a 7” touch screen with NAV system, Bluetooth, SAT radio, iPod, DVD and backup camera. I also had them install a Viper alarm at the same time. They made it look and work like it came from the factory and installed ALL of the EXTRA features making the system really, really sweet. I will now trust Balu and Arti Patel and whoever they use to do ANY job I need done. They are really nice people and sweet to do business with. They are fair on the price and do fantastic work. I look forward to having them do more work for me. If there is a 5 star rating, they deserve 6!Thank You,
By: seth_r
Super Tint & Alarms
I am an extremely picky customer and researched the many window tinting businesses in Houston prior to choosing Super Tint & Alarms. I took delivery of my new BMW 335i and drove directly to Super Tint & Alarms because I can't stand not having tint on my windows. I immediately noticed upon driving up to service bay that it was spotlessly clean. The window film was on very well kept and neat rolls and the overall organization and cleanliness was top notch. This says a lot and I've found over the years that how the owners keep the work area is directly representative of the work they perform.The husband and wife owners are expert in what they do and are very courteous, as well as very reasonably priced for the quality of the film and work. I was in and out quickly and the tinting job is literally the best I've had performed on any of my vehicles over the last 10 to 15 years, including jobs that I've paid twice the amount to have completed. In speaking with the owners, the gentleman who performs the work with them has worked at the business for over 20 years.I recommend this business without reservation.
By: linda73c
Executive Tint
When you see a company advertising tint with no bubbles and a lifetime warranty, you expect to get tint with no bubbles and a lifetime warranty. Also if you have bubbles in your tint you expect for them to fix the issue without an argument. That’s not the service I received at Executive Tint. I was told that the issue with my other windows is specs and not bubbles. They admitted there were bubbles in my rear window and they would fix that. I was also told that anywhere you go there will always be specs in your tint. This isn’t true. I have been getting tint on all my vehicles for about 15 years now. I also called my two male friends about this comment and they stated this isn’t true. If there are specs that they didn’t make sure that windows were clean before they put the tint on. Also my friends stated you have to hurry up and put the tint on so that this doesn’t happen. As you can see they do crappy work and make an excuse for their mistakes. Trust me I will get my windows re-tinted but just someplace else. When they say you pay for what you get, this is also true at Executive tint.
By: Nick R.
Interlock Systems of Texas
Ok, I admit that you are never going to LIKE a interlock company but I have dealt with smartstart which is totally tied up in corporate rules and regulations which lock you into contracts and they try to keep you there as long as possible. I highly recommend using a mom and pop shop for interlock devices because these guys actually answer the phone when you call (trust me that is a big deal) and this company will go out of their way to help you. If you have an actual choice in interlock companies, this is the way to go hands down.
By: Brent H.
Car Stereo Plus - Houston
On Dec. 21st, I went to Car stereo Plus on West 18th St. and 610 to install a stereo receiver that was my Christmas gift from my Mom. He quoted me a good price comparing to his other competitors and explained to me a lot more than the others and he said all of it included.Eddie delivers what he promised. I am enjoying my new receiver and I am enjoying the blue tooth streaming from my cell and I am happy that I used this store in my neighborhood. Definitely I will go back to deal with them again and again.
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By: Edmund C.
Car Stereo Plus - Houston
For years Car Stereo Plus has been my go-to spot for quality car audio gear at ultra competitive prices. I like the high-end stuff that many stores have to special order, but they keep these items in stock so I don't have to wait. They are very knowledgeable, & genuinely want me to be satisfied with my purchases. Thanks Sammy & Eddie for great experiences year after year.
By: Sierra L.
Executive Tint
Where do I start! Thanks to Kovid Tan my experience was phenomenal. From the greeting on arrival to the thanks given as I was leaving! I'm a women that knew very little about car tinting but Kovid explained everything in detail and left me with no doubts... I can't forget that the prices are amazing as well! Hands down this is the best car tinting shop in Houston!!!
By: Lisa W.
Executive Tint
Omg!! What can I say about this AWESOME place and TAN!!! Tan thanks for the great deal and exceptional professionalism! I would recommend Executive Tint to everyone that does not have their windows tinted. This is your place!! Thanks again for the outstanding service and the FLAWLESS tint job!
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By: Chelsea S.
Executive Tint
I went in today and Brent helped me pick out the perfect tint for my car. He told me the wait time was 1 hour and 30 minutes and my car was done in that time frame. I was so in love with my car once it was done. Please make sure you check them out and ask for Brent he is super nice.
Tips & Advices
It's possible to stop a car alarm without the remote. One approach is to disconnect the car's battery, which needs to be disconnected long enough to allow the vehicle's computer to reset. The time required for this to occur varies from vehicle to vehicle, but a safe bet is to leave the battery disconnected for an hour.
Adding a car alarm will not impact a automobile warranty, provided the alarm is installed in a way that doesn't cause damage to the vehicle. Vehicle damage can sometimes occur if you install the alarm yourself. To preserve a warranty, it's a good idea to have a car alarm installed professionally.
It can be quite difficult to self-install a car alarm if you lack extensive experience in electronic circuitry. Installing a car alarm involves soldering, drilling, wire cutting, and the use of a multimeter. If you are unfamiliar with any of these tasks, it's best to have your car alarm installed by a trained professional.
A car immobilizer is a security device that prevents the car's engine from running without the presence of your key or key fob. Advanced car immobilizers will send an alert if an attempt was made to start a car without your key. Car immobilizers are automatic, and they do not require activation.
A shock sensor is a sensor used by a car alarm to detect hits and impacts to a vehicle. Vehicle theft often involves an impact such as the smashing of a car window. A shock sensor picks up on this impact and sends an alert to a car alarm's computer.

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