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By: Robert W.
Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital
Was taken to Memorial Herman with a ruptured artery in my nose. My hemoglobin had dropped to 3 and could not control the bleeding. Having no insurance I was told by the insurance lady that I shouldn't be there. Bad thing was I couldn't,t leave. Leaving after the artery was cauterized I came home and now after being told I was not good enough to be there I haven't left my house in 2 yrs. My nose is bleeding again and although I have insurance now I will bleed out rather than experience the humiliation.
By: Sheila K.
Kindred Hospital The Heights
I ask you all to please not send your loved ones to this establishment, the way they treated my dad was unsanitary and traumatizing to me and my family. This was my worst experience ever out of the 17 years that I have been taking care of my Dad. I have spoken with the Supervisor, Case Manager, Charge Nurse, CEO about the unsanitary things the nurses was doing and nobody did anything about it they would comment to me we will retrain them if my Dad is in the hospital to get well how could he get well if they doing everything to set up infections elders can not fight off infections as fast as we can you have to be cautious and know what you doing you have to love what you do not only doing it for a paycheck I say this to you before you think about placing your family in this hospital it's not a good idea!!!!!!
By: E E.
Kindred Hospital The Heights
This not a hospitals, l it is the worst place I ever see. The doctor don't want they are doing. If you want to bury your love take them to kindred hospital in the height they walk in talking come out in a body bag.
By: Joyce E.
Providence Hospital of North Houston
I was so shocked at the unprofessionalism that was shown to my husband. He went into the emergency room with pain in his right leg, dizziness, and difficulty walking. He was in for 3 days and nothing was done to his leg pain, an infectious disease Dr. came in and told him he had what looked like cellulitis, a tissue infection. On the third day they released him and gave him some antibiotics to take by mouth. His leg was so infected that his PCP told him to get himself into another hospital, he had to have intravenous max. strength antibiotics for 6 days. He could have lost his leg if he hadn't went to his PCP after being released from this hospital. I was so disappointed in this fairly new hospital.
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By: Daniel O.
West Oaks Urgent Care
They turned away my 3 yr old with a 104 temp because they want to get off early! I went in there are 7:50 (their posted hours say they close at 9. Open sign was on) When the person at the front asked doc right in front me, the doc looked at us, and gave a dirty look. The the front desk person turns to me, and says, "Sorry, the doctor wants to go home." Are you freakin kidding me? Beware as their priority is not you, the patient. About Us section on their website: "West Oaks Urgent Care has the best team of broken bone doctors in Houston. We understand that you need an instant treatment for a sports injury." I guess you need a sports injury in order to get good service here?
By: Jennifer L.
West Houston Medical Center
Had to have my second surgery here, since no other hospital that my doctor is affiliated with was able to do this particular surgery. The post op floor, 5th floor, has the worst nursing staff I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. Not one of those nurses care about their patients at all. They apparently are only in the medical field for the monetary gain. Why anyone would become a nurse when they don't care about people is beyond me. It's extremely tough coming out of surgery and you're nurses do nothing but tell you you're not hurting that bad and you should have been discharged 2 days ago. If you have the opportunity to go some where else, please go there. The entire 5th floor nursing staff should be fired!!! It's extremely traumatic being treated by those rude uncaring non professionals.!
By: Tiffany G.
Kindred Hospital The Heights
This review is solely directed towards my experience dealing with certain individuals on the fourth level. This is suppose to be the "LTAC" unit which focuses on providing long term acute care to patients with serious medical problems that require INTENSE, special treatment for an extended period of time. You'd think that understanding the circumstances these patients are in upon arrival the medical staff would be ready to handle all the work that it entailed, but this is definitely not the case. I've noticed some people want the pay check but do want the work that comes along with the position. I am thoroughly unhappy about the way my parent is being treated in this institution, and currently working on getting them transferred somewhere else. Upon their arrival to this place there has been problem after problem. Their assigned nurses have missed scheduled medication times, left them in soled and fecal filled diapers for long periods of time.
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By: sriven
HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital The Vintage
I was almost killed by this so called "hospital". I was there to recover my very serious surgery and then found out that they only have one program. That is to exercise 3 to 6 hours a day. I was not able to exercise at all, so they gave me shots of morphine and had me exercise anyway. After about 4 days I had a heart attack while the attendant was taking my vitals. I told her I was having a heart attack and she asked me what I wanted her to do about it. I answered you are the nurse, at which point she told me she was not a nurse. In complete shock because I thought I was in a hospital being treated by professionals, I passed out. This happened somewhere around 10PM and the "attendant" did not bother to tell anyone what I had told her. My daughter in law had spoken with Dr. Poindexter about the medications I was not being given that Methodist Hospital had ordered for my stay at Reliant Rehab Hospital. She also discussed with him how down hill I had gone since I had been there. It made Dr. Poindexter angry so about 6:50 AM I was awaken with the Dr. standing over me screaming at the top of his lungs telling me they had one program, and was I going to do it or not, I answered that I was going to try and he screamed this was not a try question, it was Yes or No. I then replied well if you mean down to the letter than probably not. At which point he said good, and I knew immediately knew I had been drugged. I tried to fight off going under, and the last thing I remember is him smearing something all over my body. When I awoke in Methodist emergency room I found out I had been smeared with feces all over my incisions, and the feces was even put into the pick in my arm that went straight to my heart. Fortunately Methodist hospital did realize that and did not use that method of injecting medications until they had put in a new one. Because Reliant Rehab had not taken me to a proper hospital immediately after I had the heart attack my kidneys had started shutting down. At one point my family was told I had 2 hours to live. I don't know where Dr. Poindexter had gotten the feces, because the surgery I had was removing my stomach from my esophagus, and I had eaten so little since then that getting out a pea size feces nugget took about 20 minutes.While I was doing the exercises I watched them force an 80 year old woman lift 40 pound weights, one on each arm. She was crying and telling the staff she could not do it. Then the poor lady had projectile vomiting, and they still forced her to continue lifting the weights. Another exercise they did with her was to try to get her to catch a large ball. The staff would throw it at her as hard as they could and it would hit her in the face as her reflexes were not able to catch it. They just kept hitting her in the face with the ball over and over. This is the worst place for medical care that I have ever seen. I agree with James G, if you want your love ones to live do not under any circumstances take them to reliant rehab hospital. It is a very dangerous place.
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By: Jesse S.
HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital The Vintage
This is the worst hospital I have ever seen. They got me mixed up with another patient. I woke up in restraints. This was a nightmare.
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By: Donna B.
The Woman's Hospital of Texas
Great! The professional Manor inwhich they communicate And conduct themselves Are personnal And also professional
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