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By: Shay C.
The Kennel at Champions
I believe the owner lives on-site. The place looks very run down. The lobby smelled very bad (bunch of pets, makes sense). My experience was not great. I apologize for the lengthy review, but I feel it paints a picture.My wife and I dropped off our 1-Yr Great Dane (weighs 75-80 lbs), and were welcomed by, "Wow, she is skinny." I'm sure most vets would say our girl could put on more weight, but that she is not malnourished. Our vet said she was the perfect weight for a growing Great Dane puppy. Not too lean, not too big. We told the owner that she didn't love her current food, and that we'd be weening her to a different food.We were quite offended that the owner questioned us as responsible puppy parents continually. The owner didn't ask many questions, just made judgment right away and continued to make sure we knew she was "skinny" with any chance she could.We told the owner that we would bring new food when it arrived (special order from Amazon) and to not mix their food with ours. Food arrived her third day of boarding. We went to get our girl to take her to the park and to drop off the new food. When we got her, her stomach was bloated (she was dirty and had urine on her stomach). We were met with more "skinny" talk and that they didn't know what we were talking about, because she was scarfing down whatever food they put down for her (hmm, not a surprise - pretty sure almost any boarded and bored dog would scarf down food). We were specific in how much food she should be fed, and I believe they may have increased portions to help put some weight on. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't.Once we got to the park, our girl wasn't acting normal. She was lethargic, not playing, and moping around. When she went to the bathroom, her stool was a bright yellow color. She's had the same dog food from when she was a puppy. We've only seen discoloration in her stool a handful of times. She then proceeded to vomit what appeared to be about 4-5 cups of food (she eats about 5-6 cups per day). I'll "Add a photo" to Google of this vomit. Her vomit looked like a mix of yellow dog food and our brown dog food. Maybe it was bile that made the discoloration, but the food looked like it was mixed with the kennel's food. The owners said they did not mix the food. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't. Still, it was pretty apparent they were feeding her too much food. I can understand if their thought process was we need to put some weight on this dog, but that doesn't happen in one sitting. That's not their call to make either.We decided we weren't big fans of these owners and wanted to take our girl and business elsewhere. We went back to get the remaining food, treats, and toy. Our girl was there 2 1/2 days and we paid $64 which appears ironic considering that I believe their price for 75-80 lb. dogs is $18/night and we were charged for the heavier dog rate of $20/night for our "skinny" girl. Maybe there was a holiday surcharge or something. This was no big deal. A $6 difference wasn't much to fuss about in comparison to our experience.The owner said she was sorry it didn't work out. I told her that we felt like it was rude to question us. Her and her staff said they weren't rude, seemingly referring that I was rude for our girl being "skinny." Apparently the owner's brother is renowned dog trainer and knows a Great Dane breeder that wouldn't approve of our girl's weight. In the end, everyone has their own opinion on everything. We love our girl and do what we believe is best for her. We try and learn all about Great Danes and apply what we learn. I do not believe we did the best thing for our girl by boarding her at Kennel At Champions. They simply did not put us at ease leaving our girl with them. You have a choice when boarding your pets, and this business may be a great spot for you. I think you can do better though. Thanks for your time.
By: Perry M.
A Dog's Dream-The Pet Salon
My search for a new grooming and boarding place is over! This place is by far the best in town. I've taken Gus several places and he never acted like he wanted to go in. We went here after a referral from the group at the dog park and was very grateful. He walked in and never looked back. His haircut was perfect and he smelled great also. They even sell the perfume they use!! Could only give 5 STARS instead of 10!!
By: frank.jonse
A Dog's Dream-The Pet Salon
Very grateful for the wonderful experience both my dog and I had with Dog House Pet Salon! Went to visit some family in Houston over the summer, but unfortunately they did not allow my pup in their house due to a newborn. Dog House was more than welcome to take in Lil' Tony into their establishment with no problem at all. Very respectful and very courteous! Thank you so much!!
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By: Kaile B.
The Kennel at Champions
This kennel is amazing they take such wonderful care of my dogs and are so knowledgable about dog care and health.
Tips & Advices
Most kennels can provide basic care such as administering medications, but owners of pets with serious medical issues should choose a facility with a veterinarian on call.
Bordetella, commonly known as kennel cough, is highly contagious, and most dogs catch it at least once in their lifetimes. As such, all dogs should be vaccinated at least 7 days before boarding.
Vaccination requirements vary between facilities, but a good rule of thumb is to give dogs the rabies, Bordetella (kennel cough), and DAPP (canine distemper, canine adenovirus type 1, canine parvovirus, and parainfluenza) or DA2PP (distemper, adenovirus type 2, parvovirus, and parainfluenza) vaccines. Cats should get the FVRCP (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia) and rabies vaccines
Kennels and pet boarding facilities generally incorporate exercise or play time into the cost of a night's stay. Dogs often get one or two walks per day as well as access to a solitary or group play area. Cats also get a large room to play in filled with toys, scratching posts, and climbing towers.
Basic accommodations include a sleeping area and scheduled food and water. The average kennel or pet boarding facility also offers ample play areas and toys to keep pets entertained. Some also provide simple grooming services like baths and nail trimmings.

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