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By: Brian H.
Comedy Driving Inc
There are what seems like a million choices for defensive driving in Harris County and probably half of those offer something they claim is "comedy" defensive driving instruction.Comedy Driving Inc. at 10891 Katy Freeway delivers on both counts - spot on instruction by knowledgeable instructors who are professional comics.And the price is right, too.A shout out to our instructor, Ray. This guy has traveled the US and the world making people laugh. Not only has he done stand up across the country, but he's also traveled to some of the world's hot spots entertaining American troops in USO shows around the world. Not only is Ray a truly funny person, but he also knows his stuff about handling motor vehicles in urban environments like Houston.I highly recommend Comedy Driving.Com and Ray. For defensive driving instruction, it doesn't get any better.
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By: Vee H.
Payless Driving School
I am a grandmother of a 19 yr old student from Payless, that got their permit here with no problems, they give you the information, now shes ready for driving test in my car, prices are cheaper than most but you still learn road rules and driving and about texting in car in 6hrs class. She knew how to drive already, she been practicing for 2 years driving, so went to Dps and pass test in a breeze. The lady Teacher is good and answer all my questions, you get a handbook with the info she had lots of fun while learning at the same time . I almost didn't I was looking for another school, but for the price especially when you on a budget, you get what's needed. I would recommend this school all the time.
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By: N. G.
Comedy Driving Inc
Comedy Driving is a great place to complete your defensive driving course. Variety of classes offered to suit any schedule: 2-day classes or one-day, 6-hour class with breaks. I went for the Monday 6-hour class, and was able to get home in time to start my afternoon of piano lessons (half hour away). Dwight, my instructor, covered everything and then some, in an easy to understand manner. He reviewed key points to make sure we would not forget. Brought up some interesting situations and clarified laws both old and new. Class comments, questions, and discussion were welcomed, yet he did a great job keeping us timely and on target. Friendly; nice, casual environment.
By: Tiff H.
Comedy Driving Inc
Ray was the instructor for the class I attended. I liked how he reviewed the points and went over things quickly and throughly. The class did not feel as long as it was. It was engaging and I liked how he asked questions after each video to keep us awake and active. I also like how the videos were very informative. I did learn new things in the class that I did not previously know, like how for interstate highways the numbers for north nd south are odd while east and west are even. The class also has a section on how to deal with aggressive drivers. I believe this is very important since we live in Houston. :) Thanks for reading.
By: Larisa P.
Houston Driving School
Thank you Houston Driving School!!!!I sent my son to this school and the instructors were very good. The enrollment process went smoothly, scheduling of practice lessons was very easy. Now I am sending my daughter to this school as well. I recommend this school to every parent that has teenage children. The instructor (Ms. Lupe) was very patient and experienced... The skills taught by instructor were very useful for the road test. After having the lessons, you would have more confidence passing the test and drive on the road.Thanks again Houston Driving School!!!
By: korry.alfonso
Monroy Driving School
Just wanted to say that im happy with the choice i made to take my son there, we had problems getting some one outside in my family to help teach my son to drive, extra pratice, and therefor gave up and almost lost the oppertunity to get his liscens but this school contacted me and can up with a solution to help get him those training hours, we were so happy and thankful to them, they realy care! The people there are so nice and i recomend this place to every body!!
By: Elisa T.
NAM Driving School, Inc.
I've been referred from my friend to come here take the driving test. It's so convenient and time saving! I finished my Teen driver education at some school around here that they don't have license to do the road test for Teens. Thanks to NAM DrivingSchool!!! I recommend parents should send your teens here for road testing. You can schedule and take your road test anytime! So conveniently!!! They are licensed road testing school for Teens around this areas.
By: Santina B.
Payless Driving School
Awesome the main teacher taught two of my son's one passed cause he was serious and followed direction and studied. The other one was layed back and not serious though he passed and got his permit it took for ever for him to get his drivers license. My daughter's doing hers naw and she loves every moment of it. It's all about commitment and how bad you want to get your license. I would recommend this school to anyone cause it's a good school.
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By: Ngo T.
NAM Driving School, Inc.
Cám ơn trường dạy lái xe và dạy bằng viết NAM driving school đã đào tạo em lái xe vững chắc và tự tin khi thi đậu và lái xe ra đường với kiến thức vững vàng. Trường rất giỏi, thầy ở đây rất giỏi. Em có bạn học ở mấy chỗ khác giờ lái không giỏi và không tự tin sử lý tình huống và không hiểu luật. Em cám ơn trường rất nhiều. Có rất nhiều người trong gia đình em đã học ở đây và rất thành công. Em sẽ giới thiệu nhiều người tới đây học!
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By: Châu L.
NAM Driving School, Inc.
Em mới Việt Nam qua, không biết chỗ nào dạy lái xe đàng hoàng và uy tín cho đến khi được một người bạn giới thiệu Nam Driving School. Họ rất uy tín và chuyên nghiệp và dạy rất giỏi. Em đã thi đậu lái xe với điểm 100, không bị lỗi nào! Giờ em có thể tự lái xe đi học. Em rất vui và rất biết ơn trường! Mọi người nên tới đây học bằng viết và lái! Happy New Year 2016 to everyone!!! Thank you very much Nam Driving School!

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